150+ Best Crocodile Names And Alligator Names

Crocodiles are semi-aquatic animals, spend half of their time on land and half in water.

Alligators and Crocodiles are two close relative reptile groups.

Crocodiles are found throughout the tropical region, whereas Alligators are natives of America and China only. They are seen as predatory and can kill human beings.

Crocodiles and Alligators belong to the Order Crocodilia. Alligators belong to the family Alligatoridae whereas Crocodiles come from the family of Crocodylidae. Crocodiles' scientific name is Crocodylus, and American Alligators are scientifically called A. mississippiensis, and Chinese ones are called A. sinesis. Deinosuchis and Sarcosichus are two prehistoric crocodile names. If you are one crocodile fan or love to name animals in the zoo, then you might want to know some crocodile names. Here are a few favorite names that you can bestow on your pet crocodile. Fun fact: even Crocodylus can turn out to be a great name for your pet.

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Male Crocodile Names

Looking for names for your Crocodile friend? Here are some names for a male Crocodile. These names range from funny to serious and can be great for your Croc pet.

1. Ali

2. Allie

3. Bodie

4. Cranky

5. Crocky

6. Chomp

7. Gus

8. Jaws

9. Jojo

10. Moby

11. Ozzie

12. Ra

13. Saul

14. Scout

15. Scully

16. Swampy

17. Tank

18. Tucker

19. Toothless

Female Crocodile Names

A female crocodile is called a cow. Here are some names for your female crocodile. These names can really sit well with your pet.

20. Cinnie

21. Deidre

22. Fiacra

23. Gilda

24. Ginessa

25. Greta

26. Hermia

27. Holly

28. Lola

29. Nola

30. Selma

31. Ula

Unisex Cool Croc Names

Looking for some cool names for your favorite crocodile friend? Here are some unisex names. These names can be given to crocodiles of any gender.

32. Clutch

33. Comodo

34. Creature

35. Cruise control

36. Dundee

37. Evil eye

38. Ely

39. Flash

40. Glub Glub

41. Green Scum

44. Igor

45. Leo

46. Ripples

47. Splash

48. Swamp Thing

49. Twitch

50. Velcro

Baby Crocodile Names Inspired By Animated Crocodiles

We have combined your love for cartoons and crocodiles together with this list of names. Here are some animated crocodile characters inspired names.

51. Al (M) from 'Miami Guns'.

52. Aldo (M) from 'Sticking Ducks'.

53. Alfy Gator (M) from 'Yakky Doodle'.

54. Alligator Master (M) from 'World Destruction: Sekai Bokumetsu no Rokunin'.

55. Alx Gator (M) from 'Taz- Mania'.

56. Ben Ali Gator (M) from 'Fantasia'.

57. Bog (M) from 'The Outback'.

58. Brutus (M) from 'The Rescuers'.

59. Bull Gator (M) from 'Taz - Mania'.

60. Carmine (M) from 'The Wild'.

61. Catchum Crocodile (M) from 'The Get Along Gang'.

62. Christopher (M) from 'Christopher Crocodile'.

63. Crocco (M) from 'Re-Animated'.

64. Crocodile Gentleman (M) from 'Witch Craft Works'

65.Crocubot (M) from 'Rick and Morty'.

66. Derick (M) from 'The Secret Life of Pets'.

67. Dil (M)from 'The Land Before Time IV'.

68. Floyd (M) from 'Kissyfur'.

69. Francisco (M) from'T.U.F.F Puppy'.

70. Gabby Gator (M) from 'Woody Woodpecker'.

71. Great Fusilli (M) from 'Courage the Cowardly Dog'.

72. Gretchen (M) from 'Camp Lazlo'.

73. Gummy (M/F) from 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'.

74. Jolene (F) from 'Kiassyfur'.

75. Kevin (M) from '64 zoo lane'.

76. Kiburi (M) from 'The Lion Gaurd'.

77. King Gator (M) from 'All Dogs Go To Heaven'.

78. Louis (M) from 'The Princess and the Frog'.

79. Makuu (M) from 'The Lion Gaurd'.

80. Mama Croc (F) from 'Brandy and Mr Whisker'.

81. Master Croc (M) from 'Kung Fu Panda 2'.

82. Nero (M) from 'The Rescuers'.

83. Roger (M) from 'The Penguins of Madagascar'.

84. Shiro (M) from 'Love Hina'.

85. Shirol (M) from 'The Adventures of Binky Bill'.

86. Snappy (M) from 'Die Sendung mit der Maus'.

87. Stan (M) from 'The Wild'.

88. Steven (M) from '101: Dalmatians'.

89. Tick-Tock (M) from 'Peter Pan' film.

90. Wally (M) from 'Wally Gator'.

Alligator Names For Males

Alligators can be great pets if you are brave enough.

