50+ Best, Cool And Romantic Lake House Names

A cool lake house name tells a lot about its owner.

Lake houses don’t just have the best hills, seas, and mountains,they are the best place to spend your summer holiday and make the most beautiful memories, with family, friends, and lovers.

Most lake homeowners sometimes wonder if it is proper to name their houses in the US, we are happy to inform you that it is more common than you think. Giving your lake house a name is such a smart move, it makes your house unique and it represents you.

You should choose a name that will leave a lasting impression and attract the best customers if you ever intend to rent out. Naming houses should depict your style and environment. That's the ideal way of naming your vacation rental. So check out these 50 best cool and romantic lake house names.

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Romantic Lake House Names

People will love your lake house even more if you opt for cute romantic lake house names.

Romantic names could symbolize your unique personality, it can even depict a story or represent your name, just something that will differentiate your property from the next especially in an environment filled with other properties. Check out these best lake house names if you are looking for names for houses.

1.  A Good Distraction: a vacation home that reminds you of a fascinating summer getaway.

2. Absolutely Shore: one of the best beach house names that symbolize the beauty and style of your lake house.

3. Almost Heaven: This will be a great name for a lodge with beautiful views full of life and luxury.

4. Array of Sunshine: You can play on this name for a home and rental resort that should suggest happiness and good cheer.

5. Bay Bliss: among the popular beach house names. You should use words like ‘Bliss’ to attract the best kind of customers.

6. Edgewater Escape: you can include your surname to this to make it more unique.

7. Emerald Shores: such names represent a unique resort that is very beautiful and colorful.

8. Fun in the Sun: it is a good name for a vacation house that’ll leave lasting memories.

9. Good Times: this is a creative name that denotes your lake house promises a fun and exciting experience.

10. Inspiration Station: a creative lake house name that acknowledges the god of creativity.

11. Lakeview Oasis: this is an ideal name for a safe serene cabin with a lovely view.

12. Lake Therapy: this name suggests a house where people can find healing and speedy recovery.

13. Laughing Waters: one of the good beach house names options for a vacation home with a beautiful aura, flourishing trees, and blue waters.

14. No Worries: names ideas for beach house names for a spacious lake house that is adequate for both family and friends.

15. Paradise Point: a good beach house name for a beach house that is the perfect place to be all year round.

16. Reel Simple: among the popular name ideas for beautiful and classic beach house names.

17. Regatta Bay: if you’re interested in name ideas that depict a lovers' hangout center, you’ll love this one. It can also be personalized to your vacation home.

18. Shades of Summer: A really cool name that communicates that there’s no better place to be during summer that this beach house.

19. Sun kissed: Families who use this name for their lake homes can make unforgettable long term memories in this beach house.

20. Wet Feet Retreat: among the popular name ideas that will definitely attract nature lovers.

Popular Lake House Names

Choosing a popular name for your lake house increases your chances of being remembered.

Choosing a distinct name is the ideal way of naming a house and making it unforgettable. Check out these cool lake house names below:

21. Adventure Awaits: among the fun cabin names that symbolize mysterious but exciting.

22. Anchors Away: this means to bring on board for a retreat.

23. Casa Blanca: a Portuguese name that represents ‘white house’.

24. Cordial Cottage: the home name is inspired by words associated with ’friendly’ and ’pleasant’.

25. Family Affair: a good name for a family home

26. Family Tides: a name that reflects a beautiful lake house with tides pool or beach.

27. Greystone Manor: a good name for a lake house with grey colors. It is also historical.

28. Hilltop Heaven: a combination of elements that depicts a giant elegant edifice.

29. Lake Escape: the idea of this name is gotten from both the ’scene’ and the idea of a vacation.

30. Moss Creek: among the popular name ideas inspired by combining two different surnames.

31. My Happy Place: among popular cabin names that represents peace and reduces your stress, like a spa.

32. On the Rocks: this is named after popular lake houses that are massive and great for a family weekend getaway.

33. Our Bit Of Heaven: a vacation house that features mountain views next to fields and birds.

34. Pura Vida: it signifies a pure and simple life.

35. Relax Inn: a beach house name for a vacation rental.

36. Sunny Retreat: among the popular cabin names for a house that reflects the beauty of the sun.

39. Sweet Retreat: a popular name for a seasonal camp home.

38. Timber Bay: among the common cabin names that describe your property as one made with the best exterior and interior finishing.

39. Villa Belisimo: an ideal home name of Italian origin. ‘Belisimo’ means "gorgeous".

40. 7th Heaven: means a state of bliss and pure happiness on a beach house.

Funny Lake House Names

A funny name that is catchy and exciting will always leave a smile and admiration on people's faces. Here are some really cool and funny lake house names you will like.

41. Barefoot Bungalow: this is a sweet cabin name that represents a medium-size family home.

42. Clair De Lune: (French origin) means ”moonlight”.

43. Flip Flop Therapy: a fun name that can serve as a moniker for your Lakehouse.

44. Hook Line and Sinker: this is a creative funny lake house name that will suit your fishing interests and activities.

45. Just Add Water: a catchy name that will reflect a house by the lake.

46.  Lazy Daze: a good name that represents relaxation and tranquility.

47. License To Chill: a funny name that means permitted to have fun.

48. Livin’ the Dream: means ’good life’ and refers to a luxurious lake house.

49. Sixteen Sandals: this name features a beach house that is peculiar and excellently designed.  

50. The Zen Den: a good name for a house located in a serene environment.

51. Wake Zone: a cool vacation rental that represents a secluded wavy area.

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