40 Best Crossbow And Bow Names

A bow and arrow is a legendary weapon

The character of a bow is defined by many factors like the type of the bow, its model and manufacturer, and its use.

There are three types of bows, and each one has a different use.  In addition to the crossbow, there are recurve bows, compound bows, and the longbow.

These weapons all have varied bow parts as well as various types of arrows.  A cool weapon as such demands an even cooler name!  The differences in crafting and use of the bow as well as the various parts of a bow influence what names they are called. We have curated a list of 40 names and have categorized them according to their origins to help you learn more about the perfect bow and arrow names.

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Minecraft Bow Names

The bows in Minecraft were given a wide range of names influenced by many things. Here are a few of them.

1 . Arch Angel which means "angel of a higher rank".

2 . Backsnipe is also attributed to "someone skilled at sniping".

3 . Dawnbreaker is a popular name that derives from the DC universe where Dawnbreaker is an evil version of the famous Bat himself. He first appears in Earth 32 comic.

4 . Sharpshooter is someone who is "highly proficient at firing firearms "or other projectile weapons accurately.

5 . Whisperwind meaning "to speak secretly or furtively".

The above five suggestions date from all across the Minecraft timeline and have been a major part of the game. Another method of naming is after enchantments like the names that follow.

6 . Head of the Orca is an enchantment for respiration and affinity of water symbolizes "cameraderie".

7 . Pealfinder is an enchantment for fortune which means "sound finder". A good name for arrows if not used as a bow name.

8 . Seamsplitter is an enchantment for efficiency indicating "strength".

9 . Turteshell is an enchantment for protection means "defence".

10 . Vorpal Flame is an enchantment for fire and damage which means an "engulfing fire".

Fantasy Bow Names

Whether or not you are using the most powerful bow, the King Cobra XR that is manufactured by APA Archery, a bow named after a mythological one adds a mythical aura to a powerful weapon. Here are some legendary bow names named after Greek and Hindu gods' weapons.

11 . Apollo ( Greek mythology origin) meaning  "crafted from the sun"s rays".

12 . Artemis (Greek mythology origin) meaning "crafted from moonlight and silver wood".

13 . Eros (Greek mythology origin) meaning "gives rise to feelings of love or hate to the person strung with an arrow".

14 . Eurytus (Greek mythology origin)  It was wielded by Odysseus to kill his wife Penelope"s, suitors.

15 . Gandiva (Hindu mythology origin)  Belonged to the Hindu god Arjuna in Mahabharata and crafted by the god Brahma.

16 . Heracles (Greek mythology origin) meaning it was "made great by being dipped in Lernaean Hydra's blood".

17 . Kodandam (Hindu mythology origin) Belonged to the Hindu god Rama.

18 . Pinaka (Hindu mythology origin) Belonged to the Hindu god Shiva, and its arrows could not be obstructed.

19 . Sharanga (Hindu mythology origin) Belonged to the Hindu god Vishnu.

20 . Vijaya (Hindu mythology origin) Belonged to the Hindu god Parashurama.

Famous Bow Names

There are many amazing bows that feature in myth and legend

There have been innumerable famous bows across legends, folklore, and popular culture. Many people have named their weapons after them.

21 . Arash (Persian mythology origin) It was wielded by Arash to sacrifice himself to create a border between Persia and Tooran.

22 . Belthronding belonged to Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

23 . Houyi is the  God of Archery in Chinese mythology.

24 . Tristan is an Arthurian legend weapon that never missed the mark.

25 . Valkyrie (Norse Mythology origin) name given to each of Odin's twelve handmaids who conducted the slain warriors of their choice from the battlefield to Valhalla.

Cool Bow Names

Using names from foreign languages is an opportunity to understand the history and importance of archery in another culture as well as read about their mythology and folklore. You can also use legends and stories that date back centuries to make some fun with the process or look up what attributes of your bow are called in other languages. Once again, extracting from other languages has its advantages in addition to being enjoyable. Whether it is a new one, your first, or you are looking to have parts of the bow named, here are some cool names that are in use extensively.

26 . Arc (Romanian origin) means "bow".

27 . Arcum (Latin origin) means "bow".

28 . Brankan (Basque origin) means "bow".

29 . Busur (Indonesian origin) means "bow".

30 . Dhanush (Hindi origin) means "bow".

31 . Hark (Albanian origin) means "bow".

32 . Rosett (Swedish origin) means "bow".

33 . Upinde (Swahili origin) means "bow".

34 . Yanhani (Arabic origin) means "bow".

35 . Amazon is a little tribute to the fierce women of the rainforest.

36 . King Harold is the hero of the Battle of Hastings.

37 . Law is a medieval English law that all men must be skilled in archery.

38 . Robin Hood is the most beloved outlaw of English folklore as well as popular culture.

39 . Używany is the Polish word for "used" if you inherited yours and it is a little out of date.

40 . Yeni is the Turkish word for "new" if you are still learning to wield the weapon.

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