Do you own an alligator and looking for some amazing names? Check out this list of male alligator names.

91. Clive

92. Corvus

93. Fisher

94. Matrix

95. Mojo

96. Rocky

97. Snoop

98. Stirling

99. Tixie

100. Zeppo

Alligator Names For Females

Looking for feminine names for your female alligator? Here is a list of names to choose from.

101. Beefy

102. Earthy

103. Hydra

104. Kobe

105. Neo

106. Plum

107. Seismo

108. Speedy

109. Wiggles

Baby Alligator Names Inspired By Video Games

Baby alligators are called hatchlings. Here are some names inspired by your love for gaming.

110. Bratty (F) from 'Undertale'.

111. Beatrice (F) from 'Nights in the Woods'.

112. Dr Wani (M) from 'Frogger: Helmet Chaos'.

113. King Croc (M) from 'Wild Animal Sports Day'.

114. King K. Rool (M) from 'Donkey Kong Country'.

115. Mr Vile (M) from 'Banjo- Kazooie'.

116. Latch (M) from 'Lethal League'.

117. Mz Ruby (F) from 'Sly Cooper'.

118. Renekton (M) from 'League of Legends'.

119. Rosie (F) from 'Maneater'.

120. Tuba Croc (M) from 'Tuba Croc'.

121. Vector (M) from 'Knuckles' Chaotix'.

Unisex Pet Alligator Name

Here are some names for your beloved pet Alligators.

122. Crush/Chrusher

123. Draco

124. Dragonbait

125. Godzilla

126. Jabberwock

127. Kimono

128. Monstro

129. Mushu

130. Reptar

131. Rhaegal

132. Xerxes

Funny Alligator Names

Funny names can be the right option while naming your alligator; here are some funny names.

132. Beastie Boy (M)

133. Chewy (F)

134. Gummy (F)

135. Mean Machine (M)

136. Mr Choms (M)

137. Mr Dentist (M)

138. Pickle (M/F)

139. Scales (M)

140. Scaly (F)

141. Slither (M/F)

142. Snappy Handbag (F)

143. Zinger (M)

144. Zooter (M)

The size of a baby alligator is less than one foot at the time of birth.

Fictional Famous Alligators Names

Alligators have been part of many stories and folklore; here are some famous fictional alligator characters.

145. Allegory (F) from 'The Rivals'.

146. Gena (F) from 'Cheburashka'.

147. Gharial (F) from 'Indian folklore'.

148. Great Grey-Green (M) from 'Just So Stories'.

149. Eponymous (M) from 'The Enormous Crocodile'

150. Lyle (M) from 'Lyle The Crocodile Series'.

151. Sang Buaya (M) from 'Eastern Timor folklore'.

152. Sobek (M) from 'Ancient Egyptian folklore'.

153. Solomon (M) from 'Solomon Crocodile'.

Good Crocodile Names From Comics

If you love reading comic strips, here are some names you must consider for your crocodile.

154. Alabaster Alligator (M) from 'Pogo' comic strip.

155. Albert Alligator (M) from 'Pogo' comic strip.

156. Archie Alligator (M) from 'Jungle Jinks'.

157. Crocodylus (M) from 'Pinky'.

158. Killer Croc (M) from 'Batman'.

159. Leatherhead (M) from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'.

160. Soundwave (M) from 'Beast Wars'.

161. Zeeba Zeeba Eta (M) from 'Pearls Before Swine'.

Crocodiles Names Inspired By Species

There are 13 species of crocodiles, here are some species inspired names.

162. Acute from C. acutus/American crocodiles.

163. Intercom from C. intermedius.

164. John from C. johnstoni.

165. Mindcontroller from C. mindornesis.

166. Moral from C. moreletii.

167. Nicker from C. niloticus /Nile crocodile.

168. Nova from C. novaeguineae.

169. Paul/Polly from C. palustris.

170. Porosus from C. porosus/ saltwater crocodiles.

171. Rombie from C. rombifer/ Cuban crocodiles.

172. School kid from C. schegelii.

173. Catcher from M. cataphractus /African slender-snouted crocodiles.

174. Teracotta warrior from O. tetraspis/African Dwarf Crocodile.

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