100+ Best Broadway Musical Names That Are Show Stoppers

Broadway musical inspired names can be the perfect option when naming your baby.

Being in a beautiful, old fashioned theater with dim lights and an orchestra is an exciting feeling like no other.

For many, the theater is a passion, a part of their life, and for some, a fantastic form of escapism. However, if you would like to choose a Broadway name for our baby, then we have an exhaustive list of possibilities for you.

"Broadway" is known as theatrical performance at any of the 41 professional theaters with 500 seats or more along Broadway in New York City. 'The black crook' is known as the first Broadway "book" musical. There are 41 theaters located on Broadway.  If you are a theater fan, then why not consider a name from behind the velvet curtain for your little one? To help you whittle some Broadway names down, we have created a list of all the beautiful Broadway baby names from musicals.

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Beautiful Girls' Name From Musicals

Whether you want to name your daughter after a Broadway hero or villain, we have an exciting list of Broadway shining stars for you.

1. Adelaide (German origin) meaning "noble natured" . From 'Guys And Dolls.'

2. Adriana (Latin origin) meaning "dark". From 'The Boys From Syracuse.'

3. Amalia (Hebrew origin) meaning "labor". From 'She Loves Me.'

4. Amaryllis (Greek origin) meaning "sparkling". From 'The Music Man.'

5. Blanche (Latin origin) meaning "white". From 'Bonnie And Clyde.'

6. Brigitta (German origin) meaning "exalted, lofty". From 'The Sound Of Music.'

7. Calliope (Greek origin) meaning "beautiful-voiced". From 'Xanadu.'

8. Carlotta (Italian origin) meaning "free, proficient, and army". From 'The Phantom Of The Opera.'

9. Celie (French origin) meaning "blind". From 'The Color Purple.'

10. Christine Daae (English origin) meaning "follower of Christ". From 'The Phantom Of The Opera.'

11. Daisy ( American origin) meaning "day's eye". From 'Side Show.'

12. Daniela (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my judge". From 'In The Heights.'

13. Deena (English origin) meaning "from the valley". From 'Dreamgirls.'

14. Elphaba (English origin) from 'Wicked.'

15. Estella (Latin origin) meaning "star". From 'West Side Story.'

16. Evangeline (Latin origin) meaning "good news". From 'A Gentleman's Guide To Love And Murder.'

17. Evleen (Indian origin) meaning "the juniper tree". From 'The Pirate Queen.'

18. Fantine (French origin) meaning "childlike". From 'Les Miserables.'

19. Gussie (Latin origin) meaning "majestic and grand". From 'Hello, Dolly.'

20. Helen (Greek origin) meaning "light or bright". From 'Bad Girls.'

21. Higgings (Irish origin) meaning "sea-rover". From 'Broadway's Fair Lady.'

22. Idina (English origin) meaning "from Edinburgh, Scotland". From Broadway actress Idina Menzel.

23. Illona (Hungarian origin) meaning "As a joy". From 'She Loves Me.'

24. Inez (Spanish origin), meaning "holy", "pure", "virginal". From 'Hairspray.'

25. Ivy (English origin) meaning "faithfulness". From 'Smash.'

26. Jacqueline (French origin) meaning "may God protect, supplanter". From 'Grey Gardens.'

27. Jasmine (Persian origin) meaning "gift from God". From 'Aladdin.'

28. Kira (Irish origin) meaning "dark-haired". From 'Xanadu.'

29. Lili (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is abundance" and "God is my oath". From 'Music In The Air.'

