80 Best Boy Names Ending In R

A baby boy lying on his front lifts his head up to look at the camera and smiles with an open mouth.

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Giving your baby boy a name ending in R is a great idea.

To help you choose the perfect name for your baby boy, we've narrowed down our top 80 boy names ending in R, ideal for parents who are about to welcome a new baby boy. Whether you're seeking a traditionally popular baby boy name like Oscar, a literary inspired choice like Lear, or modern boys' names like Sir or Saylor, every parent will be sure to love this list of the top boy names ending in R.

Why not take a look below to discover this list of the top boys' names ending in R?

Classic Boy Names That End In R

These popular baby boy names are timeless and elegant, so why not choose one of these boy names ending in R for your baby boy?

1. Alistair (Scottish Gaelic Origin) meaning "defender of mankind".

2. Connor (Irish Origin) meaning "lover of hounds, hunter".

3. Dexter (Latin/Old English Origin) meaning "right handed, favoured" or "dyer of clothes".

4. Edgar (Old English Origin) meaning "wealthy spearman".

5. Gunnar (Norse Origin) meaning "warrior".

6. Jaspar (Persian/Arabic Origin) meaning "keeper of treasure".

7. Lamar (French Origin) meaning "of the sea".

8. Lior (Hebrew Origin) meaning "my light".

9. Olivar (Latin/Spanish Origin) meaning "place of olives".

10. Oscar (Norse/Gaelic Origin) meaning "spear of the gods" or "friend of deer".

11. Nassir (Arabic Origin) meaning "helper, supporter".

12. Petar (Greek/Slavic Origin) meaning "stone".

13. Trevor (Welsh Origin) meaning "large settlement".

14. Victor (Latin Origin) meaning "champion".

15. Wilbur (German/Middle English Origin) meaning "brilliant" or "wild boar".

16. Xavier (Arabic/Basque/Latin Origin) meaning "bright" or "the new house".

A dad on a beach holds a baby on his back whilst smiling down at him, the baby smiles back.
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Modern Boy Names Ending in R

These stylish boy names ending in R are the perfect inspiring baby names for parents who are about to welcome a baby boy.

17. Asher (Hebrew Origin) meaning "blessed, happy".

18. Blair (Scottish Gaelic Origin) meaning "plain, field".

19. Caspar (Persian/Slavic/Scandinavian Origin) meaning "keeper of treasure".

20. Cesar (Latin/Spanish Origin) meaning "thick head of hair", a modern spelling of Caesar, the name of an imperial Roman family.

21. Dior (French Origin) meaning "golden", a reference to fashion designer Christian Dior.

22. Ever (Hebrew/English/American Origin) meaning "beyond", "wild as a boar" or "forever".

23. Huntar (Old English Origin) meaning "one who hunts".

24. Junior (Latin Origin) meaning "young".

25. Ryder (Old English Origin) meaning "knight".

26. Sailor (German Origin) meaning "boat man".

27. Saylor (German/French Origin) meaning "rope maker" or "dancer".

28. Sir (English Origin), a respectful way to address someone, historically used when addressing someone of rank.

29. Skylar (Dutch Origin) meaning "noble scholar".

30. Taylor (Latin/French Origin) meaning "tailor".

Did You Know? Boy names ending in R are very popular today, with three baby names that begin with R making the top 10 list of boy names in the UK in 2020. This includes the baby name Asher, which we think is a lovely modern choice.

Nature Inspired Boy Names Ending In R

Check out this list of beautiful boy names ending in R for a name inspired by nature. These lovely boys' names are top choices for parents looking for a nature inspired name for their baby boy.

31. Ambar (Sanskrit/Hindi/Swahili Origin) meaning "of the sky" or "ambergris", a gemstone.

32. Arbor (Latin Origin) meaning "tree".

33. Badr (Arabic Origin) meaning "full moon".

34. Bear (Germanic Origin) meaning "bear", after the animal.  

35. Briar (Old English Origin) meaning "thorny shrub".

36. Cedar (Greek Origin) meaning "cedar tree".

37. Haidar (Arabic Origin) meaning "lion".  

38. Sky (Norse Origin), refers to the sky.

39. Timber (American Origin) meaning "wood".

40. Zephyr (Greek Origin) meaning "west wind".

A baby wearing a red and white striped t shirt lies on his back and looks to the side.
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Historical And Mythological Boy Names Ending In R

These cute baby boy names ending in R are inspired by history and ancient myth, and are wonderful options for parents who want to pay homage to the past when naming their baby boy.

