50+ Best Cabin Names You Won't Want To Hideaway

Unique cabin names are the perfect way to identify your vacation home.)

If, and when, you decide to buy a cabin, what's the most fun thing you plan to do there? It could be a simple night stay, holiday vacation, or birthday celebration.

What will you think if we say, choosing cool cabin names is also a fun activity you can indulge in when you buy a cabin for yourself, or you're just day dreaming about it.

Most people often use their first name or surnames along with words like getaway or retreat to name their vacation home. But what if you add some personality, character, and flair to these names and select realty fun and creative lake house names for your cabin. Below, we've listed the names of some interesting cabin names for you to choose from.

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Popular Cabin Names

Names for homes should represent your happy and warm feeling of vacation.

A cabin is a rustic and small house often located on the outskirts of a city, near the water body like the beach, ponds, etc. and they are secluded. If you are looking for a popular cabin name then we are sure you'll find one that suits your vacation home here.

1. Above the Clouds: such perfect cabin names are ideal for a home at top of the mountain.

2. All About the View: as the name suggests, you want to spend your time enjoying the view and beauty.

3. A View to Remember: a perfect name for a beautiful cottage.

4. A Walk in the Clouds: a happy name for your happy place.

5. Bear Lodge: a perfect name for a lodge.

6. Beary Relaxing: a perfect name for a home where you feel relaxed and happy.

7. Close to Heaven: by naming your cottage as this you'll make sure your friends will know what the place means to you.

8. Cloud Nine: for a place that always brings warmth and joy to you.

9. Cozy Bear: for a perfect winter home.

10. Cuddle Up: for a place to cuddle with your significant other.

11. Higher Ground: for a place from where you can enjoy the beach.

12. Hiker’s Hideaway: for a place near hiking trails.

13. Lazy Pines Lodge: for a place that gets into lazy mode.

14. Mountain Lodge: for a place atop the mountain.

15. Mountain Paradise: for a paradise on the hill.

16. Mountaintop: a perfect name for a place near the hill.

17. Panoramic Point: for a place that gives you the best view.

18. Points of View: for a happy place where you have fun and enjoy life.

19. Shooting Stars: for a place from where you can enjoy your time watching the night sky.

20. Treasured Times: for an old and rustic hideaway cabin.

Funny Cabin Names

Choosing cool home names for your hideaway must include their locations too.

Though choosing a cabin name may seem like a simple task, but trust us it's not. You don't need a simple and ordinary name and naming a cabin name can be very overwhelming. For making things easier for you, we have selected some names for your new cabin that highlights their best features.

21. Gingerbread House: for a place that is perfect for your Christmas vacation.

22. Good Intent: for a place where you can enjoy time with family.

23. Grinning Bear: for a place that brings joy to you.

24. Harvest Moon: for a place where you get to enjoy autumn.

25. Fires's Mouth: for a place that keeps you warm in cool winters.

26. Lazy Bear: for a place where you can cuddle in blankets and be lazy.

27. Life's a Hoot: for a place to get you moving and enjoy life.

28. Moose Tracks: for a place that is as precious as the moose.

29. Mosquito Flats: for a place where you enjoy and so do the mosquitoes.

30. Old Man's: for a place you inherited from your old man.

31. Slice of Heaven: for a place that is near the beach.

32. Slippery Slope: for a place where you can use your sled.

33. Smoky Top: for a place that inspires you to want to cook.

34. The Last Resort: for a place where you go to escape the world.

35. Wander Inn: for a home where you can wander and rediscover yourself.

36. Renovat Inn: for the people who are always decorating.

Cabin In The Woods Names

If your cabin is located deep inside the woods and surrounded by beautiful trees, then these names selection might just speak out to you.

37. Forest Haven: for your safe haven.

38. Bear Summit: cabin name for a place where you know bears are near.

39. Camp Tranquility: a perfect name for your zen place.

40. Coyote Woods: for a place that keeps you calm even when the coyotes are there.

41. Fox Woods: for a place in the old forest.

42. Green Acres: for a green and plush vacation place.

43. Misty Mountain Retreat: for a place in misty hills.

44. Moose Lodge: for a place named after the nickname of the owner.

45. Papa’s Place: for your papa's place.

46. Pinecone Woods: naming your vacation home after a pinecone tree is a perfect option for winter use.

47. Pinetree Place: for a place surrounded by pine trees.

48. Redwood Woods: for a red vacation house in woods.

49. Rocky Woods: a good name for a house near the Rocky Mountain range.

50. Sage Woods: for a place that calms your mind just like the sage.

51. Shack Time: for a place to crash when you want to unwind.

52. The Brambles: for a place surrounded by beautiful flowers.

53. The Bungalow: for a place that is as big as a bungalow.

54. The End: for a place where you go to end your worries.

55. The Hut: for a small and quaint place.

56. The Mansion: for a place that gives you the pleasure of a mansion.

57. The Shack: for a place where you can relax.

58. The Woodshed: for a place made from pure wood.

59. Whistling Woods: for a place where you can enjoy winds and nature.

60. Winning Creek: for a cabin that is like winning a lottery.

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