80+ Best Dad Names From Popular Fiction And Celebrity Dads

Classic dad names are hard to come by.

You don't need a special day to tell your father how much they mean to you. As he has always been there for you, you can always honor them in one way or another.

Dads are your first superheroes and your best friend. Just like some of these famous TV, movie, and celebrity dads. We have compiled a list of names of both fictional and real fathers who have touched our lives in more than one way. The dad names on our list are inspired by some of the greatest fathers either on TV, in movies, or in real lives.

While some are cool dad names, while others are typical dad names. Our list consists of dad names like Andrew, Michael, and others. Each person on this list has somehow affected our perception of life to love and everything in between. Check out these popular and classic dad names.

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Famous TV Dads

Dad names from TV are popular among parents.

Every father on our list has their way of parenting, making you laugh or to teach you ways of life in both fun and sad ways. All these fathers want is to keep the family together. Here's our list of great dad names from TV.

1. Andre (French and Portuguese origin) means "man, warrior". Andre "Dre" Johnson played by Anthony Anderson on the TV show 'Black-ish'.

2. Bob (Germanic origin) means “bright fame”. Bob Belcher voiced by H. Jon Benjamin in the animated TV show 'Bob's Burgers'.

3. Carl (Germanic origin) means "free man". Carl Winslow played by Reginald Vel Johnson on the TV show 'Family Matters'.

4. Dan (English origin) means "to judge".

5. Danny (Hebrew origin) means “God is my judge”.

6. Eddard (American origin) means "wealthy guardian".

7. Eric (Germania origin) means "eternal ruler".

8. Frank (Germanic origin) means "free one". Frank Costanza played by Jerry Stiller on the TV show 'Seinfeld'.

9. Gomez (Germanic origin) means. Gomez Addams played by John Astin on the TV show 'The Addams Family'.

10. Homer (Greek origin) means "pledge". Homer Simpson is the name of the dad on 'The Simpsons.'

11. Jack (English origin) means "God is gracious". Jack Pearson played by Milo Ventimiglia on the TV show 'This Is Us'.

12. Johnny (Germanic origin) means "Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favor". Johnny Rose played by Eugene Levy on the TV show 'Schitt's Creek'. One of the best dad names.

13. Michael (Hebrew origin) means "who is like God?" Michael Bluth played by Jason Bateman on the TV show 'Arrested Development'.

14. Phil (Greek origin) means "lover of horses". Phil Dunphy played by Ty Burrell on the TV show 'Modern Family'.

15. Philip (Greek origin) means "fond of horses". Philip Banks played by Philip Banks on the TV show 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'. Derivations of Philip are clearly popular dad names!

16. Randall (Scottish and Gaelic origin) means "wolf and shield".

17. Raymond (English origin) means "counsel protection".

18. Sandy (Greek origin) means man's defender".

19. Steve (Greek origin) means "to encircle, to wreathe".

20. Tony (English origin) means “priceless one”. Tony Soprano was played by James Gandolfini on the TV show 'The Sopranos'.

21. Tywin (English origin) means "Honor in the family."

22. Walter (German origin) means "brightness". One of our favourite dad names.

Dads From Films

Men become dads the second their child is born, and many of them call it the best job ever.

Why wait for Father’s Day to give your dad a gift. A “best” father doesn't mean a dad with high-quality parenting skills, it simply means that he knows his faults and weaknesses yet he is the most honest and strongest person for his children, just like some of these movie dads. Here's our list of great dad names from films.

23. Atticus (Latin origin) means “belonging to Attica”. Atticus Finch played by Gregory Peck in the film 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

24. Bryan (Celtic origin) means "high" or "noble".

25. Cameron: famous director James Cameron.

26. Chris (Hebrew origin) means "Christ-bearer". Chris Gardner played by Will Smith in the film 'The Pursuit of Happyness'.

