100 Best Cat Pokémon Names With Nicknames

Pokemon inspired cat names can be the perfect name for your cat.

Pokémon franchise is popular worldwide and has established a significant impression on today's pop culture.

Fictional characters named 'Pokémons' are the focal point of this whole Pokémon franchise. The franchise is set within the Pokémon universe.

Satoshi Tajiri is the man behind the whole 'Pokémon' Franchise. It was created in the year 1995. The original Pokémon Video game series ranks second in terms of best selling video game franchise with over 20 seasons and 1000 episodes. The Pokémon cats are known as Pokécat. Most Pokecat names are unisex. Most Pokémon fans know of Meowth and Persian or the Meowth Persian duo when it comes to understanding cat-like Pokémons. However, aside from the Meowth Persian duo, there are many other cat-like Pokémons too.

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Pokécat Inspired Cat Names

Got a new Pet? Trying to find a unique name for your furry partner? Here is a list of all the Purr-fect Pokécat names.

1. Absol, with a feminine nickname Abbie, has red eyes, crescent horns.

2. Alolan Meowth, with a cute nickname Kitkat, a smart, crafty Pokécat prone to hysterical rage.

3. Alolan Persian, with a cute nickname Paypal, has a round face and soft fur lives a life full of luxury.

4. Delcatty, with a cute nickname Dawn, a prim Pokémon with a good nature. The only Pokémons whose evolution line involves a moonstone are Skitty Delcatty.

5. Dusk Mane Necrozma, with a sweet nickname Nico, is a fusion of Salgaleo and Ultra beast. It is a psychic/steel type cat Pokémon.

6. Eevee, with an adorable nickname Eve, is a humble classic Gen 1 critter.

7. Espeon, with an adorable nickname Ezzie, is an extremely loyal, psychic, cat-like Pokémon.

8. Espurr, with a sweet nickname Ebbie, is a cute yet creepy Scottish Fold kitty with folded ears and wide eyes.

9. Galarian Meowth, with a nickname Garry, is a crossbreed between a tabby cat and a Viking.

10. Glaceon, with a nickname Gigi, has the ability to survive a hailstorm, is an air purifier Pokémon.

11. Glameow, with a nickname Guniea, is a classy kitty with a surplus attitude, has graceful and elegant moves.

12. Jolteon, with a nickname Jolly, an electrifying incredible sweeper, one of the electric Pokécat.

13. Leafeon, with a nickname Livis, can fight better in sunlight, is a grass type cat-like Pokémon.

14. Liepard, with a nickname Linda, moody and vicious, with cheetah-like features, is a dark type and electric-type Pokémon.

15. Luxio, with a nickname Lux, is a brave Pokécat, and has the ability to make people faint with a strong electric discharge. Shinx-Luxio-Luxray is the three evolving stages.

16. Luxray, with a nickname Lolo, is a Pokécat with an X-Ray vision and has a mane around its head one of the electric Pokécats.

17. Meowstic, with a nickname Minnie, an awesome critter, the constraint Pokémon one of the psychic Pokémon.

18. Meowth, with a nickname Milo, is based on 'Maneki Neko'. Meowth is a cat-like Pokémon and one of the members of Team Rocket.

19. Mew, with a nickname Moo, is a hidden Pokémon only available at special Nintendo events.

20. Mewtwo, with the nickname Messo, is a psychic type Pokémon.

21. Munchlax, with the nickname Munch, is a thick fat big eater Pokécat.

22. Perrserker, with the nickname Perk, has a steel fur armor, is a steel type Pokémon.

23. Persian, with a nickname Persia, is a spoiled, high-class cat-like Pokémon, she is the beloved pet of Giovanni. Meowth evolves to become Persian.

24. Purrloin, with a nickname Penny, is a master in the art of stealing, is a dark type Pokémon.

25. Raikou, with the nickname Ray, is an electric Pokécat.

26. Shinx, with a nickname Shein, a cute little guy with a star like tail, shinx-luxio-luxray are the three stages of evolution, is an electric-type Pokémon.

27. Skitty, with a short nickname Skit, is a cute pink smiling kitten and is a part of the Fairy egg group, Skitty Delcatty evolution line involves moonstone.

28. Sneasa, with a nickname Snoopie, is a cross between a cat and a weasel, which is very vicious in nature.

29. Snorlax, with a nickname Snowie, looks like a combination of a cat and a bear is a sleeping Pokémon.

30. Solgaleo, with a badass nickname of Beast that devours the Sun, is a dual psychic/steel type Pokémon.

31. Suicune, with a nickname of Suzie, a Pokécat who looks like a panther is a water-type Pokémon cat.

32. Sylveon, with a nickname of Sylvie, is a cute, loving Pokémon cat.

33. Umbreon, with a nickname Uno, is an elegant shadow Pokécat, popular as the moonlight Pokémon.

34. Vaporeon, with a nickname Vinnie, is a bubble jet Pokécat, a feline who loves water, is a water-type Pokémon.

35. Zangoose, with a nickname Zango, an official "cat ferret".

36. Zeraora, with a nickname Zorba, a tough Pokécat, is capable of storing electricity.

Pokémon Fire Cat Names

These Pokémons have one thing in common: they are all fire-type Pokécats. These Pokécat can be a good option for Pokémon cat names.

