104 Best Cute Cat Names From Movies And TV

Movies about cats can provide great name inspiration.

Cats are one of the most common pets around the world.

Archaeologists have found out that the oldest known pet cat existed 9500 years ago. The cat even had a grave!

Cats and films have gone hand in hand for centuries. The feline creatures have ranged from timid animals portrayed as the protagonist's pet to ferocious rivals caught in their own feuds in the animal kingdom. There have been many movies entirely revolving around cats and their interesting lives that these animals lead. Walt Disney has provided us with enough feline characters and cat names to last for a lifetime. Who can ever forget Mochi from 'Big Hero 6'?  Or Simba from 'The Lion King'?

We all love these cat characters and cats movies because we have grown up with these characters, meaning that, for many of us, they have become a part of our childhood. Therefore, when we adopt a cat as a pet, it is no wonder that our mind wanders back to those good old days when we used to watch these cat characters on TV. Let us take a trip down memory lane and see how many of these cat names you are able to recollect from your childhood.

This is a list of 104 best cute cat names from movies or television shows. The list includes the origins of these names and also the name of the movie or TV show that the cat name is from. There are good cat names here for your male or female cat; if you like these, take a look at these nerdy cat names and these tabby cat names too.

Great Cat Names From Movies

There are so many movies with cats that people love. Here is a list of cute cat names from a range of movies including the famous 'Harry Potter' series.

Take inspiration from the movies when choosing a cat name.

1. Azzie (Latin Origin) meaning "unique" from 'Doctor Sleep.'

2. Baby (English Origin) meaning "infant" from 'Bringing up Baby.'

3. Binx (English Origin) meaning "gift of God" from 'Hocus Pocus'. If you are a 'Hocus Pocus' fan, this name is a good choice.

4. Bob (English Origin) meaning "strong at heart" from 'A Streetcat Named Bob.'

5. Buttercup (English Origin) meaning "flower" from 'The Hunger Games.'

6. Duchess (French Origin) meaning "tough and royal" from 'Baby.'

7. Floyd (Welsh Origin) meaning "ray or hollow" from 'Ghost.'

8. Fred (English Origin) meaning "calm or peaceful ruler" from 'Gifted.'

9. Frtiz (German Origin) from 'Fritz The Cat.'

10. Garfield (English Origin) meaning "battlefield" from 'Garfield.'

11. Goose (English Origin) from 'Captain Marvel.'

12. Jersey (English Origin) meaning "farm" from 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?'

13. Jiji (Japanese Origin) from 'Kiki's Delivery Service.'

14. Jonesy (English Origin) from 'Alien.'

15. Kitten (English Origin) meaning "cat" from 'Keanu.'

16. Lucifer (Latin Origin) meaning "morning star" from 'Cinderella.'

17. Marty (Roman Origin) meaning "Roman God of war" from 'Elle.'

18. Meowthra (English Origin) meaning "sound of a cat" from 'The Lego NINJAGO Movie.'

19. Milo (Greek Origin) meaning "twist, curl or spin" from 'The Adventures Of Milo And Otis.'

20. Mrs. Norris (English Origin) meaning "nurse" from 'Harry Potter'. Mrs. Norris is a perfect name for your cat if you love 'Harry Potter'.

21. Rhubarb (Arabic Origin) from 'Rhubarb.'

22. Richard Parker (English Origin) meaning "ruler" from 'Life Of Pi.'

23. Snowbell (English Origin) from 'Stuart Little.'

24. Tao (Chinese Origin) meaning "spear" from 'The Incredible Journey.'

25. Mr. Tinkles (English Origin) from 'Cats And Dogs.'

26. Tonto (Spanish Origin) meaning "devotion" from 'Harry And Tonto.'

27. Ulysses (Greek Origin) meaning "wrathful" from 'Inside Llewyn Davis.'

28. Winkie (English Origin) this kitty name is from 'Escape To Witch Mountain.'

Cat Names From Disney Movies

Disney movies provide many interesting kitty characters and cat names. The names of these characters, ranging from Shere Khan to Tigger, could make the perfect name for your new kitten.

29. Bhageera (Indian Origin) this cat name means "tiger like" from 'The Jungle Book.'

30. Cagney (Irish Origin) meaning "descendent of advocate" from 'Gargoyles.'

31. Chernabog (Slavic Origin) from 'Fantasia.'

32. Figaro (French Origin) meaning "barber" from 'Pinocchio.'

33. Flower (English Origin) meaning "flower" from 'Bambi.'

34. Haru (Japanese Origin) meaning "spring" from 'The Cat Returns.'

35. Iggy (English Origin) meaning ''only son'' from 'Doc McStuffins.'

36. Jafar (Arabic Origin) meaning "holy water" from 'Aladdin.'

37. Kismet (Arabic Origin) this kitty name means "fate or destiny" from 'Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers.'

38. Lampwick (Nepali Origin) from 'Pinocchio.'

39. Maleficent (Arabic Origin) meaning "magnificent beauty" from 'Sleeping Beauty.'

40. Mochi (Japanese Origin) meaning "soft" from 'Big Hero 6.'

41. Rajah (Indian Origin) meaning "King" from 'Aladdin.'

42. Scar (English Origin) meaning "a mark" from 'The Lion King.'

43. Shere Khan (Indian Origin) meaning "tiger" from 'The Jungle Book'. Shere Khan is a great name for your cat if you love 'The Jungle Book'.

44. Spunky (English Origin) meaning "rave and confidence" from 'Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers.

