150 Best Christmas Cat Names For Festive Kittens

Christmas names for a cat sure are fun.

The Christmas season is celebrated as the best time of the year.

Coming up with Christmas names for pets doesn't have to be hard. It can be really fun to come up with Christmas pet names when you know what you want.

The festive season, especially Christmas day, can be the best inspiration to come up with Christmas-themed cat names for your pet. If you love the festivities and can't get enough of it, you're in the right place. Here we've made a perfect list of all the Christmas names for cats inspired by decorations, spices, jingle bells, snow, and movies and songs.

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Christmas Boy Cat Names

Below is the list of all the boy Christmas cat names.

1. Belthazar, (Hebrew origin), meaning "God save the King". Name of one of the wise men to visit and gift baby Jesus.

2. Blitzen (Dutch origin), meaning "lightning". A character in 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' movie.

3. Caspar (Persian origin), meaning "treasure". He was one of the three wise men to visit and gift baby Jesus.

4. Christian, a Christmas cat name to remind you to follow Jesus Christ.

5. Claus, from 'Santa Claus'.

6. Comet, one of Santa Claus' 8 reindeer.

7. Cracker, an ideal Christmas cat name for a Christmas time gifted cat.

8. Donner, one of Santa Claus' 8 reindeer.

9. Eggnog, Yuletide beverage. Eggnog is one of the funny Christmas names.

10. Elf, name your strong and graceful kitty after this Santa Claus’ helper.

11. Emmanuel (Hebrew origin), meaning "God's with us".

12. Faithful, for the loyal kitty who reminds you of the true meaning of Christmas.

13. Frosty, perfect tribute to Jack Frost. Frosty is not only a good Christmas cat name, it's also one of the best Christmas nicknames.

14. Fruitcake, extend your love for fruitcakes by naming your cat the same.

15. Gabriel (Hebrew origin), meaning "Good is my strength". Gabriel was an Angel of God.

16. Gift, when your cat has been your greatest gift.

17. Gingerbread, perfect Christmas cat name for the ginger-colored feline.

18. Holiday, an ideal name for the laid back kitty.

19. Hymn, for if you have a melodious kitty.

20. Jingle, gift your cat this name along with melodious jingle bells around its neck.

21. Joseph (Hebrew origin), meaning "God's provides".

22. Marzipan (German origin) meaning "sweet". For the sweet tooth feline.

23. Nicholas (Greek origin), meaning "people getting their victory".

24. Nick (Greek origin), it's a short form of the name Nicholas. Perfect name for a cat.

25. Noel (Old French origin), meaning "Christmas".

26. Rudolph, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer… That is Santa's reindeer.

27. Santa, from the famous Santa Claus.

28. Snowman, perfect for the snow-white colored kitty.

29. Star, ideal to name your kitty after the North Star that led the three wise men to baby Jesus.

30. Wenceslas, a kind cat name derived from the Christmas carol, 'Good King Wenceslas'.

31. Yule (Old English origin) meaning "Time of Christmas". A sweet name for your outdoorsy cat.

Christmas Girl Cat Names

Christmas cat names inspirations can come from anywhere.

Here's the list of all the Christmas cat names that are the best girl names for cats.

32. Angel, for the cat as much a blessing as an angel.

33. Candy, perfect for the cat who's a sweetie pie.

34. Candy cane, for your striped feline who's just as sweet as a candy cane.

35. Carol, to name your sweet cat after Christmas carols.

36. Christmas, for when your cat is born on the Christmas Day.

37. Cookie, for the extra sweet kitty. Cookie is one of the cute kitten names.

38. Dancer, nothing's better for Christmas celebration than dance, a fitting name for your lively cat.

39. Dasher, one of Santa Claus' 8 reindeer.

40. Epiphany, for the new cat you adopted or the cat that was born on the feast day of the manifestation of Christ.

41. Eve, for the cat born on the eve before Christmas Day.

42. Feliz, or Feliz Navidad is for the cat owners who are fans of the song 'Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano'.

43. Garland, for the cat as lovely as this decorative wreath made of flowers.

44. Holly, after the Holly plant, which is used as decoration on Christmas. This female cat name can also be seen used as one of the winter girl names.

45. Ivy, another plant that is used as decoration for Christmas to name your cat after.

46. Joy, for the cat who makes your every day as joyous as Christmas Day.

47. Mary, to name your sweet cat after the mother of Jesus Christ.

48. Merry, for your cat who is as merry as Christmas Day. Merry is one of the unique kitten names for girls.

49. Mistletoe, Traditionally, during Christmas, you kiss under the mistletoe. Can be an adorable name for your pet.

50. Noelle, for the fans of this classic Christmas movie starring Anna Kendrick.

51. Partridge, for the owner who loves the song ‘A Partridge in a Pear Tree’.

52. Prancer, one of Santa Claus' 8 reindeer.

53. Pudding for the charming cat who makes your heart melt as much as this dessert.

54. Snowflake, for the kitty as unique and amazing as snowflakes.

55. Stockings, a cute name for the new cat you got as a present on Christmas Eve.

56. Sugarplum, for the cat as sweet as these oval candies.

57. Twinkle, for the cat with a shiny coat like a twinkling little star. This name is also perfect as one of the female cat names for a girl.

58. Vixen, one of Santa Claus' 8 reindeer.

Adorable Christmas Cat Names

Below is the list of all the most adorable Christmas cat names.

