100+ Best Cyberpunk Names

Cyberpunk stories are set in a futuristic world.

Cyberpunk is the science fiction genre that features advanced scientific technologies and is set in a futuristic and dystopian world where an oppressed society prevails.

Cyberpunk became famous in the early 1980s after many authors started to write in this new genre. Science fiction editor Gardner Dozois is regarded as the person who popularized the usage of this term.

Many notable writers like Phillip K. Dick, Roger Zelazny, William Gibsons, J. G. Ballard were the ones who established cyberpunk literature. These cyberpunk authors portrayed the cyberpunk culture and society and the aesthetic being linked with technology, science, and many gothic elements in that fictional world. Gradually, this popular genre spread to movies and games, and other mediums in pop culture. Cyberpunk aesthetic is a cyberpunk fashion inspired by cyberpunk movies like Blade Runner or The Matrix. It is similar to futuristic gothic-based fashion.

While a cyberpunk name isn't that different from other sci-fi names, some are very innovative and futuristic. Authors have to come with names and ideas that resonate with their characters and the context. So, without much delay, let's dive into this comprehensive list of 100+ cyberpunk names.

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Cyberpunk Male Names From Print Media

Here is a list of great names options from print media for a male cyberpunk name, which can be futuristic too.

1. Armitage (French origin) meaning "a hermit's shelter". From a character in 'Neuromancer'.

2. Bishop (Greek origin) meaning "overseer", the name is taken from the cyberpunk inspired novel 'Glasshouse'.

3. Bobby (German origin) meaning "bright fame". The name of the protagonist in the cyberpunk novel 'Count Zero'.

4. Case is the name of the protagonist in the legendary cyberpunk novel 'Neuromancer'.

5. Cowboy is the name of the lead character in the cyberpunk book 'Hardwired'.

6. DON.MAC is an important character in the novel 'True Names'. For cool cyber names for guys, this should be an easy pick.

7. Da5id, a derivation of the name David, from 'Snow Crash'. This is an intelligent pick for a futuristic cyberpunk name.

8. Eric (Old Norse origin) meaning "sole king"; the name of a hacker in 'Bleeding Edge'.

9. Gunnar (Norse origin) meaning "fighter"; from a character in the cyberpunk comic 'Singularity 7'.

10. Hap (English origin) meaning "fate"; from the novel 'One of Us' and an appropriate option for cyber goth names.

11. Harv (English origin) meaning "army guard'; a character in the cyberpunk novel 'The Diamond Age'.

12. Hiro (Japanese origin) meaning "prosperous"; the lead character in the novel 'Snow Crash'.

13. Kaine (Hebrew origin) meaning "little battler". From the antagonist in the cyberpunk novel 'Blackstar'.

14. Lucas (Greek origin) means "light-bringer'; from Thomas Pynchon's cyberpunk novel 'Bleeding Edge'.

15. Mailman is a character in the novel 'True Names'.

16. Marid (Arabic origin), meaning "rebellious"; from the novel 'When Gravity Fails'.

17. Mr Slippery was the alter ego of protagonist Roger Pollack in the seminal cyberpunk novel 'True Names'.

18. Rezin (Biblical origin) means "messenger"; from the protagonist in 'Blackstar'.

19. Turner (English origin) is the name of a character in 'Count Zero'.

20. Vishram (Indian origin) means "rest"; from the cyberpunk novel 'River of Gods'.

Cyberpunk Female Names From Print Media

Here is a list of names choices from print media for a female cyberpunk name.

21. Acrona is a female lead from 'Singularity 7'. For cyberpunk girl names, this is a great option.

22. Cerise (French origin) meaning "cherry"; from a character in the cyberpunk book 'Trouble & Her Friends'.

23. Dore (Scottish origin) is the protagonist's name in the novel 'Tea from an Empty Cup'.

24. Erythrina (Greek origin) meaning "red"; from the science fiction novel 'True Names'.

25. Geneva (Germanic origin) refers to a juniper tree, a female's name in 'Singularity 7'.

26. India (Latin origin) refers to the country and is also the protagonist's name in 'Trouble & Her Friends'.

27. Ista is the name of the protagonist in the novel 'Night Sky Mine'.

28. Janis (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious"; a character in 'Glasshouse'.

29. Kay (Greek origin) means "rejoice"; derived from a 'Glasshouse' character. This is another cool and futuristic cyberpunk name.

