100 Best Cute And Funny Bird Names For Birds

Birds are vertebrates with features and wings

It is believed that there are around 10,000 types of birds around the globe.

Each pet bird has its own character, qualities, and attributes. These fun and special attributes can be showcased by choosing a great pet bird name.

The name you choose for your pet winged animal can mirror its special characteristics (both its appearance and its personality) and therefore it is important to choose the right one.  If you are searching for the best ideas of what to call your new pet, this list of bird names is a good place to begin, with a wide range of ideas from cute bird names to funny bird names and names from TV and film.

If you are looking for more bird names then you can also check out these parrot pet names and these hawk names for more ideas.

Cute Bird Names

A cute bird name is a great option for your pet bird.

It shouldn't be a major test to find a cute name for your bird, especially if your feathered friend is truly adorable! To help you out, we've arranged a list of charming ideas for adorable bird names that your pet will love. If you are looking for a cute bird's name this is a list for you.

1. Alejandro, a cute bird name for blackbird.

2. Alfred, you could name your bird after the recognized steward from 'Batman'.

3. Armageddon, you could give your feathered creature an exceptionally savage name like this.

4. Barney, you can name any purple winged animal after this TV dinosaur character.

5. Batman, you should go with a superhuman name for your fledgling.

6. Beaker, a bird name for a bird with a small beak.

7. Beakman, a top pet bird name for a bird with colorful wings.

8. Beefcake, a catchy name for a brownish bird.

9. Big Bill, great for a duck, in view of their bill, yet this is a solid name for any winged animal.

10. Big Bird, a great green bird name.

11. Billy, a cute bird name for a pink bird.

12. Birdbrain, a top pet bird name for a red-winged bird.

13. Blackbeard, pirate names like this are incredible for sparrows.

14. Blue, you could name your fledgling after the blue macaw from the film 'Rio'.

15. Bobo, a perfect name for a cute pet bird.

16. Booboo, a perfect pet bird name for a family to choose.

17. Buddy, for a bird with sharp claws.

18. Calico, a famous pirate bird with golden wings.

19. Casper, one of the good bird names that will suit almost any type of bird.

20. Casanova, perfect for a cute bird name.

21. Chip, a perfect name for a baby bird.

22. Claws, for a bird with sharp claws.

23. Crackerjack, a fun name for a pet bird.

24. Crackers, this new pet bird name can be for any type of bird.

25. Daffy, why not name your pet bird after the famous cartoon show 'Donald Duck'.

Bird Names For Parrots

A perfect name for a parrot should be unique

Parrots make astounding pets, and as a bonus, they are amusing to name. Kiwi, Baby, Tweety, Coco, Sunny, and Buddy are all good birds' names that might suit a pet parrot. Your search for the perfect parrot name ends here, with our list of plenty of great names for a family pet bird!

26. Don Juan, a name after a famous lover of bird creatures.

27. Donald, one of the funniest bird names after a famous cartoon character.

28. Donatello, a popular name for parrot after a famous ninja technique.

29. Drake, this popular name suits any kind of bird.

30. Duke, stop the search for cool bird names! This one ticks all the boxes.

31. Dusty, a perfect name for a brown-colored bird.

32. Einstein, you can name your bird after a great scientist.

33. Elvis, a good name for a bird with a red beak.

34. Foghorn Leghorn, you can name your bird after this famous cartoon rooster.

35. Goblin, one of the fun names for birds with golden wings.

36. Godzilla, why not pick parrot names inspired by this famous scary movie character?

37. Gumby, gone of the good names for a bird with a sharp beak.

38. Gustavo, a perfect Latin name for a parrot.

39. Handsome, a cool bird name for an intelligent parrot.

40. Hook, a perfect parrot name for birds with sharp claws.

41. Hootie, a name for a baby bird who makes lots of noise.

42. Howard, a top pet bird name for a parrot with colorful wings.

43. Iago, one of the new bird names after a famous Disney character.

44. Jack Sparrow, a perfect tweety name for a parrot.

45. James Bond, a pet bird name for a cool parrot family member.

46. John Legend, a pet parrot name after the famous legendary singer.

47. Joker, a cute parrot name for a red parrot.

48. Jolly Roger, a perfect name for a happy parrot bird.

49. Jose, a fun bird name from South America

50. King, a royal name perfect for a tweety parrot.

Funny Bird Names Inspired By Music

From amusing names to musical names, there is an entertaining name for each bird in the sky, and those on the ground as well. We have put together a list of funny pun bird names inspired by music for you to help your search for the perfect pet name.

