102 Best Boys' Names Beginning With U

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Searching through baby names for boys that start with the letter U for the right one for your baby can be difficult!

There are so many baby names to choose from; finding the right one is tough. We've put together some baby boy names to help.

We have suggestions of baby boys names meaning 'wolf', baby boys names with animal meanings, nature-inspired baby boy names, religious baby boy names, baby boy names about birth, baby boy names about personality and inspiring baby boy names. Also, some famous people with names beginning with U that could inspire a lovely name for your baby boy.

A baby name has significance historically and for individual people. Some boy's names are very sacred and special. When choosing baby boy names, historical context plays a big role in decision making, including looking for baby names starting with the letter u.

For boys names beginning with U, from popular to unique, we have a range of boy names to browse for a baby name suitable for your boy. These are boys names 'u' won't want to skip!

Baby Boys' Names Starting With U Meaning 'Wolf'

Starting this list of baby boy names that start with U, is boy's names that mean "wolf". Ulf and Ulfer are common boy's names in Scandinavia and Germany but the old English boys names that start with U could be a unique choice for a baby boy. Baby boy names that start with U can be a great choice for names that begins with a vowel sound.

1) Ulf (Of Scandinavian origin) meaning "wolf".

2) Ulfer (Of Norse origin) meaning "wolf peace".

3) Uja (Of English origin) meaning "prosperous or wealthy wolf".

4) Ulger (Of old English origin) meaning "wolf spare".

5) Ullmar (Of old English origin) meaning "fame of the wolf".

6) Ullmarr (Of old English origin) meaning "wolf famous".

7) Ullock (Of old English origin) meaning "wolf sport".

Baby Boy Names That Start With U With Animal Meanings

Image © Flickr
Image © Flickr.

Here are other baby boy names about animals beginning with the letter U. A baby boys name beginning with U to suit a family who love animals can be found below.

8) Ualusi (Tongan origin) meaning "walrus". A gender neutral name.

9) Uaid (Arabic origin) meaning "small lion".

10) Uffo (Of German origin) meaning "wild bear".

11) Uluka (Of Sanskrit origin) meaning "owl".

12) Ursan (Of Latin origin) meaning "bear".

13) Urso (Of Italian origin from the Latin) meaning "bear".

14) Ursus (Of Italian origin) meaning "bear".

15) Uzumati (Of Miwok Origin) meaning "bear".

Baby boy lying on his tummy next to a brown bear.
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Nature Themed Baby Boy Names That Start With U

When considering boy names, U is quite a unique first letter. Baby boy names that start with the letter U can have beautiful meanings. If you want to name your baby boy after the natural world, here are some ideas to get you started. Finding inspiration from Mother Nature to look for baby boy names can acknowledge our relationship with the earth.

Some of these boy names starting with U are popular and some are unique. If you're searching for baby boy names with wholesome connotations then nature could be an inspiration.

16) Uaine (Of Irish origin) meaning "green, verdant".

17) Uccataru (Of Hindu origin) meaning "lofty tree, the coconut tree".

18) Udell (Of English origin) meaning "yew-tree valley".

19) Uha (Tongan origin) meaning "rain". A gender neutral name.

20) Ukiah (Of the Indigenous people of California) meaning "deep valley".

21) Ullivieri (Of Italian origin) meaning "olive tree".

22) Unai (Of Basque origin) meaning "cowherd".

23) Uptal (Of Bengali origin) meaning "lotus, water lily".

24) Upwood (Of English origin) meaning "upper forest".

25) Urki (Of Basque origin) meaning "birch tree".

26) Uyeda (Of Japanese origin) meaning "field of rice".

27) Uyeno (Of Japanese origin) meaning "upper field".

Faith Inspired Boy's Names Beginning With U

These baby boy names that start with U  directly refer to religious belief in God, gods or spirituality. If you want to reflect faith in your child's name, one that directly evokes these ideas can be a wonderful choice for a baby.

Baby boy names have great significance for families. Boy names starting with U that have a religious meaning can be a very special choice.

28) Ubadah (Of Arabic origin) meaning "server of God".

29) Ubaydullah (Of Arabic origin) meaning "servant of God".

30) Ucathya (Of Hindu origin) meaning "deserving of praise, king of yadavas".

31) Uchenna (Of Ibo origin) meaning "God's thought".

32) Uggieri (Of Italian origin) meaning "holy".

33) Uria (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "my light is Jehova".

34) Urias (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "my light is Jehova".

35) Urija/Urijah (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "my light is Jehova".

36) Uriel (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "angel of light" and "flame of God".

37) Uttiya (Of Hindu origin) meaning "a name from Buddhist literature".

38) Utu Meaning "sun". In Sumerian mythology, this was the name of the sun god.

39) Uwolowu (Of Ghanian and Tongan origin) meaning "God is with us".

40) Uziah (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my strength".

Personality Themed Baby Boy Names That Start With U

These boy names have some lovely connotations about your baby boy's personality. If your baby boy has a personality you want to exemplify, the names you consider are important. Here are some names beginning with the letter U for your baby boy

Did You Know? Social scientists have suggested that names may influence personality! Choosing boy names about personality for a baby boy can be a challenge, so here are some popular and unique names to choose from.

Baby boy curling his tongue in his mouth and looking wide-eyed.
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41) Ubaid (Of Egyptian origin) meaning "faithful".

