158 Best Boys Names Beginning with G

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Do you have a baby on the way and fancy a great, gorgeous name starting with the letter G?

People have a number of reasons for wanting their baby's name to start with a particular letter, which can make it all the more special. Maybe you have other children whose names start with G, and you'd like your next one's name to follow suit, you have a family baby name tradition, or you just like the sound.

Whatever your reason, we hope you find that special baby name for your baby boy in this list; from posh names to traditional names to names you may never have even heard of, take a look at this fantastic selection of baby boy names that all begin with the same letter!

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Classic Boy Names That Start With G

Popular baby names arise for different reasons: sometimes, multiple parents acknowledge that certain baby boy names have decreased in popularity, so they coincidentally all decide to give their baby boy the same name around the same time; some baby names are a tribute to someone of personal or public significance - the list goes on with reasons for popular baby names.

These classic names starting with G have been widely used for many years. Chances are, your baby boy will end up with a couple of school friends who also have these names beginning with G, but for those who love a good classic, here are the most popular baby boys names to kick off this super-list.

1) Gabriel (Hebrew origin): God is my strength.

2) Gavin (Scottish & English origins): White hawk.

3) Gareth (Welsh origin): Gentle, brave and modest.

4) Geoff (Teutonic origin): Divinely peaceful.

5) George (Greek origin): Farmer.

6) Gerald (German origin): Rules by the spear.

7) Gerard (German origin): Brave with a spear.

8) Gideon (Hebrew origin): Feller of trees.

9) Godfrey (Teutonic origin): God's peace.

10) Gordon (Scottish origin): Great hill.

11) Graham (Scottish origin): From the grey home.

12) Gregory (Greek origin): Watchful, vigilant

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Popular Baby Boy Names Beginning With G

The next set of boy names that start with G are becoming more appealing to some, as their rarity becomes more noticeable. Take a look at these baby boy names that start with G that are gaining popularity.

13) Gael (Irish origin): Stranger.

14) Galton (English origin): Steep, wooded land.

15) Genesis (Hebrew origin): Origin.

16) Gerry (English origin): A spear warrior.

17) Grant (Scottish origin): Great.

18) Grayson (English origin): Son of Gregory, or son of the grey family.

19) Gunther (German origin): Warrior.

Baby Boy Names From Around The World

Perhaps you'd like a baby boy name that's linked to your family history, or you fancy something that has a lovely ring to it; that special name from a special place, wherever it may be. Something that rolls off the tongue. Take a look at these delightful baby boy names that start with G from all over the world.

For some truly unique baby boy names that start with G, you could change the spelling, add or remove a letter, or tweak the baby boy names however you like!

Why not use these international boy names that start with G as inspiration also? You could come up with a nickname, and use that instead!

20) Gaagii (Native American origin): Raven.

21) Gabai (Hebrew origin): Delight, adornment.

22) Gace (French origin): Pledge.

23) Gadi (Arabic origin): My gift, or my present.

24) Gadisa (Ethiopian origin): Shade.

25) Gaelan (Greek origin): Tranquil.

26) Gahbed (Persian origin): Treasurer or banker.

27) Gaillard (French origin): High-spirited.

28) Gairim (Persian origin): Singing in praise.

29) Galeno (Spanish origin): Little bright one.

30) Galip (Turkish origin): Winner, overcomer.

31) Gallard (Old French origin): Lively.

32) Gamba (Zimbabwean origin): Warrior.

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33) Ganan (Australian Aboriginal origin): From the west.

34) Gandolf (Teutonic origin): The progress of the wolf.

35) Ganesh (Hindi origin): Lord of the dwarves.

36) Ganizani (Southern African Origin): To think.

37) Ganymede (Greek origin): A mythological youth.

38) Gaomant (Persian origin): Rich in use.

39) Gargar (Persian origin): Artisan.

40) Garshah (Persian origin): King of the mountain.

41) Garton (Old Norse origin): A dweller at the fenced farm.

42) Garuda (Hindi origin): The god who carried Vishnu.

43) Gaston (French origin): A man from the province Gascony.

44) Gbadebo (Nigerian origin): Born with the crown.

45) Gbemisola (Nigerian origin): Carry me into wealth.

46) Gayle (Hebrew origin): A father's joy.

47) Gelar (Australian Aboriginal origin): A brother.

48) Gemini (Greek and Latin origins): Twins, as well as the name of a Zodiac sign.

49) Gerik (Polish origin): A prosperous spearman.

50) Gerome (Greek origin): A sacred or holy name.

51) Gerzson (Hungarian origin): Stranger.

52) Ghadeer (Urdu origin): Lake.

53) Ghaiss (Urdu origin): Showers.

54) Ghassan (Arabic origin): In the prime of youth.

55) Gi (Korean origin): The brave one.

56) Giacobbe (Italian origin): An Italian variation of Jacob (which means held by the heel).

57) Giacomo (Italian origin): The supplanter.

58) Gianni (Italian origin): God is gracious. An Italian variation of John.

59) Gilby (Norse origin): A pledge.

60) Gili (Hebrew origin): Happiness.

61) Gillet (French origin): Trusted, or little Gilbert.

62) Gino (Italian origin): One who is noble. Alternatively, Gino can also be a nickname.

63) Giordano (Italian origin): Flowing down in the River Jordan.

64) Giovanni (Italian origin): God is gracious.

65) Girra (Australian Aboriginal origin): A creek or tree.

66) Giulio (Italian and Latin origins): One who is youthful. An Italian variation of Jules.

67) Giuseppe (Italian origin): God shall add. An Italian variation of Joseph.

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68) Giustino (Italian origin): Just or righteous. Giustino is an Italian variation of Justin.

69) Givon (Arabic origin): Hill, heights.