30. Lily (English origin) meaning "pure, passion and rebirth". From 'The Secret Garden.'

31. Lise (German origin) meaning "God is my oath". From 'An American In Paris.'

32. Lola (Spanish origin) meaning "sorrows". From 'Kinky Boots.'

33. Luciana (Roman origin) meaning "gracious light". From 'The Boys From Syracuse.'

34. Madelaine (Latin origin) meaning "woman Of Magdala". From ' The Wild Party.'

35. Magnolia (Latin origin) meaning "Magnol's flower". From 'Show Boat.'

36. Marcy ( American origin) meaning "Warlike". From 'The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.'

37. Margareta (Greek origin) meaning "the pearl". From 'The Sound Of Music.'

38. Maybelle (French origin) meaning "my beautiful one". From 'Hairspray.'

39. Melena (Greek origin) meaning "honey". From 'Wicked.'

40. Minnie (Hebrew origin) meaning "of the mind, intellect". From 'Hello, Dolly.'

41. Myra (Latin origin) meaning "behold". From 'Séance On A Wet Afternoon.'

42. Nadine (Arabic origin) meaning "showerer of blessings, hope". From Broadway's 'The Wild Party.'

43. Natasha (Slavic origin) meaning "the birthday". From 'Natasha, Pierre, And The Great Comet Of 1812.'

44. Nathan (Hebrew origin) meaning "gift from God". From 'Guys And Dolls.'

45. Nicola (Greek origin) meaning "victory". From 'Kinky Boots.'

46. Rose (Latin origin) meaning "a flower". From 'Aspects Of Love.'

47. Rosie (French origin) meaning "rose".  From 'Mamma Mia.'

48. Roxie ( American origin) meaning "dawn". From 'Chicago.'

49. Sarah (Hebrew origin) meaning "princess". From 'Guys And Dolls.'

50. Shell ( American origin) meaning "animal covering". From 'Bad Girls.'

51. Trina (English origin) meaning "pure, unsullied". From 'Falsettos.'

52. Vera (Russian origin) meaning "faith". From 'Pal Joey.'

53. Yvonne (French origin) meaning "archer". From 'Bad Girls.'

Broadway Inspired Baby Names For Boys

Broadway-inspired baby names are stylish and interesting.

A strong male character from a Broadway musical would be a perfect role model for your little boy. So why not name him after your favorite character?

