36 Best Buzz Lightyear Quotes From All The Toy Story Movies

'Toy Story' is one of the most popular kids movie in history.

It is a story where toys come to life when humans are not present, and the plot is about the relationship between an old-fashioned pull-string cowboy doll named Woody and an astronaut action figure Buzz Lightyear and their owner.

Tim Allen is the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the 'Toy Story' films. Zurg is the evil emperor and the antagonist in the 'Toy Story' films, and he is Buzz Lightyear’s arch enemy. He is not Buzz Lightyear’s father, but he is the father of Utility Belt Buzz (the new Buzz). 'Toy Story 3' is the best, as it is the most emotional and mature movie, a wholesome entertainer. Buzz also has names such as Mrs. Nesbitt when he attended a teat party in the first 'Toy Story' movie. Buzz and Andy become friends after their rivalry to get the affection of their owner, Andy Davis, and they work together to get united with him after being separated. Look out for Easter eggs in the movie!

Read along to find the best Buzz Lightyear Quotes from the 'Toy Story' movies. Make sure you also check out our articles on 'Toy Story' quotes] and Woody quotes as you finish with this one.

Best Quotes From Buzz Lightyear

Buzz is Andy’s spaceman figure who came with a cardboard spaceship and loves to party. He is the captain of the Alliance’s team and a space ranger in Intergalactic Alliance. Read along to find the best quotes from Buzz Lightyear that are more entertaining than anything you have ever read.

Toy Story Series has been produced by Pixar Animation Studio.

1. “To infinity…and beyond!”

- Buzz Lightyear.

2. “You are a sad, strange little man and you have my pity. Farewell”.

- Buzz Lightyear.

3. “Bonnie will be okay.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

4. “Woody, you’re not a collector’s item, you’re a child’s plaything.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

5. “I’m sorry. I... You’re right. I am just a little depressed. That’s all. I can get through this.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

6. “Listen to your inner voice.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

7. “Negative. There are no restraining harnesses in the cargo area. We’ll be much safer in the cockpit.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

Funny Buzz Lightyear Quotes

Buzz is one of the toy figures who, like other toys, can feel real emotions. He is very charming and charismatic and one of Andy’s favorite. Below are several famous Buzz Lightyear quotes for you to enjoy.

Buzz Lightyear is one of the most popular animated characters ever.

8. “He’s not lost.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

9. “And there seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

10. “Don’t you get it?  You see the hat! I am Mrs. Nezbit!”

- Buzz Lightyear.

11. “You’re mocking me, aren’t you?”

- Buzz Lightyear.

12. “I don’t believe that man has ever been to medical school.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

13. “Who goes there? Friend or foe?”

- Buzz Lightyear.

14. “This isn’t flying, this is falling with style!”

- Buzz Lightyear.

'Toy Story' Buzz Lightyear Quotes

Adorning his spacesuit with a helmet and the laser gun, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command has been an inseparable part of the 'Toy Story' series. His friendship with other characters was greatly loved by all. Here are some of the most interesting Buzz Lightyear movie quotes that will certainly entertain you more.

15. “Years of Academy training wasted.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

16. “How dare you open a spaceman’s helmet on an uncharted planet! My eyeballs could’ve been sucked from their sockets!”

- Buzz Lightyear.

17. “I am Buzz Lightyear; I come in peace.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

18. “Don’t talk to me about importance! Because of you, the future of this entire universe is in jeopardy!”

- Buzz Lightyear.

19. “I just want you to know that even though you tried to terminate me, revenge is not an idea we promote on my planet.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

20. “Local law enforcement! It’s about time you got here. I’m Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger, Universe Protection Unit. My ship has crash-landed here by mistake.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

21. “The important thing is that we stick together.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

Buzz Lightyear 'Toy Story' Movie Quotes

Produced by Disney, the 'Toy Story' has been a successful franchise with 'Toy Story', 'Toy Story 2', 'Toy Story 3', and 'Toy Story 4', all being blockbusters. The toy Buzz of Star Command emerged as an instant favorite character with the viewers as he would go to infinity and beyond, or even more, for a friend. Here are some of the best Buzz Lightyear sayings present on TV as well as in movies.

22. “I’ve set my laser from stun to kill.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

23. “Am I that fat?”

- Buzz Lightyear.

24. “Gone! It’s all gone. All of it’s gone. Bye-bye. See ya.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

25. “One minute you’re defending the whole galaxy. And suddenly you find yourself suckin’ down Darjeeling with... Marie Antoinette and her little sister.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

26. “Somewhere in that pad of stuffing is a toy who thought me that life’s only worth living if you’re being’ loved by a kid.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

28. “I’m Buzz Lightyear. I’m always sure.”

- Buzz Lightyear.

29. “Woody: That is Sid.

Buzz: You mean that happy child?

Mr. Potato Head: That ain't no happy child!

Rex: He tortures toys - just for fun!”

- Toy Story.

30. "This is an intergalactic emergency."

- Buzz Lightyear.

31. "Emperor Zurg : Surrender, Buzz Lightyear. I have won.

Buzz Lightyear #2 : I'll never give in. You killed my father!

Emperor Zurg : No, Buzz. I am your father!

Buzz Lightyear #2 : Noooooooo!"

- 'Toy Story 2'.

32. "[Buzz is muttering things into his "mission log"]

Woody: Shut up! Just shut up, you idiot!

Buzz: Sheriff, this is no time to panic.

Woody: This is the perfect time to panic! I'm lost, Andy is gone, they're gonna move to a new house in two days, and it's all your fault!"

- 'Toy Story'.

33. "Woody: Hey guys, look! It's the real Buzz Lightyear!

Buzz: You're mocking me, aren't you?

Woody: Oh no-no-no-no. Buzz, look! An Alien!

Buzz: Where?!

Woody: [slaps knees and laughs breathlessly]"

- 'Toy Story'.

34. "Buzz: [pitiful] I can't help. I can't help anyone.

Woody: Sure you can, Buzz, you can get me outta here. And then I'll get that rocket off you, and we can make a break for Andy's house!

Buzz: Andy s house. Sid s house. What's the difference?"

- 'Toy Story'.

35. "Mr. Potato Head: [Mr. Potato Head has put his eyes, mouth and nose in a position that reflects a famous Picasso work] Hey Hamm, look at me! I'm Picasso!

Hamm: I don't get it."

- 'Toy Story'.

36. "I'm packing you an extra pair of shoes, and your angry eyes, just in case."

- Mrs. Potato Head, 'Toy Story 2'.

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