60+ Best Crow And Raven Names With Meanings

Take a look at the unique names for your baby that mean raven and names that mean crow.

As soon as your little one arrives you want to help them get every happiness in life and every comfort that life has to offer.

You start by giving them a name. Sometimes parents choose a meaningful name even before their child is born, but as soon as they hear a more beautiful and unique name, they regret it.  

And to prevent you from making the same mistakes, we are presenting a list of 60+ beautiful names that means raven A name that is filled with respect and success as your child spreads their wings. Bird names have become quite popular recently. They are as trendy as they are sweet-sounding. There are various raven names in mythology that are famous, and the raven was the first animal that Noah took on the ark. So, choose a catchy name that will stick with people and they remember it forever. Let us help you in picking a beautiful name for your child inspired by crows and ravens.  

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Boys Names That Mean Crow And Raven  

Choose from unique baby names that mean crow  and raven related names for your child.

The name you are given is associated with you for your entire life. So, why not select a raven symbolism name for your baby boy. These names may be old, but as still so meaningful.

1. Bartram (Scandinavian origin) meaning "bright raven".

2. Beltran (Spanish origin) means "bright raven".

3. Bertram (German origin) means "bright, famous raven".

4. Bertrand (German origin) meaning "bright raven". Bertrand was a quite popular name meaning raven a century ago.

5. Brainard (English origin) means "courageous raven".

6. Bram (Scottish origin) meaning "raven". A perfect baby names meaning raven for your child.

7. Bramwell (English origin) means "raven well".  

8. Bran (Welsh origin) means "raven". In Welsh mythology, Bran the Blessed was the son of the god Llyr, who was also called the Raven God.

9. Branley (English origin) meaning "raven meadow".  

10. Brannon (English origin) means "raven".  Famous name bearer American producer Brannon Braga.

11. Corbett  (French origin) meaning "young crow".

12. Corbin (English origin) means "crow".

13. Corbinian (Latin origin) means "crow, raven".

14. Cormac (Irish origin) means "raven" or "wheel" and mac "son".

15. Corvin (Latin origin) meaning "raven".  

16. Crawford (English origin) means "ford of the crows".

17. Draven (Scottish origin) means "to drive".  Famous name bearer: Eric Draven, a fictional character from the movie 'The Crow'.

18.Fay (Irish origin) means "raven".

19. Fechin (Irish origin) means "raven".

20. Fiachra (German origin) meaning "hunt" or "raven".

21. Ingram (Scandinavian origin) means "raven of peace; raven of Anglia".  In Old Norse mythology,  two ravens named Huginn and Muninn were the messenger of Odin.

22. Korbin (Latin origin) meaning "raven-haired".

23. Ronne (German origin) means "raven".

24. Rambert (German origin) means "raven" and "bright". It can be used as a last name as well. Famous name bearer dancer Marie Rambert.

25. Wolfram (German origin) meaning "wolf" combined with hraban meaning "raven". A first of its kind and unique name for your boy.

Girls Names That Means Crow And Raven  

Girl baby names meaning darkness doesn't mean they are bad, it means strong and unique.

The name that a parent gives their kid also defines their character and qualities. The names that they choose help their girls to conveys what she means and how the world is supposed to accept her. We hope that one of these mind-blowing names will stick out for your little girl.

26. Ava (Latin origin) meaning "bird". Famous name bearer: actress Ava Michelle.  

27. Birdie (English origin) means "bird genus".  Also the name of American professional wrestler Daniel Bryan's daughter.

28. Brangwen (Welsh origin) means "fair raven".

29. Brangwy (Welsh origin) meaning "fair raven".

30. Branwen (Welsh origin) bra means "raven" and Gwen "fair", hence "fair raven".

31. Branwenn (Welsh origin) meaning "fair raven".

32. Byrd (American origin) means "Bird". A perfect English hræfn name for your beautiful daughter.

33. Gannet (German origin) means "goose". Who said dark names for girls have to be boring, this is a perfect and unique name for your little bird.  

34. Gull (Celtic origin) means "seagull".  Though it is not a raven name it is bird-related names for your baby.

35. Gwylan (Welsh origin) means "seagull".

36. Jaee (English origin) means "raven".    

37. Mavis (English origin) means "song thrush". Derived from the word ‘mauvix.’ Famous name bearer: Gospel singer Mavis Staples.

38. Merla (Old English origin) means "blackbird".

39. Merle (French origin) means "blackbird".

40. Merletta (Old English origin) means  "blackbird".

41. Nesta (American origin) means "nests made by the birds".

42. Ravenna (Italian origin) means  "raven the bird". Also written as Raveena, a famous Bollywood actress.

43. Robyn (German origin) means "bright fame". Such names that mean raven are very popular among parents around the world.

44. Sparrow (American origin) means "a bird". Name made famous by the fictional character Jack Sparrow from the "Pirates of The Caribbean" franchise.

45. Shahaf (Hebrew origin) means "seagull".

46. Swift (Greek origin) means "footless". It is also the surname of singer Taylor Swift.

47. Tori (Latin origin) means "bird".

48. Usoa (American origin) means "dove".

49. Zippora (Hebrew origin) means "bird".

Gender Neutral Crow And Raven Names  

As guardians, it's an obligation for us to choose appropriate, in fashion, unique, and lovely names for a baby irrespective of their gender or how they associate themselves.

50. Alex (Greek origin) means “defending men”.

51. Demi (Greek origin) means “half”.  Famous name bearer actress Demi Moore.

52. Gertie (German origin) means “strong spear”.

53. Manu (Polynesian origin) means "bird of the night". In Sanskrit, the name means "man".

54. Meg (Welsh origin) means “pearl”. Famous name bearer: actress Meg Ryan.

55. Raven (Old Norse and Old English origin) means "raven bird." It is one of the most popular unisex names nowadays through fictional books and TV series 'The 100'.

Pet Raven Names With Meanings

When talking about dark girl names and crow related names why should we leave out cute pet names? Below we have compiled a list of unique pet names for your raven or crows:

56. Bobo (French origin) means “stammering”.

57. Chantey (Latin origin) means “song with a boisterous chorus”.

58. Chive (French origin) means "onion”.

59. Couscous (Latin origin) means "rounded".

60. Houdini (Hungarian origin) means "escape artist or other ingenious people". Famous name bearer: American-Hungarian illusionist Harry Houdini. One of the great crow names.

61. Hula (Hawaiian origin) means “gourd”.

62. Jinzo (Japanese origin) means "people".

63. Konga (English origin) means "search".

64. Roo (Old English origin) means  "lover of life".

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