51.  Aida, a bird name inspired by local music.

52.  Allegra, a new bird name inspired by music that means "joy".

53. Aria, beautiful name for birds inspired by music.

54.  Cadence, the name of a bird that is related to a musical phrase.

55.  Caprice, a name inspired by a piece of music.

56.  Carol, a bird name inspired by a popular hymn that is sung mostly during Christmas.

57.  Caroline, a bird name inspired by a musical concert.

58.  Celeste, a perfect bird name inspired by a heavenly sounding musical instrument.

59.  Demi, a bird name inspired by Italian music.

60.  Diva, a bird's name inspired by famous female singers. We like this name for dramatic birds with their own diva tendencies.

61.  Dorian, a beautiful bird's name after musical mode that is very similar to the modern natural minor scale.

62.  Fife, a bird name related to German music.

63.  Harmony, a perfect bird name related to a melody.

64. Jazz, a famous name of a genre of music.

65.  Lydian, a musical bird name related to the musical node.

66.  Lyre, a cute bird name inspired by a musical instrument used in ancient times.

67.  Melisma, a bird name inspired by several notes sung on one syllable.

68. Melody, a perfect bird name inspired by music.

69.  Octave, a bird name related to a series of eight notes in music. Octavia is a great feminine alternative to this name.

70.  Piper, a birds' name inspired by a musical instrument pipe.

71.  Rhapsody, a name inspired by the famous Queen song, 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

72.  Sonatina, a name related to short sonata or instrumental work.

73. Soprano, a musical name inspired by classical music.

74.  Viola, a bird name after an orchestral stringed musical instrument. This is a great name for a grey pet bird.

75.  Walton, a bird name inspired by a famous music composer.

Funny Bird Names Inspired By Movies And TV

Stop the search for a modern and cool bird name here! Fans of the world of film and TV will love these popular culture bird name ideas!

76. Araucana, a bird name that you can choose from the world of Walt Disney.

77. Chanticleer, a perfect pet bird name from the series 'Rock A Doodle'.

78. Chicken, a cute bird rooster name after the famous 'Chicken And Chicks' series.

79. Chicken Boo, a top bird name from the series 'Animaniacs'.

80. Clara Cluck, another great Disney inspired bird name.

81. Dab, a good bird name from'Ice Age'.

82.  Foghorn Leghorn, a top bird name after a cartoon series.

83.  Gandy Goose, a fun bird name after the character of goose in 'Carrying Goose'.

84. Gus Goose, a famous bird name that you can choose, inspired by the famous goose character from the 'Donald Duck' series.

85.  Homer Pigeon, a cute bird name for a pigeon after a character from 'Walter Lantz'.

86.  Leafie, a perfect bird cute name from a popular cartoon series.

87.  Little Beeper, a pet bird name that you find in the 'Tiny Toon' series.

88. Lord Shen, a cute pet bird name that you can choose from the film 'Kung Fu Panda 2'.

89.  Master Crane, a perfect name from the film 'Kung Fu Panda'.

90.  Mr. Ping, a perfect green bird name that you can choose from the film 'Kung Fu Panda'.

91.  Panchito Pistoles, cute bird names for red birds from 'The Three Caballeros'.

92.  Peep, a cute name from 'Peep And The Big Wide World'.

93.  Princess Odette, a cute name from a famous cartoon series.

94. Scuttle, a bird name inspired by 'The Little Mermaid'.

95.  Shirley McLoon, a cute name idea from 'Tiny Toons'.

96.  Super Chicken, another good bird name from a cartoon series.

97.  The Goodfeathers, a famous pet bird name that you can find in 'Animaniacs'.

98.  The Road Runner, a popular bird name after a famous cartoon character.

99.  Yankee Doodle, a famous cartoon pigeon name.

100.  Zazu, a cute bird name from 'The Lion King'. This is a great name idea for a girl bird.

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