100+ Best Clever Dog Names For Pun Lovers

Our pets can really be hilarious sometimes, so why not give them a funny name!

As your pet is going to live with you for at least 10 to 15 years or longer, it's vital for you to pick a perfect name for your lovely buddy. When it comes to naming man's best friend, then there should be no compromise. Here, we have given a list of clever dog names. We hope it makes the naming process a bit easier.

Usually, you hear dog names like Max, Lucky, Rocky, etc. But if you want to choose a different and unique name for your pet, this is the place for you.

Punny Dog Names Based On 'Star Wars'

Many people find their dog names in 'Star Wars', there are a multitude of funny dog names in the iconic series.

1. Arf Maul, Like Darth Maul, get it?

2. Boba Fetch, Perfect for a dog with a love for running.

3. Chewbacca, After the iconic character, it's perfect for a clever dog.

4. Kenobi, This name denotes "a trusted mentor".  

Punny Dog Names Based on 'Harry Potter'

We love 'Harry Potter' and we love our dogs, it's a perfect match! This is a list of unique, funny, and clever dog names, from the world of everyones favorite boy wizard.

5. Dumbledog, This name refers to a character from the 'Harry Potter' series and is an apt name for a big dogs.

6. Hairy Paw-ter, Harry Potter is the main character of the 'Harry Potter' series and your dog is undoubtably the main character of your family.

7. Ron Fleasly, This name comes from a favorite character in the series, we think it would be a great name for a funny dog.

Dog Names Based on Actors

A few people name their dogs based on their favorite actors. You can find a few clever names in the list below.  We love these names and think they're perfect for a clever dog or dogs who love attention.

8. Rooney, indicates "a red-haired person", from Rooney Mara.

9. Scarlett, means "courage, passion" and is a good dog name for a clever dog. From Scarlett Johansson.  

10. Meryl, means "a bright sea". From the iconic Meryl Streep.

11. Halle It means "hall or a gathering place".

12. Judi The name indicates "someone who is praised".

Punny Dog Names Inspired By Famous People

Do you need inspiration to name your dog? You can select the name of a politician, fashion designer, artist, astronaut, or athlete to name your pet dog, these are just a few of our favourite. They are dog names that are unique that dog owners can consider for their dogs. Find a few clever pun dog names here:

13. Woofgang Mozart, This is a great name for a dog who likes to howl.

14. Sherlock Bones, This is a perfect name for a clever or funny dog.

15. Bark Twain, We think this is one of the most fun names for a dog. Bark Twain - Mark Twain, get it? Hilarious.

We love our silly furry friends, and we love our list of unique names of dogs.

Clever Dog Names from Music

Do you love any rapper or musician? If you are obsessed with the song of any rapper or musician, then you can name your dog by their name. Naming a dog according to your favorite music is a great option for clever dog names and you can find a few here.

15. Axl It indicates "Guns n Roses" and is suitable for big dogs that are soft in nature.

16. Blondie It indicates a "blonde hair person" and is a clever dog name for a blonde dog.

17. Bowie It tells of Davie Bowie, who is a singer.

18. Cardi It means a "rapper".

19. Clash It indicates "a band".

20. Dre It indicates "Dr. Dre", who is a rap producer.

21. Elton It means "enclosure or settlement".

22. Floyd It indicates the "gray color".

23. Freddie It means "peace".

24. Hendrix It means the "guitar God".

25. Iggy It means "ignore".

26. Janis "Showing favor to someone" is meant here.

27. Jazz It is a musical genre.

28. Kenrick It means a "rapper".

29. Lennon It refers to "a lover".

30. Marley It indicates "a small bowl of colored glass or material" that we use as tray.

31. Prince It indicates "the guitar player or musician".

32. Queen It indicates "a band".

33. Ringo It means "Apple".

Foodie Clever Dog Names

You can name your dog according to the preferable foods also. Food names can be very cute and clever dog names.

