40+ Best Computer Science Jokes That Will Crack Up Any Comp Sci Majors

These computer science one-liners don't need to be decoded.

Computer Science is the study of computers.

It involves a wide field of study for any programmer. This field also includes studying about software, hardware, algorithms, etc.

People nowadays are highly interested in this subject and often make it their profession as the entire world runs on computers in modern times! Here is a detailed list of some great computer jokes that might produce a light bulb moment for you.

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Tech Jokes For Computer Science Students

One doesn't need to know high tech to get these technology jokes.

This is the list of some funny computer science jokes and cheesy computer jokes that are perfect for computer science nerds.

1. Why was the new head IT official of IBM hospitalized? Because he didn't know and accidentally touched the firewall.

2. Why are the insurance and premiums of all app developers enormously high? Because they are always crashing down!

3. What do you call it when one IT professional gets surgeries on his fingers? It is called tech knuckle support!

4. Why are computers not good boxers at all? It is because their barks are always worse than their bytes!

5. What does one computer drink when it goes to a bar after a very tiring day? They like taking screen-shots!

6. Why was the new band '1023 MB' extremely sad? Because since their formation, they haven't had a gig yet!

7. To which artist's concert does one computer desperately want tickets? It obviously has to be A Dell!

8. How did the good teacher know how to teach computer programming to the inpatient boy? He taught the kid about computers bit by bit!

9. While visiting a zoo, which animal does a computer like watching the most? It definitely has to be a RAM!

10. Why was the PowerPoint presentation so desperate to cross the road? Because he badly wanted to go the other slide!

11. Why did everyone tell the new computer teacher that he was always extremely confused on Twitter? It was probably because he didn't follow!

12. Why are all the workers who work at the keyboard factory extremely rich? Because they all put in huge numbers of shifts!

13. What is the only reason why a car made by computer manufacturers doesn't last for a very long time? It is perhaps because they have hard drives!

14. Why was the amateur computer spy fired from his company? Because he couldn't hack it!

15. When a computer was seen robbing a bank, what did the eyewitness report to the police? The eye witness said, "It went data way!"

16. Why are humans known to be extremely afraid of computers? Probably, because they byte!

17. As for punishment, where naughty disk drives are sent? They are always sent to a Boot camp!

Nerdy Computer Jokes That Are Tech-nically Funny

Computer science puns are hilariously punny.

Here you'll get computer virus jokes, some jokes for programmers, and jokes about programmers that will help amp up a programmer's humor about computers.

18. Which animal is the absolute expert in navigating the internet? A spider. Because spiders know all about the web!

19. Why can you never find a single AC in the rooms or offices of a computer programmer? Because they love to open Windows all the time!

20. What did the computer do on its much-awaited vacation at the beach? It had a great time surfing the net!

21. Why was the computer scientist very upset when his computer got affected by a virus? Because it was a terminal illness!

22. What do computers do for fun and where do they go for parties? Computers love dancing, especially at disc-os!

23. What is it called when computer programmers taunt and make fun of each other on social media? It is called cyber boolean!

24. What did the computer programmer say to his professor when he was unable to submit his coding assignment? The student said, "My dog ate my assignment. However, it did take him a couple of bytes to finish it".

25. Why was the computer programmer, who was a Pokemon fanatic, very upset about his Pokemon evolving? Because he expected Char-mander to evolve into a String-mander and not Charmelion!

26. What is the sole reason as to why people who use the metric system of measurement are experts in computers and computer science? Because they are all very good pro-gram-mers!

27. What did the doctor say when a computer couple had a baby? He said that the baby was born chord-less!

28. What computer language do Spanish programmers use to make jokes for people? Ja-Ja-java script!

29. While coding, what language did the Spanish programmer use? The programmer used Si++!

30. How does a baby computer call his father? He calls his father 'Data'.

31. Why does a fly never sit on top of a laptop or a computer? Because it is terribly afraid of the World Wide Web!

32. Why do cats love sitting in front of the computer all day long? Because they don't want to let the mouse out of their sight!

33. Why did the student who wanted to cheat in the computer programming test become extremely frustrated? Because his friend didn't want to show him the answers as they were private. The student replied, "It might be private, but we belong to the same class".

34. Why was the computer teacher angry when the student cracked a lame computer joke? He did not like it one bit!

35. Why did the computer programming student panic when he entered the class? This was because the professor said, "Welcome to English 101!"

Knock Knock Computer Science Joke

Lastly, we have some knock-knock jokes that are programming jokes and some coder jokes that'll bring up your computer science humor.

36. Knock knock!

Who is it out there?


You who?

Did you say Yahoo.com?

37. Knock knock!

Who is there?


Yah, who?

No not Yahoo, Google.

38. Knock knock!

Who is out there?


USB who?

USB makes better honey.

39. Knock knock!

Who is there?


Wire who?

Wire you asking, I just told you to do the job.

40. Knock knock!

Who is there?


Sarah who?

S-ar-ah computer I can use?

41. Knock knock!

Who is there?

Hard Drive!

Hard Drive who?

I had a hard drive, could you let me in so that I can relax a little!

42. Knock knock!

Who is there?


Theresa who?

The-res-a computer for everyone.

46. Knock knock!

Who is there?


Digital who?

D-igi-tell you that Bill Gates is coming for lunch?

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