40 Best Dark Elf Names To Choose From

The Dark Elves in Skyrim are also known as Dunmer

Dark Elfs are the most brutal and aggressive of the three Elven Civilizations in the world.

Originating from the Germanic Mythology, Elves gained popularity after the release of Lord of Rings. Dark Elves are regarded as the sinister counterpart of the Elf Clan.

The Dark Elves have no mercy in regards to battles and often wage war against one another.These Dark Elves featuring grey-skin are based on a Middle Eastern culture. Dark Elf names have a harsher tone than the melodious names of Elves. Some of the cool Elf names are Aerin, Legolas, Aragorn and Gildor.

Dark Elf's fictional characters gained prominence with the role-playing video game, Skyrim, the fifth edition of the Elder Scrolls Series. The game is set in a parallel world in the harsh climate of snow and mountains with endless fantasy characters and dragons.

Skyrim characters have names based on their races. Some good Skyrim names are Maggot, Enarvyne, Irarvy, Neldammu, Dalamus and Ararvy. Amongst the other Elf counterparts, the cynical looks of Dark Elves are indeed eye-catching. However, the High Elfs can run faster due to their height and will help you gain bonuses. Most of the Elder Scrolls' Dark Elf names have been created using the Elvish name generator. But let's find out the meaning that these names carry.

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Female Dark Elf Names

While elven female names are usually pleasant, Dark Elf female names have a harsher tone. Here is the list of female Skyrim Dark Elf names.

1 . Alaunarra female Dark Elf name, meaning "queen of lightning or someone powerful".

2 . Aranea amongst the female Elf names named after the powerful Dunmer elemental mage Aranea Lenith.

3 . Ardulriina one of the female names, which means "blessed enchanter, a mage, or a spell caster".

4 . Brizylene Elvish name meaning "a graceful handmaiden".

5 . Elynea one of the beautiful yet powerful Elvish names for females as it has a reference to Elynea Norvayn, a Dunmer Warrior.

6 . G'elinil Dark Elf name meaning "a spider lady".

7 . Ilivhrae defines the powerful character trait as it means "a warrior princess".

8 . Kouran (Japanese origin) meaning "deep red or orchid".

9 . Lymrysn excellent name if your character is an immortal sorcerer.

10 . Rhylintra beautiful Elvish name for the one who is a messenger of the moon.

Male Dark Elf Names

In the fictional world, Dark Elves are the mischievous counterpart amongst the three types of Elves. Here is the list of some male names which you can use.

11 . Beldun amongst the popular Elf names that indicate a flame or a burning fire.

12 . Devas derived from Deva, meaning God. It reminisces Devas Seri, a fictional character from the Tribunal Temple.

13 . Erevan variant for Yerevan. It's a toponymic name for a city in Armenia.

14 . Gaussolin can indicate your fantasy character as someone who is a fearful assassin or a dreaded lover.

15 . Khelthrai popular dark Elvish name meaning "bloody death".

16 . Liam (Irish origin), meaning "protector, desire, or guardian".

17 . Malekith, pronounced as MAL-a-Kith, has a Latin origin meaning "evil".

18 . Ruerl derived from the famous character Lord Ruerl from Dark Elf Dreadlord.

19 . Trevyn abbreviation for Trevelyan, meaning "a fair town".

20 . Vamen diminutive of Vaman, another name for Lord Vishnu in the Indian Mythology.

Gender-Neutral Dark Elf Names

Dark elves are more evil elves

Evil Elf names can be specific or gender-neutral.

21 . Baeroos fantasy name for any Elf character who is a lucky child.

22 . Gherilac gender-neutral name that can exhibit the character traits of an Elvish fantasy character.

23 . Jhandorl unisex name that refers to the one who is a shielded warrior.

24 . Merdaer evil dark Elvish name indicating a doomed trickster.

25 . Zedarah can exhibit the potential characteristics of any Elf fantasy character.

Dark Elf Last Names

For the Dunmer, the dark elf surnames comprise the use of house name prefix and house name suffix, which indicates the race they belong to.

26 . Aleanett common Elf house name indicating the noble line of magic.

27 . Detlar can denote a surname of Elves meaning "the champion of mysteries".

28 . Everhath a drow surname meaning the cavern of the dragons.

29 . Godezynge amongst the rare surnames meaning "the clan of the ruins".

30 . Zaurahel amongst the Dark Elves surnames meaning "children of the Gods".

Dark Elf Names Inspired By Myths And Legends

Elves' names have been inspired by the pages of legendary tales. These names combine the heroic deeds of the characters in the past and strong personality of the new characters.

31 . Amara (Indian origin) meaning "eternal".

32 . Gloreir legend from the Dark Elf Assassin.

33 . Naris legendary Dark Elf from the legends.

34 . Shadowblade can be an excellent Dark Elf name after the famous Master of Assassins in the Dark Elf Assassin.

35 . Sulekh legendary character who is said to be the greatest of the Black Dragons.

Dark Elf Names Inspired By Popular Media

From video games to a series of fictional movies, the world of magical beings always entices the audience.

36 . Anethra, female Elf name, gained popularity after Anethra Helbane, an ancient sorceress in the Temple of Spite.

37 . Laithikir Elvish female name from the pages of Black Ark Fleetmaster.

38 . Maranith can be an excellent name for a male fantasy character, which is gaining popularity after the famous Dreadlord in the Fortress of Eternal Torture.

39 . Nalsia amongst the popular fictional characters and a beautiful name for Elf women.

40 . Selveni one of the female Elves who was a Dunmer Conjurer.

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