37. Entei, with a sweet little nickname Eno, can erupt volcanoes with a roar, is a legendary beast.

38. Flareon, with a nickname Fluffball, is an adorable lovable Pokécat with a fluffy tail and creates fire.

39. Incineroar, with the nickname Ivy, is a selfish violent Pokécat.

40. Litleo, with a nickname Lilly, a cub with big eyes and a Mohawk of fiery fur.

41. Litten, with the nickname Laila, is a small Pokécat with cute ears, big bored eyes, and flammable hairballs.

42. Purugly, with a nickname Puru, an elegant cat, has a thick fat covering for protection against fire.

43. Pyroar, with a nickname Piro, can breathe fire up to 6,000 degrees Celsius.

44. Torracat, with a nickname Torra.

Pokémon Names For Female Cats

(Pokemon names can be a unique naming option for your adorable kitten.

There are zillions of options to name your adorable cat after an anime character. Here's a list of Pokémon-inspired names for your cat.

45. Bellossom, with a cute nickname Bella, loves dancing and is a grass-type Pokémon.

46. Butterfree, with the nickname Butter, is a flying type Pokémon.

47. Clefairy, with a nickname clay, is a cute, charming, fairy type Pokémon.

48. Goldeen, with a cute nickname Goldi, is a water-loving Pokémon.

49. Happiny, with a nickname Happy, is a normal type baby Pokémon.

50. Jigglypuff, with a cute nickname Jiggles or Puff, is a Pokémon who loves to sing.

51. Jynx, with the nickname Jenny, is a psychic type Pokémon.

52. Kakuna, with the nickname Kuna, is a dual-type Bug/Poison Pokémon.

53. Paras, with the nickname Persy, is grass-type Pokémon.

54. Roselia, with the nickname, Rose is a dual-type poison/ grass Pokémon.

55. Tangela, with the nickname Tango, is a grass-type Pokémon.

Pokémon Names For Male Cats

Are you a cat lover who loves Pokémon? Here is a list of names for your feline companion.

56. Charmeleon, with a nickname Char.

57. Diglett, with a nickname Diggy, loves digging soil, is a ground type Pokémon.

58. Feebas, with a nickname Feebs, is a water-loving Pokémon.

59. Gastly, with a funny nickname Gas, is a Ghost-type Pokémon.

60. Geodude, with the nickname Dude, is a rock-ground type Pokémon.

61. Grimer, with the nickname Grimes, is a dark- type Pokémon.

62. Grotel, with a nickname Grey, has hiding abilities, is a quadruped Pokémon.

63. Growlithe, with a nickname Groode, is afraid of water, is a fiery Pokémon.

64. Metapod, with a nickname Etta, looks like a cocoon is a bug type Pokémon.

65. Mr. Mime, with the nickname Mime, is a psychic-fairy type Pokémon.

66. Slowbro, with the nickname Bro, is a water-loving psychic type Pokémon.

Cute Pokémon Inspired Names For Your Cats

Are you looking for adorable yet unique names for your cats? Here is a comprehensive list of names to choose from:

67. Bulbasaur, with a cute nickname Alba, has psychic and flying abilities, is a grass/poison type Pokémon.

68. Caterpie, with a nickname Katy, loves climbing trees, is a bug type Pokémon.

69. Chikorita, with the nickname Rita, is a leaf-type grass Pokémon.

70. Dartini, with a cute nickname Dreamy, is a dragon-type Pokémon.

77. Emolga, with a sweet nickname Emy, is an electric-flying type Pokémon.

78. Jirachi, with an adorable nickname Jerry, is a steel-psychic type mythical Pokémon.

79. Lillipup, with a nickname Lipi, has a black fur coat, and a short brown tail, is a normal type Pokémon.

80. Marill, with a nickname Mary, is a water-loving, water-fairy type Pokémon.

81 . Minccino, with a nickname Minccie, is a normal type Pokémon.

82. Pikachu, with the nickname Pika Pi, has powerful electric powers, is an electric Pokémon.

83. Shaymin, with the nickname Shami, is a grass-type mythical Pokémon.

84. Slowking, with the nickname King, is a water-loving psychic Pokémon.

85. Squirtle, with the nickname Squirt, is a water-type Pokémon.

86. Teddiursa, with the nickname Teddy, is a normal type of Pokémon.

87. Vulpix, with a nickname Pixie, is a fire-type Pokémon.

Pokémon Inspired Names For Cats Who Love Being Outdoors

Pokémon names along with their cute nicknames are really the best names.

If your cat also likes being outdoors and enjoys a bit of wilderness, here is a list of suitable names for your cats.

88. Arbok, with the nickname Arbie, is a ground/psychic type Pokémon.

89. Beedrill, with a nickname Bee, loves climbing trees, is a dual-type bug/poison Pokémon.

90. Bellsprout, with a nickname Belle, is an earth-loving, grass/poison type Pokémon.

91. Ivysaur, with a nickname Ivy, is a sleepy,outdoor-loving grass/poison Pokémon.

92. Pidgeotto, with the nickname Otto, is a bird-loving flying type Pokémon.

93. Pidgey, with a nickname Pidge, is a bird-loving, flying type Pokémon.

94. Ponyata, with the nickname Pony, is a fire/galarian-type Pokémon.

95. Rapidash, with a nickname dash, is a psychic, fairy type fire Pokémon.

96. Spearow, with a nickname arrow, is a bird-loving flying type Pokémon.

97. Tentacool, with a nickname cool cat, is a water-loving, poison type Pokémon.

98. Tentacruel, with the nickname Cruel Cat, is an ocean-loving, poison type Pokémon.

99.  Venusaur, with a nickname Venus, is a grass/poison type water-loving poison type Pokémon.

100. Victreebel, with the nickname Viki or Victor, is water-loving poison type Pokémon.

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