90+ Best Brindle Dog Names You'll Love

Be inspired by this list of brindle dog names.

Brindle dogs are those with the gorgeous tiger-striped pattern on their coat.

With their unique striped coat and short hair, brindle dogs are unique. These beautiful dogs deserve beautiful names to match, which is why we have created this list.

While Mocha, Pepper, Brownie and Camo are undeniably cute names for dogs, they are quite common. This list of brindle dog names has lots of unique and interesting suggestions. We hope that one of them becomes your new dog's name.

For more naming ideas, check out these country dog names and these British dog names.

Male Brindle Dog Names

Brindle dog names are wide-ranging.

Brindle dogs have irregular dark-colored patches on their skin that are darker than the base color. A brindle dog is a beautiful addition to your home. Here's our list of the best names for male brindle dogs. Pick away!

1.  Ace (Latin origin) meaning 'one of a kind.'

2.  Anton (Latin origin) meaning for 'beyond praises.'

3.  Aiden (Gaelic origin) meaning 'the little fire' or 'energy of the house.'

4.  Alexander (Greek origin) name meaning 'powerful.'

5.  Austin (Latin origin) name meaning 'great'.

6.  Balin (Sanskrit origin) name referring to 'powerful traits'.

7.  Brendan (Gaelic origin) name meaning 'prince.'

8.  Bristol (English origin) one of the common names meaning 'bridge.'

9.  Brody (Gaelic origin) referring to a 'muddy' color.

10.   Bronson (English origin) meaning 'the son of.'

11.  Bruce (English origin) a common name inspired by the tale of the fourteenth century King of Scotland Robert the Bruce.

12.  Brutus (Latin origin) meaning 'heavy.'

13.  Butch (English origin) popular name for male dogs.

14.  Caesar (Latin origin) meaning 'short hair', this dog name is perfect for a brindle dog.

15.  Caleb (Hebrew origin) meaning 'dog.'

16.  Carlos (German origin) meaning 'free man' or 'fun-loving'.

17.  Casey (American origin) inspired by the name Cayce.

18.  Cassidy (Gaelic origin) referring to the curly hair of some brindle dogs.

19.  Chance (English origin) meaning 'good fortune' or 'lucky'.

20.  Cody (Gaelic  origin) meaning 'freckles'.

21.  Colt (English origin) perfect for a small brindle dog.

22.  Connor (Gaelic origin) meaning 'a lover.'

23.  Cooper (English origin) meaning 'the problem-solver.'

24.  Damian (Greek origin) meaning 'to tame.'

25.  Damon (Greek origin) meaning 'to tame.'

26.  Dante (Latin origin) meaning 'enduring.'

27.  Demon (Greek origin) meaning 'demon.'

28.  Dixie (English origin) the name of a 'powerful male dog'.

29.  Duke (English origin) a great option for male dogs.

30.  Franklin (English origin) meaning to be 'free and fun-loving'.

31.  Freckles (English origin) describing the stripes of a brindle.

32.  Fred (German origin) meaning 'ruler'.

33.  Garth (Norse origin) meaning 'home garden', which is usually where dogs play.

34.  Harley (English origin) a cool option for your brindle dog.

35.  Harvey (English origin) one of the coolest options for a male dog meaning 'strong'.

36.  Henry (German origin) meaning 'ruler of the house'.

37.  Jack (English origin) for the 'male gender'.

38.  Jasper (Persian origin) meaning a 'treasured being.'

39.  Jazz (English origin) among cool and quirky names for your little brindle boy.

40.  Joy (English origin) describing the emotion when your brindle dog is around.

41.  King (English origin) among powerful names for your strong brindle dog.

42.  Leo (Latin origin) meaning 'lion or King of the jungle'.

43.  Neo (English origin) meaning 'new or something rare'.

44.  Prince (English origin) referring to a member of the royal family, because you treat your dog like royalty.

45.  Rico (French origin) meaning 'powerful'.

Female Brindle Dog Names

Your little girl brindle dog needs a cool yet cute name. Don't worry! This list of names for your stripey, unique and cute female brindle is here to help.