59. Bell, for when the jingle bells on your cat reminds you of the season.

60. Bethlehem, to name your cat this as a reminder of where Jesus was born.

61. Blanco (Spanish origin), meaning "white" like the Christmas winter season.

62. Blessing, for the cat that brought joy and prosperity in your life.

63. Blizzard, for the cat who's ever so restless.

64. Canela (Spanish origin), meaning "cinnamon, a popular spice during Christmas".

65. Charlie Brown, for the cat owners who love the 'Charlie Brown Christmas show'.

66. Cherub (Hebrew origin), meaning "angel". Perfect for your angel of a pet.

67. Chestnut, for the cat owners who love this Christmas special spice.

68. Chocolate, for the cats as pleasant as chocolates.

69. Cocoa, for the sweetest cats who are just as sweet as this Christmas favorite food.

70. Crosby, after 'Bing Crosby', singer of 'White Christmas'.

71. Cupid, one of Santa Claus' 8 reindeer.

73. David, to remind you of the story of the king of Israel, a descendant of Jesus.

74. December, for the cats born this Christmas month.

75. Dickens, after the Charles Dickens, author of the 'A Christmas Carol' novel.

76. Frankincense, for the owners who love these festive special spices.

77. Griswold, inspired by the family from 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

78. Happy, for the ever so happy cats that remind you of the festive season.

79. Honor, for your trustworthy cat.

80. Hope, for the cat that reminds you of the hope you get in every Christmas.

81. Jack Skellington, after the main character of 'The Night Before Christmas' movie.

82. Jesus, for the friendly and blessing of a pet.

83. King, for your majestic cat.

84. Kris, to name after another name for Santa Claus, which is, 'Kris Kringle'.

85. Latke, after the yummy Hanukkah potato pancake.

86. Midnight, for the cat who was born on Christmas Midnight.

87. Miracle, for the cat that came into your life like a Christmas miracle.

88. Mistle, to remind you of mistletoe.

89. Mittens, after the gloves that are worn during the cold and Christmas season.

90. Paloma (Spanish origin), meaning "dove, a symbol of peace".

91. Persimmon, for the cat owners who love this fruit used in puddings during Christmas season.

92. Poinsettia, after the beautiful red plant seen during Christmas holiday.

93. Red, after the color of Christmas. Red is a good name for kittens.

94. Rosemary, for the owners who love this festive special herb.

95. Santa Cruz, to remind you of the love of father Christmas.

96. Shepherd, for the oh-so-caring cats.

97. Spirit, for the cat that reminds you of the holiday spirit.

98. Starlight, for the cats as brightly furred as starlight.

99. Tash, for the cats that were born on Christmas Day.

100. Winter, for the cats born in this festive season.

Cute Cats Names

Christmas is the best time to enjoy with your close ones and your cat.

Here you have the list of some of the cutest Christmas cat names.

101. Baubles, after the name of the Christmas ornament balls.

102. Bows, after this beautiful Christmas decoration.

103. Brandy, to remind you of the fashionable and tenet look on Christmas.

104. Brisket, inspired by the traditional Hanukkah dish.

105. Buddy, to remind you of the season of being with your close people.

106. Candle, for the cat who makes your life brighter. It's one of the unique Christmas cat names.

107. Charity, to remind you of the giving season.

108. Cheer, for the ever cheerful cat.

109. Chicory, after the bitter greens that are consumed during Christmas.

110. Chilly, inspired by the coldness of the winter season of Christmas.

111. Cinnamon, for the owners in love with this festive spice. This can be one of the amazing cat names.

112. Coal, for the warm cat that reminds you of how coal provides warmth on the wintry days.

113. Crystal, for your pure as white cat.

114. Dove, for the peace-loving feline.

115. East, to remind you where the Magi saw the star.

116. Figgy, to remind you of the treat in the song 'We wish you a merry Christmas'.

117. Frio (Spanish origin), meaning "cold".

118. Glacier, inspired by the ice masses of the North and South Poles.

119. Glitters, for your ever shining cat. One of the unique cat names.

120. Glory, for beautiful cats as glorious as the Christmas Day.

121. Grace, for the cat who brought favor to your family.

122. Holy, for your innocent cat. It's also one of the good Christmas cat names.

123. Icicle, for your white and sharp or witty cat.

124. Igloo, inspired by the snow houses.

125. Jul (Swedish origin), meaning "Christmas".

126. Kugel, after the Hanukkah’s sweet pudding dish.

127. Love, for the cat that loves you as much as you love Christmas.

128. Luge (Swiss origin) meaning "a small snow-coated sledge", for the cat owners who love this winter sledding sport.

129. Magic, for the cat that reminds you of the magic of Christmas.

130. Myrrh (Greek origin) meaning "ancient spice", for the owners who love this festive spice.

131. Neige, (French origin), meaning "snow".

132. Nieve (Spanish origin), meaning "snow".

133. Noelle (Old French origin) meaning "Christmas", for kitties born during Christmas.

134. North, to remind you of the North Star that led the three wise men to baby Jesus.

135. Nutmeg, for the love of the festive seasonal spice used in holiday desserts.

136. Olaf (Old Norse origin) meaning "relic", inspired by the snowman created by Elsa in the movie 'Frozen'.

137. Pancho, the first name of Tex-Mex Santa Claus.

138. Peace, for the sweet and calm cats.

139. Polar, inspired by the cold North Pole.

140. Quince, for the cat owners who love this Christmas season fruit.

141. Ribbon, for the cats as attractive as this decorative object for Christmas.

142. Rummy, for the lovers of the game, which is played during Christmas.

143. Scrooge, after the main character in the movie 'A Christmas Carol'.

144. Snowball, for the cat kids, love playing with.

145. Snowy, for the cats as white and grey as snow.

146. Sugar, for the sweet cat of the sweet tooth Christmas loving owners.

147. Tinsel, after the tiny decorations that go on the Christmas tree.

148. Tundra, after the frozen arctic. Perfect for a white-haired cat.

149. Vanilla, for the vanilla loving owners of cats.

150. Wish, for the cat that came into your life like a Christmas wish-come-true.

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