163 Best Color Names For Boys

Choose from the best color names for your little boy

Picking the perfect name for your baby is always a hard decision.

You want to pick a name that they will love for the rest of their life, perhaps you want to choose a name that's strong and meaningful. A lot of time and thought is put into deciding which name you ultimately pick.

Baby names can be inspired by so many things. All you have to do is look around at the world you're in and you're sure to find some inspiration for the type of name you want to give your baby.  Inspiration comes in many shapes, sizes, and yes, colors. The multitude of colors in the world have made it possible for us to experience the world in a whole new way and that's something worth being grateful for.

So why not appreciate the colors of the world by giving your baby a name that's color inspired. The existence of names that are colors makes this choice a little easier for you. Not sure of the options you have? We've put together a list to make the job easier for you.

For more inspiration, you can also check out our lists of names that mean red and the best purple names.

Red Names For Boys

Choose a red name for your boy.

For a fiery baby boy, choose any of these red names for boys.

1. Alroy (Gaelic origin), the name means "one with red hair".

2. Blaze (American origin), one of the colorful names meaning "orange and red fire".

3. Brick (German origin), the name means "clay red".

4. Carmine (Latin origin), this is a unisex name that means "vivid red".

5. Copper (English origin), refers to the "red brown metal". Names like this are good for boys.

6. Crimson (American origin), meaning "dark red color". A great unisex name based on a color, this can be used for baby girls too.

7. Derry (Irish origin), the name means "red".

8. Edom (Hebrew origin), one of the color baby names meaning "red".

9. Flan (Irish origin), this means "red haired".

10. Flanagan (Gaelic origin), this means "red". This is among the fiery names for babies.

11. Flannery (Irish origin), this name means "descendent of the red warrior".

12. Flynn (American origin), this is a color name that means "one with the red hair". One of the most popular names for boys.

13. Garnet (English origin), this baby name means "dark red gemstone".

14. Gough (Welsh origin), this baby name means "red".

15. Harkin (Gaelic origin), this means "red".  

16. Radcliff (English origin), the name means "red cliff".

17. Reading (English origin), one of the baby names meaning "son of the red haired one".

18. Reed (English origin), this means "red haired".

19. Roan (Irish origin), this means "little redhead".

20. Rogan (Irish origin), this means "redhead".

21. Rohit (Sanskrit origin), the name means "red".

22. Roone (Irish origin), meaning "with red hair".

23. Rori or Rory (American origin), a name meaning "red king". One of the names based on colors.

24. Rosso (Italian origin), the name means "red".

25. Roth (German origin), this means "redhead".

26. Rousseau (French origin), the name means "little redhead".

27. Roux (American origin), this is among the names for boys that means "red".

28. Rowan (Scottish, Irish origin), the name means "little red one".

29. Roy (French, Celtic origin), the name means "red haired".

30. Ruadhan (Gaelic origin), this means "red haired one".

31. Rudyard (English origin), this color name means "red enclosure".

32. Rufus (Latin origin), this means "redhead".

33. Rumen (Bulgarian origin), this means "red cheeked".

34. Rumo (Cornish origin), this baby name means "red".

35. Russell (French origin), this means "redhead" or "fox colored".

36. Rusty (American origin), a color baby name meaning "red".

37. Sorrel (French origin), this name means "reddish brown". Among the unique color baby names.

38. Titian (Italian origin), the name means "red hair".

Boy Color Names Inspired By Nature

If you're looking for a name that's inspired by the colors of nature, these are some of the best names to choose from.  

39. Adam (American origin), this nature based color name means "from the red earth".

40. Aster (Greek origin), meaning "star". This is one of the colorful names inspired by purple, red, and white aster flowers.  