46.  Ava (German origin) means' female dog'.

47.  Calypso (Greek origin) means 'hidden'.

48.  Chloe (English origin) the quirky and fun new 'female dog name'.

49.  Ciara (Gaelic origin) since the strips of a brindle dog are dark, this name that means 'dark' is a fitting choice.

50.  Daisy (English origin) this is a cute name for a female brindle puppy.

51.  Deven (Irish origin) one of the more unique dog names for female brindle dog.

52.  Ella (Greek origin) meaning 'torch' or 'hope'.

53.  Emmy (Latin origin) meaning 'rival'.

54.  Faith (English origin) a beautiful option for your girl brindle dog

55.  Hayden (German origin) an excellent option for a girl brindle.

56.  Ginger (Latin origin) meaning 'spring'.

57.  Jade (English origin) meaning a 'precious gemstone'.

58.  Kaleb (Hebrew origin) meaning 'dog'.

59.  Lana (Gaelic origin) meaning 'rock'.

60.  Maggie (Greek origin) meaning 'pearl'.

61.  Miah (Italian origin) meaning 'mine or belonging to me'.

62.  Olive (Latin origin) a great name option for your furry girly friend.

63.  Sadie (Hebrew origin) meaning 'princess.'

64.  Stella (Latin origin) meaning the 'star.'

Gender Neutral Brindle Dog Names That Are Unique And Funny

Gender neutral dog names are a great option for brindle dogs.

Don't like any of the options above? Here's our list of unique brindle dog names options that will cater to both male and female dogs. These dog names can be used for both boy and girl dogs and each of them has a special meaning.

65.  Amani (Arabic origin) meaning 'desires,' it is one of the cutest dog names for brindle dogs.

66.  Atlas (English origin) among the list of English brindle dog names, this one means 'common and universal'.

67.  Baxter (English origin) this is one of the most fun English brindle dog names.

68.  Bear (English origin) brindles are often 'bulky and heavy', so this name describes that feature.

69.  Buster (English origin) a common dog name for brindle dogs defining a brindle dog's 'fast and furious nature'.

70.  Butch  (English origin) a great name for a 'masculine structure dog'.

71.  Cadden (English origin) among the newer dog names for brindle puppies, it means 'little fighter'.

72.  Capone  (Hebrew origin) this is one of the top names for brindle dogs.

73.  Cash (English origin) is one of the unique yet catchy brindle English dog names.

74.  Checkers (Hebrew origin) referencing the 'rare pattern' of a brindle dog.

75.  Chesney (French origin) meaning 'oak wood', this is one of the catchy dog names.

76.  Chewie (Hebrew origin) a cute choice for those looking for dog names.

77.  Chief (English origin) this is one of the best brindle dog names, it means 'highest authority'.

78.  Chopper (English origin) this is one of the cutest brindle dog names.

79.  Coco (English origin) much like Mocha, Pepper, Brownie and Camo, this name is not new but is a common name for brindle dogs.

80.  Cocoa (English origin) perfect for a jumbo-sized brindle dog.

81.  Cookie (Dutch origin) a sweet snack name, cookies have a dual color pattern, just like a brindle dog does.

82.  Deuce (Hebrew origin) one of the more common dog names.

83.  Diesel (Hebrew origin) a fun, quirky brindle dog name option, this one is perfect for the bulky brindle dogs.

84.  Dottie (Hebrew origin) meaning 'gift of God'.

85.  Dozer (English origin) describing the 'light sleeping' nature of your brindle dog.

86.  Fang (Chinese origin) meaning 'fragrance'.

87.  Hooch (Hebrew origin) this is one of the most catchy brindle names.

88.  Indy is inspired by Indiana Jones.

89.  Jaw (English origin) is a dog's name that would suit any dog, particularly those who like to chew their toys.

90.  Jet (English origin) meaning 'a precious black gemstone', this gemstone is similar to the color of a brindle's stripes.

91.  Kyrie (Latin origin) meaning 'Lord.'

92.  Multi (English origin) referencing the striped multi colored skin of a brindle dog.

93.  Stripes (English origin) describing the most distinct feature of a brindle dog.

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