54. Alex (English origin) meaning "defending men". From 'Aspects Of Love.'

55. Alfred (English origin) meaning "elf". From Broadway's 'Fair Lady.'

56. Alonzo (Spanish origin) meaning "noble, ready for battle". From 'Cats.'

57. Ambrose (Greek origin) meaning "immortal". From 'Hello, Dolly!'

58. Antonio (Etruscan origin) meaning "worthy of praise". From 'Amadeus.'

59. Armand (French origin) meaning "army man". From 'Once On This Island.'

60. Bernardo (Spanish origin) meaning "bold as a bear". From 'West Side Story.'

61. Boq This is a famous character from 'Wicked.'

62. Chistery meaning "available". From 'Wicked.'

63. Darcy (Irish origin) meaning "dark-haired a descendant of the dark". From 'Newsies.'

64. Dario (Greek origin) meaning "possessing goodness". From 'Me And Juliet.'

65. Domina (Latin origin) meaning "lady". From 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Forum.'

66. Emmet (Hebrew origin) meaning "truth". From 'Legally Blonde.'

67. Euralie (French origin) meaning "sweetly speaking". From 'The Music Man.'

68. Finch (English origin) meaning "to swindle". From 'How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.'

69. Fiyero (Italian origin) meaning "proud". From 'Wicked.'

70. Gavroche (Latin origin) meaning "urchin" or "mischievous child". From 'Les Miserables.'

71. George (Greek origin) meaning "farmer". From ' Sunday In The Park With George.'

72. Isidor (English origin) meaning "gift of Isis". From 'Titanic.'

73. Jason (Greek origin) meaning "healer". From 'Falsettos.'

74. Jimmy (English origin) meaning "may God protect" and "holder of the heel". From 'Smash.'

75. Joseph Buquet (Hebrew origin) meaning "he will add". From 'The Phantom Of The Opera.'

76. Justin (Latin origin) meaning "fair and just". From 'Bad Girls.'

77. Leaf (English origin) meaning "beloved". From 'The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.'

78. Link (English origin) meaning "from the bank". From 'Hairspray.'

79. Lonny (English origin) meaning "laurel". From 'Rock of Ages.'

80. Marius (Latin origin) meaning "warlike". From 'Les Miserables.'

81. Mendel (German origin) meaning "almond". From 'Falsettos.'

82. Mikey (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like God?" From 'Rocky The Musical.'

83. Miles (Latin origin) meaning "boastful soldier". From 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum.'

84. Milo (English origin) meaning "soldier". From 'An American In Paris.'

85. Monty (English origin) meaning "mountain". From 'A Gentleman's Guide To Love And Murder.'

86. Mufasa (African origin) meaning "lion". From 'Lion King.'

87. Nicky (Greek origin) meaning "victory of the people". From 'Funny Girl.'

88. Nunzio (Latin origin) meaning "messenger". From 'Newsies.'

89. Philia (Greek origin) meaning "brotherly love". From 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum.'

90. Rocky (Latin origin) meaning "rest". From 'Rocky the Musical.'

91. Simba (African origin) meaning "lion". From 'Lion King.'

92. Sky meaning "cloud". From 'Mamma Mia.'

93. Tiernan (Irish origin) meaning "little lord". From 'The Pirate Queen.'

94. Xander (Greek origin) meaning "defender of the people". From 'Lysistrata Jones.'

95. Zaneeta (Spanish origin) meaning "God is gracious". From 'The Music Man.'

96. Zoltan (Hungarian origin) meaning "life". From 'She Loves Me.'

Unique Broadway Inspired Baby Names

Broadway-inspired baby names are a fantastic option when naming your child.

Broadway musical names are not only meaningful but personal for any theater lovers. If you want to give a special Broadway name to your future baby, see our list of unique names below.

97. Amber (F)(English origin) meaning "fossilized tree resin or color orange/red". F from 'Hairspray.'

98. Anatole (M)(Greek origin) meaning "sunrise". From 'Natasha, Pierre, And The Great Comet Of 1812.'

99. Angelica (F)(Latin origin) meaning "messenger of God" or "angel". From 'Hamilton.'

100. Angelo (M)(Italian origin) meaning "angel", or "messenger". From 'The Boys From Syracuse.'

101. Antonia (F)(Roman origin) meaning "priceless and praiseworthy". From 'The Man Of La Mancha.'

102. Camila (F)(Italian origin) meaning "perfect". From 'In The Heights.'

103. Carla (F)(English origin) meaning "free man". From 'In The Heights.'

104. Celia (F)(Latin origin) meaning "heaven". From Broadway actress Celia Keenan-Bolger.

105. Deloris (F)(Latin origin) meaning "sorrows". From the play 'Sister Act.'

106. Dolly (F)(American origin), meaning "cute child". From 'Hello, Dolly!'

107. Eliza (F)(English origin), meaning "my God is an oath; joyful".  From 'My Fair Lady.'

108. Elle (F)(French origin), meaning "she". From 'Legally Blonde.'

109. Elsa (F)(Scandinavian origin), meaning "oath of God". From 'The Sound Of Music.'

110. Eponine (F)(English origin), meaning "French horse Goddess". From a famous Broadway musical 'Les Miserables.'

111. Golde (F)(German origin) meaning "gold". From 'Fiddler On The Roof.'

112. Grainne (F)(Irish origin) meaning "the sun".  From 'The Pirate Queen.'

113. Henry (M)(English origin) meaning "home-ruler". From 'Broadway's Fair Lady.'

114. Justice (F)(English origin) meaning "doing right by the law". From 'Rock Of Ages.'

115. Katherine (F)(Greek origin) meaning "pure". From 'Newsies.'

116. Luce (M/F)(Latin origin) meaning "light". From 'The Boys From Syracuse.'

117. Marcellus (M)(Latin origin) meaning "hammer". From 'The Music Man.'

118. Mellita (F)(Greek origin) meaning "little bee". From 'Spring Awakening.'

119. Nikki (F)(Greek origin) meaning "victory of the people". From 'Bad Girls.'

120. Phoebe (F)(Greek origin) meaning "bright". From 'A Gentleman's Guide To Love And Murder.'

121. Raffaela (F)(Latin origin) meaning "God has healed". From 'Grand Hotel.'

122. Regina (F)(Latin origin) meaning "queen". This character is from 'Rock Of Ages.'

123. Thalia (F)(Greek origin) meaning "to blossom or flourish".  From 'Xanadu.'

124. Tomika (F)(African origin) meaning "special". From 'School Of Rock.'

125. Violet (F)(English origin) meaning "name of purple/blue color". From 'Side Show.'

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