34. Barley, It means a "brewing ingredient".

35. Brie, It means "creamy cheese".

36. Chai, It indicates "black tea with spices".

37. Jameson, It indicates "the son of James". It's also a kind of whiskey.

38. Kona, It suggests "coffee beans" from Hawaii and is one of the clever dog names for a dog of coffee color.

39. Porter, It is a dog name that means "dark beer".

40. Saffron, It is "an expensive spice" and is a clever name that is yellowish brown in color.

Video Game & Tech Clever Dog Names

Are you fond of video games? If you are a video game lover or work in a tech field, you can name your dogs by using games names. It may seem funny, but it is interesting also.

41. Apache, It indicates "a server software".

42. Atari, Classic "video game system" is meant here.

43. Bowser, It is a fictional character in Nintendo.

44. Genesis, It is a new SUV car.

45. Java, It indicates "a coding language".

46. Kong, is "an open source API gateway".

47. Link, It is the main character in Zelda games.

48. Mac, It means "Apple Computer".

49. Pixel, It is a dot on the screen.

50. Ruby, It is a programming language.

51. Sonic, It means the "Hedgehog".

52. Zelda, It is from Nintendo game.

Sports & Hunting Dog Names

Are you a sports lover? Then you can choose your pet name according to that. If you are a sports lover why not use one of these clever dog names.

53. Boomer, "Football QB" is meant here.

54. DiMaggio, The name of a baseball player.

55. Gretzky, Hockey player name.

56. Jimmy Chew, Okay, it's not quite sports, but Jimmy Choo do make trainers!

57. Kobe, It is one of the basketball player names.

58. Montana, Football QB name.

59. Payton, It is a football QB name.

60. Shaq, It means "success and happiness".

61. Venus, Name of a tennis player.

62. Winchester ,Classic rifle is indicated here.

63. Wrigley, It is the name  of a stadium.

Geography Dog Names

You can use famous city names for naming your dog. They might not be funny dog names, but we think they're pretty cool.

64. Cali, Short form of California.

65. Dixie, A region around New Orleans.

66. Humboldt, A county in California.

67. London, The capital of England that attracts people from all over the world.

68. Memphis, It is a beautiful city in the USA.

69. Milan, It means "a famous location in Rome".

70. Paris, A must to visit destination.

71. Rio, A metropolitan city.

72. Sydney, A beautiful Australian  city.  

73. Tex, Short form of Texas.

74. York, A perfect dog name for dog owners who love New York.

You need a good name to call across the beach!

Dog Names from TV, Movies, and Books

You can also give names of your pet dog from TV, movies, and books. This list might help you out in that case.

75. Akira, It is a popular science fiction movie.

76. Arya, It is one of the characters of 'Game of Thrones'.

77. Ash, A character in 'Evil Dead', a popular series.

78. Boba, It means "bubble tea".

79. Bond, The last name of 'James Bond'.

80. Buffy, From the vampire slayer.

81. Buzz, From 'Toy Story'.

82. Doc, It is the short term of the doctor.  

83. Gambit, It is the name of a fictional character.

84. Indy It means "independent".

85. Khan, From the 'Star Trek' character.

86. Loki, It means "God of air or airy".  

87. Mary Puppins, It is based on a famous movie 'Mary Poppins.'

88. Neo, It means "something new" and a perfect name for your new dog. From 'The Matrix'.

89. Ridley, It means "Reed clearing".  From Alien.

90. Ripley, It means "from the strip field".

91. Rocky, It indicates an area that is full of rocks. From the boxer.

92. Rogue, It is a popular movie and is a popular dog name.

93. Thor, American super hero.

94. Xena, A warrior princess.

Clever Dog Names Inspired By Music

Everyone loves to listen to music. Naming your dog by a music name or the hook word of a song can be very exciting.

95. Elvis, It indicates "a person who knows everything very well" as well as the King of Rock.

96. Abba, From the iconic 80s band.

97. Jewel, It indicates "a precious stone".

Unique Dog Names

Unique names are always a clever choice for a clever dog.

98. Balto, A sledge dog

99. Laika, It is the name of the Soviet space dog.

100. Bear, A dog breed.

101. Zeus, It indicates "the sky and thunder god" of the old Greek region.

102. Ocean, A big expanse of sea and the perfect choice for ocean lovers.  

103. Orion, It indicates "a giant hunter".

104. Sabre, It means "sword".

We hope this list of names helped you in your search but if you need more names inspiration look at anime dog names or Russian dog names.



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