45. Tigger (English Origin) from 'The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh.'

46. Ubusti (Greek Origin) from 'Treasure Buddies.'

Names For Female Cats From The Movies

Listed below are some cute female kitten names for your favorite pet.

47. Amelia (English Origin) meaning "hope" from 'Treasure Planet.'

48. Debuttante (French Origin) from 'Kim Possible.'

49. Dinah (Hebrew Origin) meaning "judged" from 'Aladdin.'

50. Felicia (English Origin) this kitty name means "happiness" from 'The Mouse Detective.'

51. Lycybelle (English Origin) from 'The Cat From Outer Space.'

52. Mittens (English Origin) from 'Bolt.'

53. Nala (Swahili Origin) meaning "gift" from 'The Lion King.'

54. Tallulah (English Origin) meaning "waterfall" from 'Teacher's Pet.'

55. Zelda (German Origin) meaning "grey fighting maid" from 'The Fox And The Hound 2.' One of the best grey cat names from movies.

Names For Male Cats From The Movies

Listed below are some cute male kitten names for your favorite pet.

Many great male cat names can be found in movies and TV shows.

56. Ambrose (Greek Origin) meaning "immortal" from 'The Robber Kitten.'

57. Ivan (Russian Origin) meaning "God is gracious" from 'Peter And The Wolf.'

58. Milton (English Origin) meaning "settlement or town" from 'Plutopia.'

59. Oliver (Swedish Origin) meaning "peaceful and calm" from 'Oliver And Company.'

60. Pete (English Origin) from 'A Goofy Movie.'

60. Rufus (Scottish Origin) meaning "a golden heart" from 'The Rescuers.'

61. Simba (Swahili Origin) meaning "lion" from 'The Lion King.'

62. Sultan (Arabic Origin) meaning "ruler or king" from 'Beauty And The Beast.'

Cat Names From Television Shows

Television shows have had lots of protagonists who have had pets as a part of the show. We also have some famous television shows that have cats as main characters, what better example can there be than Tom from 'Tom And Jerry'? Here is a list of cat names from television shows for you to choose from.

63. Abigail (Hebrew Origin) meaning "her father's joy" from 'iCarly.'

64. Angie (English Origin) meaning "messenger or angel" from 'The Friendly Giant.'

65. Bagpuss (English origin) from 'Bagpuss.'

66. Benjamin (Hebrew Origin) meaning "right hand of God' from 'Impractical Jokers.'

67. Blik (English Origin) from 'Catscratch.'

68. Charley (German Origin) meaning "free men" from 'Marmaduke.'

69. Daniel (Hebrew Origin) meaning "God is my judge" from 'Mr. Rogers' Neighbourhood.'

70. Fiddle (English Origin) from 'The Friendly Giant.'

71. Groucha (English Origin) from 'Telecat.'

72. Heathcliff (English Origin) from 'Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats.'

73. Kitty (English Origin) meaning "kitten" from 'The Closer.'

74. Muffy (English Origin) from 'Shipping Wars.'

75. Ray (English Origin) meaning "beam of light" from 'Fargo.'

76. Salem (Arabic Origin) meaning "safe or unscathed" from 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch.'

77. Scratchy (English Origin) from 'The Simpsons.'

78. Sylvester (English Origin) from 'Loony Tunes.'

79. Tom (English Origin) meaning "integrity" from 'Tom And Jerry.'

80. Toonces (English Origin) from 'Saturday Night Live.'

Cat Names In Animation Movies And TV Shows

Here are a few cat names from famous animation movies and TV shows. You might recognize some of these names, after all, they have been a part of our childhood.

81. Azrael (Hebrew Origin) from 'The Smurfs.'

82. Banjo (African Origin) meaning "pride" from 'Banjo The Woodpile Cat.'

83. Beans (English Origin) meaning "a vegetable" from 'Merrie Melodies.'

84. Beerus (Japanese Origin) meaning "God of destruction" from 'Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods.'

85. Beverly (English Origin) meaning "from the meadow" from 'Where's Huddles?'

86. Boo (English Origin) from 'Funky Phantom.'

87. Branya (Japanese Origin) meaning "the gift of God" from 'The Cosmic Assists And Assistants.'

88. Cali (English Origin) meaning "most beautiful" from 'PAN Patrol.'

89. Carla (Spanish Origin) meaning "strong willed and free women" from 'Fairy Tail.'

90. Chi (Chinese Origin) meaning "relax" from 'Chi's Sweet Home'. A cat named Chi will be perfect for your home.

91. Danny (English Origin) meaning "judged by God" from 'Cats Don't Dance.'

92. Diana (Latin Origin) meaning "luminous like the moon warrior" from 'Jewelpet' is a great name for your female cat.

93. Doraemon (English Origin) from 'Doraemon'.

94. Felix (Swedish Origin) meaning "happy or lucky man" from 'Felix The Cat.'

95. Julius (English Origin) meaning "God of the universe and all that is" from 'Alice Comedies.'

96. Kirana (Indian Origin) meaning "winner" from 'InuYasha.'

97. Kuro (Japanese Origin) from 'Love Hina.'

98. Luna (Latin Origin) meaning "moon" from 'Sailor Moon.'

99. Rita (Spanish Origin) meaning "pearl" from 'Animaniacs.'

100. Ruff (German Origin) from 'The Ruff And Reddy Show.'

101. Sawyer (English Origin) meaning "a challenged individual" from 'Cats Don't Dance.'

102. Snooper (English Origin) from 'Snooper And Blabber.'

103. Stinky (English Origin) meaning "smelly" from 'Doug.'

104. Tama (Japanese Origin) from 'Nyan Koi' is a perfect name for your female cat.

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