41. Borage (French origin), the name of an "electric blue Mediterranean flower".  

42. Briar (American origin), this nature inspired name means "wild rose".

43. Cedar (American origin), this refers to "red and yellow turning cedar trees".

44. Clematis (English origin), a "colorful flower" in red, purple, blue, and pink.

45. Cosmos (English origin), this refers to a "cute pink flower".

46. Crocus (Latin origin), meaning "purple flower".

47. Dianthus (Green origin), refers to a "pink flower".

48. Gentian or Gentius (Albanian origin), a "purple star shaped flower" that is known to be medicinal.

49. Hyacinth (Greek origin), refers to a "pink colored flower" as well as a purple shaded gemstone.

50. Indeevar (Sanskrit origin), meaning "blue lotus".

51. Jay (Latin origin), refers to the "blue jays", known for their blue plumage.

52. Kakar (Indian origin), among the colorful names for boys meaning "grass".

53. Kamal (Indian origin), refers to a "pink colored lotus".

54. Keegan (American origin), this name means "fire", conjuring up the colors of flames.

55. Kovidar (Sanskrit origin), this is the name of a "purple orchid tree".

56. Mawar (Malay, Indonesian origin), the name means "rose".

57. Okko (Japanese origin), meaning "robin".  This bird lays eggs of a blue shade.

58. Oliver (English origin), among the color baby names that depict the "olive tree".

59. Phyllis (Greek origin), this color baby name means "foliage".

60. Porfirio (Spanish, Italian origin), the name of a "purple stone" and "purple dye". Among the colorful names for babies.

61. Roosevelt (American origin), this nature name means "one who is from the rose field".

62. Rosamel (French origin), the name means "rose and honey".

63. Sedgwick (English origin), the name means "sword grass".

64. Sigal (Hebrew origin), the name means "violet flower".

65. Slate (English origin), name of a "purple grey rock".

66. Trandafir (Romanian origin), this name means "rose".

67. Udayaraga (Indian origin), name meaning "pink color of the morning sky".

68. Valerian (Slavic origin), the name means "strength" and is also a sweet scented flower that's pink or white.

69. Vered (Hebrew origin), meaning "rose". One of the unique color baby names for boys.

70. Vinca (Czech origin), refers to a "pink colored flower".

71. Viorel (Romanian origin), meaning "sweet violet", referring to an alpine flower. It's a character name from Paulo Coelho's 'The Witch Of Portobello'.

72. Walken (Greek origin), the name means "rainbow".

73. Ward (Arabic origin), this name means "rose".

Green Boys' Names

If green is your favorite color, you can choose a name from this list for your new baby.

74. Ash (Anglo-Saxon origin), refers to the "ash tree" which springs up the color green. One of the common baby names.

75. Aspen (English origin), meaning "a green tree".

76. Basil (Greek origin), among the color baby names that refers to a "green culinary herb".

77. Berde (Filipino origin), the name means "green".

78. Celadon (French origin), a baby name that means "the color green" for your little boy.

79. Cyan (Greek origin), this baby name means "blue green".

80. Denver (English origin), this little boy name means "green valley".

81. Fern (English, German origin), meaning "the green plant".

82. Forest (Latin, French origin), the name means "deep green", just like the greenery of a forest.

83. Grun (German origin), the name means "green".

84. Hunter (Scottish origin), this represents "a shade of green", but it also means "to hunt". A tough name for a tough baby boy.  

85. Irving (Scottish origin), this baby name means "green river". Can also be used as a middle name.

86. Kale (American origin), this refers to the "green leafy vegetable".

87. Luntian (Filipino origin), among the color names for babies meaning "green landscape".

88. Moss (German origin), among the baby names meaning "green".

89. Odhran (Irish origin), the name means "pale green one".

90. Oran (Celtic origin), meaning "pale green". One of the cutest color baby names for boys.

91. Orrin (Irish origin), the name means "green".

92. Sage (French, English origin), the name refers to the "green herb", but also means "learned" or "sensible".

93. Uaithne (Irish origin), the name means "green".

94. Vardon (French origin), the name means "green knoll".

95. Zalias (Lithuanian origin), the name means "green".

96. Zold (Hungarian origin), one of the color names for boys meaning "green".

Your child deserves the best name

Baby Boy Names that Mean Purple

Want to name your son after the color purple? Pick a name from this list.

97. Ai (Japanese origin), this color name means "indigo".

98. Corcoran (Irish origin), this color name means "reddish purple".

99. Morado (Spanish origin), the name means "purple".

100. Tyrian (Phoenician origin), this is the name of a "deep violet dye". The name has been popularized by Tyrian Lannister from 'Game Of Thrones'.  

More Names With Color Meanings For Boys

Looking for the best color names for boys that aren't on the lists you've already gone through? Take your pick from this list of names.

