45 Best Catfolk Names With Meanings

Catfolk are a feline humanoid race in Dungeons and Dragons

Catfolk an interesting feline humanoid race in the popular fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons.

Usually, the nature of the cat folks is curious. They are very loyal to their family and friends, along with generosity.

Generally, the cat folks are lithe and slender. They have characters of both dwarves and humans. Both male and female cat folks have feline features such as a coat of soft fine fur, slit pupils, and a sleek, slender tail. Usually, the ears of the cat folks are pointed. However, these are different from the elves. The actual shape of the ears is rounded and catlike. Catfolk behave like ordinary people, and like humans, they can manipulate objects. Their fingers contain tiny, sharp, retractable claws. The cat folks can't use their long nails as their weapons, as these are not so strong. But a few species of cat folks can use their claws as weapons. The main thing about their physical appearance is the color of their hair and eyes.

Self-expression as a crucial aspect of the cat folks, their ancestors and their culture. A strong sense of group effort and community is the reason for their mitigation. According to wild nature, they are among the races of hunter-gatherer tribal people. Personal power usually doesn't take place before the health and wellbeing of the tribe. When secure, they are known to be among the most content races.

They love to get trained by their most experienced and skilled members. The cat folk arrange for a committee of sub-chieftains through consensus or election. In the board, it is agreed that the sub-chiefs will choose the one who dares to lead them at the time of danger. The chieftain is known as the most talented member of the race. They sometimes even have magical powers. Although it is common to see cat folks outside the tribe, it doesn't mean that they don't belong to their tribe. Those cat folks are known as part of their extended tribe.

If you are looking for Catfolk DnD names or Pathfinder catfolk names, take a look at this list of many male and female catfolk names that you can use. For more D&D names, check out Lizardfolk Names and Fire Genasi Names.

Male Catfolk Names

The options to choose catfolk names for your male characters are endless. You will see that almost any name for your catfolk character will work quite well. Catfolk last names are extremely uncommon, and you can work with just finding the right-sounding first name for your character. Catfolk names usually do not have a meaning or origin. They are feline sounding names that seem apt for a catfolk Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons catfolk characters. Often, names can be descriptive of the traits, appearance, or even feline habits we notice. You may find some of these catfolk names perfect for your tribal catfolk, or the races that you are creating.

1 . Carruth (Scottish origin) meaning "red ruler".

2 . Ceyhan, is a popular river in Anatolia.

3 . Chiquis, comes from the word Chico.

4 . Cucbombor, is after a vegetable name cucumber.

5 . Cyktir

6 . Drewan, is derived from the word 'draw'.

7 . Drorqi, is from the Hebrew word 'Dror'.

8 . Ferus, means "wild".

9 . Garkalack

10 . Gerran (African origin) meaning "warrior".

11 . Kacba, is derived from 'Kaaba'- cube shape building in Mecca.

12 . Kickass, is a vigorous catfolk name.

13 . Jiggan, is a Muslim originated girl name meaning "light".

14 . Jukkir

15 . M'aiq, is inspired from 'Elder Scrolls' series.

16 . Mittens

17 . Newyr, is inspired from the word 'new year'.

18 . Nyktan

19 . Reru

20 . Riktu, means from precious insight into one's destiny and luck.

21 . Rouqar

22 . Toccur

23 . Zaky, is derived from word 'zaki' meaning "pure".

24 . Zithembe

Female Catfolk Names

Catfolk are nimble warriors in the game

The sound of a catfolk name and its appeal is all that counts when considering a name for your character. The main difference between a male and female catfolk name is that male names sound harsher and use a stronger accent of 'r' and 'k' sounds. You will see a female catfolk name having a more rounded, gentle sound. There are several common and unique names you will encounter when considering the right choices for your cat folk. Whether long or short, we have a great list of options for you. Have you found the perfect one yet?

25 . Alyara, meaning "desire from self-expression".

26 . Dona, is a Spanish title given to a woman.

27 . Duline, is a French word meaning "from the flax".

28 . Esla is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "truth".

29 . Gefa

30 . Hoya, is after an evergreen shrub.

31 . Ifa

32 . Jilyana

33 . Kaye, is a Greek origin word meaning "rejoice".

34 . Lilho

35 . Milah (German origin) meaning "industrious".

36 . Miniri, is a popular word meaning "beautiful harbour".

37 . Nefo

38 . Nushi, means "sweet".

39 . Posle

40 . Sashimi, is after a popular Japanese dish.

41 . Siphelele, is an African word meaning "we all are".

42 . Tiyeri.

43 . Velna, is a mythological name meaning "female devil".

44 . Zayo, means "inventive mind".

45 . Zilno

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