42) Ubald (Of Teutonic origin) meaning "peace of mind".

43) Ubert (Of German origin) meaning "the bright mind or spirit".

44) Ucal (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "powerful".

45) Ueli (Of Swiss origin) meaning "noble ruler".

46) Ugo (Of Italian origin) This baby name is a variation of Hugh meaning "mind, intellect".

47) Ugra (Of Sanskrit origin) meaning "fierce, powerful".

48) Ulbricht (Of German origin) meaning "noble,  bright" and "famous".

49) Ulric (Of English origin) meaning "wealthy, powerful ruler".

50) Ulysses (Of Latin origin) meaning "wrathful".

51) Ulz (Of German origin) meaning "leader".

52) Umair (Of Arabic origin) meaning "intelligent".

53) Umayr (Of Arabic origin) also meaning "intelligent".

54) Uner (Of Turkish origin) meaning "famous".

55) Umberto (Of Italian origin) meaning "renowned warrior".

56) Unwin (Of English origin) meaning a combination of "bear cub" and "wine- friend".

57) Uzair (Of Arabic origin) meaning "helper".

58) Uzi (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "strength".

59) Uziel (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "strength".

Birthday Themed Baby Boy Names Starting With U

These baby names starting with U can be for baby boys born under various circumstances. These names refer to the birth of your special baby boy, a personal experience for your family, so the name will have unique connotations for you. Some names are more popular than others but all of them have a personal touch.

60) Ulan (Of Sudanese origin) meaning "first born twin".

61) Urban/Urbanus (Of Latin origin) meaning "of the city".

62) Urian (Of Welsh origin) meaning "city born".

63) Utsav (Of Bengali origin) meaning "born during a celebration, festival".

64) Uzoma (Of Nigerian origin) meaning "born while travelling".

Inspiring Boy's Names Beginning With U

These boy's names beginning with U are uplifting. Boys names that start with U are a great choice, especially when the baby boy name has an inspiring meaning. A boys baby name starting with U to remind your child about happiness and positivity are outlined below.

Dad holding newborn son in his arms in the nursery.
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65) Uang (Of Chinese origin) meaning "great".

66) Uccala (Of Hindu origin) meaning "going up, the mind, understanding".

67) Uccedin (Of Hindu origin) meaning "resolving difficulties".

68) Udayan (Of Sanskrit origin) meaning "rising, showing up".

69) Udi (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "my torch, burning stick".

70) Udoka (Of Igbo origin) meaning "peace is great".

71) Ugur (Of Turkish origin) meaning "luck".

72) Uilleam (Of Scottish origin) meaning "resolute protection".

73) Ujala (Of Hindi origin) meaning "shine". This is a gender neutral name.

74) Uland (Of German origin) meaning "from the noble country".

75) Ulfric (Of Anglo- Saxon origin)  meaning "king of the elves".

76) Uli (Of German origin) meaning "prosperity and power".

77) Ulick (Of Irish origin) meaning "little William".

78) Ull (Of Norse origin) meaning "glory".

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79) Umar (Of Arabic origin) meaning "flourishing and thriving". This name is very popular.

80) Umaru (Of West African origin) meaning "populous, flourishing".

81) Umber This baby name means a series of colours; autumnal colours, the colour of earth. It also means bright of colour or mind. It is a gender neutral name.

82) Umed (Of Sanskrit origin) meaning "desire, goal".

83) Umi (Of Malawian origin) meaning "life". A gender neutral name.

84) Ungus (Of Irish origin) meaning "one vigour".

85) Unika (Of African Origin) meaning "shining". A gender neutral name.

86) Upendo (Of African origin) meaning "love".

87) Upton (Of English origin) meaning "upper town".

88) Upravda (Of Slovak origin) meaning "upright". This name is not necessarily religious, but is often used within Christianity.

89) Ura (Of Tahitian origin) meaning "red or purple".

90) Uri (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "my flame, my light".

91) Urien (Of Welsh origin) meaning "of privileged birth".

92) Useni (From the Chewa tribe) meaning "testimony".

93) Uther (Of Old English origin) This baby boy name is from the story of King Arther, Kind Uther was his Father.

94) Uthman (Of Arabic origin) meaning "best".

95) Uttal (Of Gujarati Origin) meaning "strong, formidable".

96) Uttam (Of Indian origin) meaning "the best".

97) Uwe (Of German origin) meaning "Inherited from birth".

Famous Boys Names Beginning With U

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Several famous people have names starting with the letter U that work perfectly for baby names. These boy names that start with U are iconic. Using a celebrity's name for inspiration can help you consider the character traits associated with the baby name. Boy names that start with U remind us of some fantastic people we've outlined below.

98) Udonis (Of Latin origin) meaning "just". Udonis Johneal Haslem was an NBA player.

99) Usain (Of Arabic origin) meaning "beautiful". Usain Bolt is a world record-holding sprinter for Jamaica.

100) Usher (Of Latin origin) meaning "gatekeeper". Usher is a famous R&B singer, this name is great for musical families.

101) Utkarsh (Of Hindi origin) meaning "light". Utkarsh Ambudkar is an American poet and musician.

102) Uzodinma (Of Nigerian origin) meaning "the path is good". Uzodinma Iweala is a top-selling author.



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