101. Ailbhe (Irish origin), the name means "white".

102. Albus (Latin origin), the name means "white".

103. Amaranth (Greek origin), the name means "shade of pink".

104. Aoki (Japanese origin), this name means "blue tree".

105. Aouli (Hawaiian origin), refers to a "blue sky on a clear day".

106. Aravind (Indian origin), the name means "blue lotus flower".

107. Arian (Welsh origin), the name means "silver".

108. Arianrhod (Welsh origin), the name means "silver wheel".

109. Arjun (Sanskrit origin), meaning "white" or "shining".

110. Aurelius (Latin origin), this popular first name means "golden".

111. Azraq (Arabic origin), meaning "blue".

112. Bainbridge (Gaelic origin), meaning "white".

113. Bay (Latin origin), refers to the blue color of a "sea inlet".

114. Blaine (Scottish origin), the name means "yellow". One of the good baby names.

115. Blanc (French origin), the name means "white".

116. Bowie (Scottish, Irish origin), the name means "yellow" or "the fair haired one".

117. Boyd (Scottish origin), another one of the "yellow" names for boys.

118. Brown (English origin), refers to the color "brown".

119. Bruno (German origin), meaning "brown". A great first name for your baby boy, especially if you're a fan of the singer, Bruno Mars.

120. Caeso (Roman origin), the name means "blue grey".

121. Celestin (Latin origin), this name means "of the blue sky" or "heavenly".

122. Cerulean (English origin), the name means "greenish blue" or "dark blue".

123. Chandraneel (Hindi origin), the name means "precious blue gem".

124. Cielo (Italian origin), the name means "blue sky".

125. Coal (English origin), the name means "coal black".

126. Dwight (German origin), the name means "blonde".

127. Eun (Korean origin), meaning "silver".

128. Farran (English origin), the name means "iron grey".

129. Fintan (Irish origin), meaning "white fire".

130. Firuzeh (Iranian origin), translates to "turquoise" and refers to the blue green color.

131. Flavian (Greek origin), the name means "blonde" or "yellow".

132. Gavin (Celtic origin), the name means "white hawk".

133. Glaucio (Portuguese origin), the name means "bluish grey".

134. Gray (English origin), the name refers to the "color between black and white".

135. Hinto (Native American origin), the name means "blue haired".

136. Ivory (English origin), the name refers to the color "white".

137. Jalaneel (Indian origin), the name means "the sea's blue color".

138. Jet (French origin), refers to a "dark black" color, just like the gemstone.

139. Laban (Hebrew origin), meaning "white".

140. Lloyd (Welsh origin), this is among the names that mean "grey". Among the popular baby names for boys.

141. Maize (Spanish origin), the name refers to the color "yellow", much like the color of corn.

142. Manikanth (Hindi origin), meaning "blue jewel that shines brightly". One of the color blue names.

143. Marlais (Welsh origin), meaning "blue".

144. Midnight (English origin), refers to the "shade of blue".

145. Neroli (Italian origin), the name means "orange blossom".

146. Nilamegh (Indian origin), meaning "blue cloud".

147. Nilaratam (Indian origin), the name means "blue gem".

148. Onyx (Greek origin), the name means "black" like the gemstone color.

149. Shyam (Sanskrit origin), the name means "dark, black blue".

150. Sol (Hebrew, Spanish origin), the name means "sun". It could also refer to "peace".

151. Steel (German origin), the name means "blue grey" just like the color of the metal.

152. Sterling (English origin), the name means "silver" or "grey".

153. Sunny (English origin), the name means "yellow".

154. Taffy (Welsh origin), the name means "pink".

155. Tanner (English origin), the name refers to the color "brown".

156. Tawny (French origin), the name means "light brown".

157. Thanh (Vietnamese origin), meaning "bright blue" or "brilliant". A unique name for boys.

158. Topaz (Greek origin), the name means "golden yellow", like the color of the precious stone.

159. Viorel (Romanian origin), meaning "bluebell".

160. Whitcomb (English origin), the name means "one who is from the white valley".

161. Wynn (Welsh origin), the name means "white" or "blessed".

162. Yahto (Native American origin), meaning "blue".

163. Zeru (Basque origin), meaning "blue".

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for color names for boys then why not take a look at something different like these names that mean green, or these gemstone baby names.



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