27. Clark (English origin) means "clerk".

28. Daniel (Hebrew origin) means "God is my strength", another popular dad name.

29. Darth (American origin) means "dark". Darth Vader was played by James Earl Jones in the 'Star Wars' trilogy films.

30. Gil means "bright promise, small goat, or joy".

31. Guido (Latin origin) means "guide".

32. Howard (English origin) means "high guard".

33. Jason means "healer", "physician".

34. John (Hebrew origin) means "YHWH has been gracious". John Q. Archibald played by Denzel Washington in the film 'John Q'.

35. Mac (Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic origin) means "son".

36. Noah (Hebrew origin) means "repose or rest", a popular dad name.

37. Ted (Greek origin) means "wealthy guard". Ted Kramer played by Dustin Hoffman in the film 'Kramer vs. Kramer'.

Famous Real Life Dads

No matter what you call your dad, old man, Papi, papa, or daddy, these strong male dad names will remind you how powerful and protective your dad can be. All your Papi ever want is to shield their children from all the worries and evil of the world just like these dads. Here is our list of our favourite famous father names.

38. Alain: Alain Delon, the French actor is the father of four children.

39. Alan is one of the good dad names. Actor Alan Alda is the father of three.

40. Arnold is a strong male name. Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a father of five.

41. Barack: Barack Obama, former U.S. President is the dad of two children.

42. Bill: Bill Gates is a father of three.

43. Brad: Brad Pitt is the dad of seven children.

44. Charles: Prince Charles has two children.

45. Channing: actor Channing Tatum has one daughter.

46. Clint: means "fenced settlement". Clint Eastwood, the actor is the dad of eight children.

47. Damon: famous dad personality: Matt Damon.

48. David: famous dad personality: David Beckham.

49. Dennis: famous personality: Dennis Kucinich.

50. Denzel: famous personality: actor Denzel Washington.

51. Donald: famous personality: former US President Donald Trump.

52. Don: Sir Don Bradman, the legendary cricketer, has a son and daughter.

53. Dustin: Dustin Hoffman has six children.

54. Elvis: famous musician: Elvis Presley.

55. Eugene: the American playwriter Eugene O'Neill was a father of three.

56. Harry: Prince Harry is the father of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

57. Henry: famous personality: Henry James.

58. James: Cricketer James Pattinson has one kid.

59. Jean-Claude: actor Jean-Claude Van Damme has three children.

60. Jeremy: actor Jeremy Renner is father to Ava Renner.

61. Jerry: Standup comedian Jerry Seinfeld has three children.

62. John: Actor John Doman is a father to one child.

63. Jude: Jude Law is the father of Rafferty Law.

64. Justin: Australian cricketer Justin Langer.

65. Kirk: famous footballer Kirk Cousnis. This is one of our favourite names.

66. Kurt: famous wrestler and actor Kurt Angle.

67. Lloyd: rapper Llyod Banks has one kid.

68. Marlon: Actor Marlon Brando is the grandfather of Tuki Brando.

69. Martin: Director Martin Scorsese has three children.

70. Matthew: famous producer Matthew McConaughey.

71. Mel: famous dad: Mel Gibson.

72. Mick: Mick Mars has three children.

73. Neil: famous personality: astronaut Neil Armstrong.

74. Nicolas: famous personality: Nicholas Cage.

75. Orlando: famous dad: Orlando Bloom. One of the coolest names.

76. Peter: famous dad: Peter Gallagher.

77. Pierce: Pierce Brosnan is the father of Dylan Brosnan.

78. Rob: Robert De Niro is also known as Rob.

79. Ryan: actor Ryan Reynolds is a father of three.

80. Ricky: singer Ricky Martin has four children.

81. Sean: famous dad personality: Sean Connery.

82. Stellan: famous name bearer: Stellan Skarsgård. One of our favourite names.

83. Stevie: famous name bearer: Stevie Wonder.

84. Tom: famous dad personality: Tom Hanks.

85. Tommy: famous name bearer: Tommy Lee Jones.

86. Val: famous dad personality: Val Kilmer.

87. Will: famous father personality: Will Smith.

88. William: Prince William is the father of three children.

We hope this list helped you in your search for names. Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you when giving your characters names. If you liked our suggestions for dad names then why not take a look at two syllable boy names, or for something different take a look at alternative names.



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