41. Alastor (Greek Origin) meaning "defender of mankind", the personification of retribution in Greek mythology and an epithet for Zeus, the king of the Greek Gods.

42. Caesar (Latin Origin) meaning "thick head of hair", also the family name of a Roman imperial family.

43. Castor (Greek Origin) meaning "shining", "pious" or "beaver", the name of  a Greek God of sailors. Castor is represented in the constellation of Gemini alongside his twin brother Pollux. This would be an especially lovely choice for a baby boy born in late May or early June, under the zodiac sign of Gemini.

44. Hector (Greek Origin) meaning "steadfast", a tragic Trojan hero in Greek and Roman myth.

45. Llyr (Welsh Origin) meaning "the sea", an ancient Welsh sea God.

46. Mentor (Greek Origin) meaning "wise guide, wise counsellor", a friend of Odysseus in Homer's 'The Odyssey'.

47. Nestor (Greek Origin) meaning "traveller" or "wisdom", a King and friend of Odysseus in Homer's 'The Odyssey'.

48. Ragnar (Norse Origin) meaning "judgement" or "warrior", after Ragnar Lothbrok, a hero in Viking legend.

49. Thor (Norse Origin) meaning "thunder", the Norse God of thunder.

50. Tyr (Norse Origin), the Norse God of war.

Short Boy Names Ending In R

These short baby names ending in R are top choices for parents seeking a sweet, striking name for their baby boy.

51. Adir (Hebrew Origin) meaning "noble, mighty".

52. Akir (Scottish Origin) meaning "anchor".

53. Amar (Arabic/Sanskrit Origin) meaning "long life" or "immortal".

54. Emir (Arabic Origin) meaning "prince".

55. Igor (Russian Origin) meaning "warrior".

56. Ivor (Norse Origin) meaning "yew wood" or "archer, bow warrior".

57. Jair (Hebrew Origin) meaning "he shines, he will enlighten".

58. Keir (Gaelic Origin) meaning "dark haired".

59. Leor (Hebrew Origin) meaning "my light".

60. Meir (Hebrew Origin) meaning "giver of light".

61. Mir (Arabic Origin) meaning "leader, prince".

62. Omar (Arabic/Hebrew Origin) meaning "flourishing" or "speaker".

63. Onur (Turkish Origin) meaning "honour".

64. Vir (Sanskrit Origin) meaning "brave".

65. Yair (Hebrew Origin) meaning "he shines, he will enlighten".

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Long Boy Names Ending In R

Why not take a look at this list of elegant boy names ending in R? These refined baby names are sure to be popular with parents looking for a stylish name for their baby boy.

66. Aleksandr (Greek/Russian/Armenian Origin) meaning "defender of mankind".

67. Avishar (Hebrew Origin) meaning "my brother sings".

68. Finnbar (Irish Origin) meaning "fair haired".

69. Josimar (Hebrew/Portuguese/Spanish Origin), a combination of "José" and "Maria".

70. Muntasir (Arabic Origin) meaning "triumphant, victorious".

71. Salvador (Portuguese/Spanish Origin) meaning "saviour". This could also be a location inspired baby name, after the country El Salvador and its capital city, San Salvador.

72. Saviour (Latin Origin) meaning "one who rescues".

73. Seymour (French Origin) meaning "from the town of St Maur".

74. Ushinar (Sanskrit Origin) meaning "desired".

75. Valdemar (Norse/German/Swedish Origin) meaning "famous leader" or "powerful".

76. Vladimir (Russian/Slavic Origin) meaning "powerful leader".

Literary Boy Names Ending In R

Parents will love this list of the top literary baby names ending in R, inspired by popular plays and books. These boy names ending in R are perfect for any baby boy!

77. Arthur (Celtic/Norse/Irish Origin) meaning "bear" or "eagle of Thor", the name of the legendary King Arthur in medieval English literature and legend.

78. Balthasar (Greek Origin) meaning "God protects the king", the name of multiple Shakespeare characters including in 'Much Ado About Nothing' and 'The Comedy of Errors'.

79. Erestor (Sindarin Origin, a language from Lord of the Rings) meaning "one who names". This wonderful baby boy name is the name of an elf in 'Lord Of The Rings'.

80. Lear (Brythonic Celtic Origin) meaning "River Soar", after King Lear, the name of a tragic Shakespearean King.



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