70) Gjosta (Swedish origin): God's staff.

71) Glanville (Old French origin): From the estate of oak trees.

72) Goel (Hebrew origin): To regain or redeem.

73) Goliath (Hebrew origin): Revealing; a giant.

74) Gomer (Hebrew origin) Complete or good and famous, in English. The name Gomer also has a Spanish origin, where it means 'a man'.

75) Gorman (Teutonic origin): One with blue eyes.

76) Goro (Japanese origin): The fifth child.

77) Goten (Japanese origin): A palace, or court.

78) Gottfried (German origin): Divinely peaceful.

79) Gotzon (Greek and German origins): An angel; a messenger of God.

80) Govert (Dutch origin): Peace that is heavenly.

81) Gozol (Hebrew origin): A soaring bird.

82) Grande (Portuguese origin): Grand.

83) Granville (Old French origin): Large village.

84) Gratian (Latin origin): Pleasing or thankful.

85) Grisha (Russian origin): Watchful. A Russian and Greek variation of Gregory.

86) Griswold (Teutonic origin): From the grey forest.

87) Grosvenor (Old French origin): A great huntsman.

88) Grunde (Norwegian origin): From the deep of the valley, or thoughtful.

89) Gudina (Ethiopian origin): Growth or advancement.

90) Gualtiero (Italian origin): Powerful. Gualtiero is an Italian variation of Walter.

91) Guido (Italian origin): From the wood, or the wide one.

92) Guidon (Polish origin): Life.

93) Guillaume (French origin): A strong and resolute protector.

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94) Gulzar (Arabic origin): Flowering.

95) Gunnar (Teutonic origin): Bold warrior.

96) Guntur (Indonesian origin): Thunder.

97) Gurion (Hebrew origin): The place of God, or one of strength like a lion.

98) Gurkan (Turkish origin): Gurko, usually a surname.

99) Gus (Old Norse origin): The staff of the Goths.

100) Gustav (Old Norse origin): The lord's cane.

101) Guy (French origin): Guide, or life in Latin.

102) Gye (Teutonic origin): From the wood, or the wide one.

103) Gympie (Australian origin): The name of an Australian town in Queensland.

104) Gyula (Hungarian origin): Youthful.

Bohemian Boy Names

Fancy some quirky boys names beginning with G, with a nod to the '60s too? Take a look at these fabulous bohemian and hippie boy names with first letter G we think might just take an interest in. These sweet bohemian baby boy names beginning with G could be perfect for your baby boy.

105) Gage (French origin): A pledge or oath.

106) Gower (Welsh origin): Pure.

107) Grover (English origin): Lives close to a grove of trees.

108) Guido (Italian origin): Guide or leader.

109) Gulliver (Irish origin): Glutton.

110) Gunthrie (Gaelic origin): Windy place.

Unique Boys Names

You may not have heard of these baby boy names that start with G for a while (or even at all) but we think they're great. These G names would be particularly great for those looking for timeless or unique boy names that start with G.

111) Gable (French origin): A man of God.

112) Gadiel (Arabic origin): God is my wealth.

113) Gair (Scottish origin): Small one.

114) Gahiji (Egyptian origin): A hunter.

115) Gaius (Latin origin): To rejoice.

116) Galen (Gaelic origin): Tranquil.

117) Galeun (English origin): From the town on the high ground.

118) Galileo (Italian and Celtic origins): A male bird.

119) Gallagher (Irish origin): Eager helper.

120) Gamal (Arabic origin): Camel, or handsome in the Egyptian origin.

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121) Garrett (English origin): Gerald rules by the spear.

122) Garrison (English origin): Spear-fortified town.

123) Garth (Old Norse origin): Someone who lived or worked near a garden.

124) Garwood (Old English origin): From the fir trees.

125) Gaspar (Persian origin): He who guards the treasure.

126) Gautier (French origin): A mighty ruler.

127) Gavril (Russian origin): Man of God.

128) Geordi (Greek origin): Hill near meadows.

129) Gifford (English origin): Brave.

130) Giles (Greek origin): A young goat.

131) Gibson (Old English origin): Trusted, or son of Gilbert.

132) Gilchrist (Gaelic origin): A servant of Christ.

133) Gilford (Old English origin): By the ford.

134) Gilmer (Scottish Gaelic origin): A servant of the Virgin Mary.

135) Gilroy (Gaelic origin): Son of the red-haired man.

136) Girvin (Irish origin): Little or rough.

137) Gladwin (Old English origin): A bright friend or a kind friend.

138) Glendon (Gaelic origin): From the fortress in the glen.

139) Glenn (Celtic origin): From the valley.

140) Glenrowan (Gaelic origin): From the valley of the rowan tree.

141) Glenton (Scottish origin): From the valley town.

142) Glyn (Gaelic origin): From the valley, or from the glen.

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143) Goddard (Old English origin): Divinely strong or brave.

144) Godric (Old English origin): Good ruler.

145) Godwin (Old English origin): The son of the golden one.

146) Gorran (Cornish origin): A hero.

147) Grady (Irish Gaelic origin): Noble.

148) Grantham (Old English origin): From a big meadow.

149) Grantley (Old English and French origins): From the grand meadow.

150) Gresham (Old English origin): From the grassy homestead; from the grazing land.

151) Gribbon (Irish origin): Son of the robin bird keeper.

152) Griffin (Welsh origin): Strong in faith, or a powerful lord.

153) Grindal (Old English origin): From the green valley.

154) Gryffyn (Welsh origin): A mythological beast.

155) Guire (Irish origin): Beige colour.

156) Gwesyn (Welsh origin): Little friend.

157) Gwyn (Welsh origin): White, blessed or fair.

158) Gwynfor (Welsh origin): From the fair place.



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