30. Laura (Greek origin) meaning "laurel'; from the novel 'Islands in the Net'.

31. Marly (English origin) meaning "from the march meadow"; from 'Count Zero'.

32. Maxine (Latin origin) means "greatest"; Maxine Tarnow is the protagonist in 'Bleeding Edge'.

33. Molly (English origin) meaning "of the sea". The female lead in 'Neuromancer' has this name.

34. Najia (Arabic origin) means "free"; from the female reporter in 'River of Gods'. This is an insightful choice for cyberpunk girl names.

35. Nellodee is the name of the lead character in 'The Diamond Age'.

36. Sarah (Hebrew origin), meaning "lady"; from the book 'Hardwired'.

37. Vyrva (Fictional origin) is a character in 'Bleeding Edge'.

38. Xiomara (Spanish origin) meaning "battle-ready"; a cool cyberpunk girl name form'Bleeding Edge'.

39. Yasmin (Arabic origin) is a character in the book 'When Gravity Fails'.

40. Yuki (Japanese origin) means "snow", from a character in 'Tea from an Empty Cup'.

Unisex Cyberpunk Names From Print Media

Cyberpunk names have a uniqueness in them.

Take a look at some unisex cyberpunk names from print media which make unique and awesome names.

41. Central is the name of a city in 'Blackstar'. A simple choice for cyberpunk city names.

42. Chon (Korean origin) meaning heaven; from a character in 'Singularity 7'.

43. KCID is the name of a character in the cyberpunk novel 'Dr. Adder'. This is a quirky cyber name to use.

44. Makko is the name of another character in 'Singularity 7'.

45. Promis is a software system in the book 'Bleeding Edge'.

46. Reg is the name of a character in 'Bleeding Edge'.

47. Robin (Germanic origin) means "fame-bright"; a lead character in 'Glasshouse', and a unisex cyberpunk name that can be used for all genders.

48. Shaheen (Arabic origin) meaning "majestic"; it is a character's name in 'River of Gods'.

49. Shawn (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious"; from a significant character in the novel 'Bleeding Edge'.

50. Stubbs is the name of a hitman in 'Island in the Net'.

51. Tal (Indian origin) meaning "beat"; from a character in 'River of Gods'- a very unique and futuristic cyberpunk name.

Male Cyberpunk Names From Pop Culture

Scroll down to see some male cyberpunk names from pop culture.

52. Dalton (English origin) meaning "from valley town"; from the cyberpunk and dystopian game 'Watch Dogs: Legion'.

53. Deckard (Germanic origin) means "roofer'; from Harrison Ford's role in the iconic cyberpunk and dystopian science fiction film 'Blade Runner'. Deckard is one of the most well-known cyberpunk characters of all time.

54. Dex (English origin) meaning "skilled". An antagonist in 'Cyberpunk 2077'. A short and straightforward cyberpunk name.

55. Dredd (Hebrew origin) means "the man of truth"; the officer's name from the eponymously titled film set in a dystopian cyberpunk world. For dystopian names, there isn't a better option.

56. Dyson (English origin) is the name of a character in the cyberpunk movie 'Alita: Battle Angel'.

57. Flynn (Irish origin) meaning "ruddy"; the protagonist in the science fiction cyberpunk film 'Tron'.

58. Ingram (Germanic origin) meaning "raven"; from the cyberpunk game 'VA-11 Hall-A'. A cool cyberpunk name.

59. Jarvis (Germanic origin) meaning "spear"; from the movie 'Tron: Legacy'.

60. Leon (Latin origin) meaning "lion'; a replicant in 'Blade Runner'. An excellent choice for cyberpunk boy names.

61. Niander (Greek origin) meaning "new man"; the antagonist in 'Blade Runner 2049'. This is an exciting pick for a cyberpunk name.

62. Quaid (Irish origin) meaning "son of uad"; the protagonist in the cyberpunk science fiction film 'Total Recall'.

63. Regis (Latin origin) meaning "kingly"; from the cyberpunk game 'Technobabylon'.

64. Richter (Germanic origin) meaning "judge"; from the movie 'Total Recall'. A perfect cyberpunk name for its uniqueness.

65. Rinzler is an antagonist in 'Tron: Legacy'. This is a pretty cool cyberpunk name.

66. Roy (English origin) means "king"; the antagonist's name is 'Blade Runner'. Roy can be a perfect cyberpunk name.

67. Sam (Hebrew origin) meaning "name of God"; the protagonist in 'Tron: Legacy'.

68. Sapper (French origin) meaning "trench'; from the movie 'Blade Runner 2049'.

69. Silverhand is the name of Keanu Reeve's character in the game 'Cyberpunk 2077'.

70. Tyrell (English origin) meaning "stubborn"; the name of the evil company in 'Blade Runner 2049'. One of the most menacing cyberpunk corporation names.

71. Vilos is the name of a significant person in 'Total Recall'.

72. Zuse is a name of a program in 'Tron: Legacy'.

Female Cyberpunk Names From Pop Culture

Here are a few female cyberpunk names from pop culture.

73. Alita (Germanic origin) means "noble kind"; the protagonist's name in the film 'Alita: Battle Angel'.

74. Alma (Latin origin) meaning "kind"; a hacker in 'VA-11 Hall-A'. This can be one of the unique cyberpunk hacker names.

75. Aurora (Roman origin) meaning "dawn"; one of the names from the dystopian movie 'Babylon A. D.' set in a cyberpunk world.

76. Ava (Latin origin) means "blooming"; the robot's moniker in the cyberpunk sci-fi film 'Ex Machina'.

77. Cassandra (Greek mythology) means "one who excels"; the female officer's name in the movie 'Dredd'.

78. Freysa is a name from the film 'Blade Runner 2049'. This is an innovative option for cyberpunk girls' names.

79. Galatea (Greek origin) meaning "very fair"; a name from the game 'Technobabylon'.

80. Jill (Latin origin) means "youthful;"; the name of the player in the game 'VA-11 Hall-A'.

81. Joi (french origin) meaning "joy"; from the science-fiction film 'Blade Runner 2049'. This can be a great cyberpunk name.

82. Latha (Indian origin) means "vine"; from the protagonist in "Technobabylon'.

83. Lenina is the female lead in the movie 'Demolition Man', set in a cyberpunk world.

84. Lizzy (Hebrew origin) means "God has sworn"; singer Grimes' character's name in the game 'Cyberpunk 2077'.

85. Mara (Hebrew origin) meaning "strength"; from the game 'Ghostrunner' and a strong option for a futuristic cyberpunk name.

86. Melina (Greek origin) meaning "honey"; a name from the movie 'Total Recall'.

87. Nina (Spanish origin) meaning "little girl"; from the game 'Technobabylon'.

88. Pris (Roman origin) means "ancient'; from the movie 'Blade Runner'.

89. Quorra is a female character in the movie 'Tron: Legacy'.

90. Rachael (Hebrew origin) meaning "ewe"; the female lead's name in 'Blade Runner'.

91. Sabine (Italian origin) is a hacker from the game 'Watch Dogs: Legion'.

92. Stelline (Italian origin) meaning "little star"; the name of a pivotal woman in 'Blade Runner 2049'.

Unisex Cyberpunk Names From Pop Culture

Cyberpunk games are quite famous.

Unisex cyberpunk names are quite popular, so why not choose one of these names below?

93. Alt is a programmer from the game 'Cyberpunk 2077'.

94. Bagley (English origin) meaning "wood clearing"; an AI in the game 'Watch Dogs: Legion'.

95. Clu is a program from the movie 'Tron'.

96. Jackie (Hebrew origin) meaning "supplanter'; a character's name in 'Cyberpunk 2077'.

97. Maelstrom (Dutch origin) meaning "violent whirlpool"; one of the great cyberpunk gang names from the game 'Cyberpunk 2077'.

98. Nice is a character in the cyberpunk-inspired film 'Hotel Artemis'. A nice and short cyberpunk name.

99. Placide (Latin origin) meaning "calm"; a name from the game 'Cyberpunk 2077'.

100. Sark is a program's name in the movie 'Tron'. This can be a great cyberpunk name.

101. Tron is the eponymous program from the movie 'Tron'.

102. V is the name of the first-person player in the game 'Cyberpunk 2077'.

103. Zhora was the name of a replicant in 'Blade Runner'.

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