100 Best Dark Last Names With Meanings

Dark names construct your personality more fascinating and poignant.

Let's enter another aspect of the world, the dark and mysterious one!

A perfect dark name might actually be made more impactful with a perfect surname. When it comes to a mysterious outlook through name, the last name with dark meanings helps a lot to emphasize the first name.

Dark is a last name that has been used for a long era, which was mostly used in England. This last name has various meanings like shadowy, dusky, gloomy, and may more. The most prominent religious symbol of darkness in the world is the Devil; The King of Hell; Samael. It is commonly used for both first name and last name.

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Best Evil Surnames With Dark Meanings

The last name meaning reveals your personality much more than your looks. There is a long ancient family history that comes with the last name. Here is a list of best evil family names for your search.

1. Abital (Testament origin) meaning "my father is night dew." It is the name of a character in 'Book of Samuel', as King David's wife.

2. Asra (Arabic origin) meaning "a night journey."

3. Blake (Old English origin) meaning "black". Sir Francis Blake was first baronet of Twizel Castle.

4. Blakely (English origin) meaning "dark or black." Allison Blakely was a great American historian.

5. Bruneau (French origin) meaning "brown or dark." It is a western variant of the French surname Brunel or Burnel.

6. Charna (Yiddish origin) meaning "black".

7. Chausiku (Swahili origin) meaning "born at night."

8. Dunkel (German origin) meaning "dark." It is derived from a Germanic word dunck. It is suitable for football fans as the Dunkel system is a rating system in American Football college teams.

9. Moreau (French origin) meaning "dark." It is derived from French word more.

10. Omega (Greek origin) meaning "the end". It is also a Greek alphabet.

11. Umbra (Latin origin) meaning "shadow or darkness." It is also a Portuguese word for threshold.

Famous Evil Last Names

What is important while considering the evil family's last names is their popularity. Here is an entire list of popular family name meaning dark which belongs to movies, novels, TV series, and cartoons.

12. Alaister (Scottish Gaelic origin) meaning "the one who repels man." This name belongs to a cruel demon of Hell in the 'Bible.'

13. Alarie (French origin) meaning "all power". Pierette Alarie was a popular Canadian opera singer.

14. Black (English origin) meaning "dark or black". Jacob Black is a fictional character in 'The Twilight Saga' movie.

15. Brunel (French origin) meaning "dark hair or complexion". Colette Brunel is a fictional character in 'Tales of Symphonia'.

16. Cheronobog (Slavic origin) meaning "Black God". He is the Slavic God of grief, darkness, and grim.

17. Dark (Old English origin) meaning "without light". Joanna Dark is a fictional character in the video game 'Perfect Dark.'

18. Dash (English origin) meaning "from the ash." Rainbow Dash is a fictional character in the television series 'My Little Pony'.

19. Duff (Gaelic origin) meaning "dark or black." Elmyra Duff is a fictional character in 'Tiny Toon Adventures.'

20. Dunn (Gaelic origin) meaning "dark". Edwina Dunn is a fictional character of 'East Enders.'

21. Douglas (Scottish origin) meaning "dark stream". Archibald Douglas was a Scottish nobleman and Duke of Touraine.

22. Fusco (Italian origin) meaning "dark." Lionel Fusco is a popular fictional character.

23. Griffin (Irish origin) meaning "fierce or dangerous." Judge Jurgen Griffin is a fictional character in 'Judge Dredd' comic series.

24. Lenoir (French origin) meaning "dark". Noemie Lenoir is a famous French model and actress.

25. Moreno (Spanish origin) meaning "dark." Alma Moreno is a great Filipina actress.

26. Prieto (Spanish origin) meaning "dark". It is used for a person who has a dark complexion. Jose Joaquin Prieto was the fourth President of Chile.

Creepy Last Names

If you are looking for a spine chilling family name as the last name, then this list is perfect. Here is a list of some blood-curdling interesting surnames you might want to include.

27. Nigel (English origin) meaning "black." It is the name of the novel 'The Fortune of Nigel' by Sir Walter Scott.

28. Nyx (Greek origin) meaning "night." Nyx is the beloved daughter of the primordial Goddess of Night and Chaos.

29. Orpheus (Greek origin) meaning "the darkness of night". It is related to the Greek word ὄρφνη (orphne).

30. Otieno (African origin) meaning "born at night".

31. Phoenix (English origin) meaning "dark red". It is a Greek and Egyptian mythological bird name which is born from the ashes of its ancestors.

32. Pomare (Tahitian origin) meaning "night cough". This name forms from two Tahitian words, 'po' and 'mare'. Four Tahitian kings and queens bore this name because the first king's son died of cough at night.

33. Rajani (Indian origin) meaning "the dark one". Bhisadej Rajani was a prince of Thailand.

34. Rajnish (Indian origin) meaning "lord of the night". This is the name for the moon in Hindu mythologies.

35. Ratree (Thai origin) meaning "night".

36. Sable (Slavic origin) meaning "black". It is derived from a black-furred animal found in Northern Asia.

37. Sam (Persian origin) meaning "dark". Sam is a hero from the Persian epic 'Shahnameh'. Sam is linked to the Avestan word 'Sama' and Sanskrit word 'Shyama', both meaning "black" or "dark-colored".

38. Sauda (Arabic origin) meaning "black".

39. Shyama (Indian origin) meaning "beauty of darkness".

40. Shyamal (Sanskrit origin) meaning "dark, black, blue".

41. Smith (English origin) meaning "metal worker or blacksmith". It derives from the Old English word smitten, which means "to hit".

42. Sullivan (Irish origin) meaning "dark eye". This name is derived from the Irish name ÓSúileabháin, where Súileabháin means "little dark eyes".

43. Tinuviel (Sindarin origin) meaning "nightingale." This name was a fictional character in the book 'Silmarillion' by J. R. R. Tolkien

Japanese Last Names Meaning Dark

This list contains all the cool Japanese last names with dark meanings. All the thrilling family last names of Japanese origin are right here for you. If you want to see your favorite character garbed in a terrifying last name, then this list is all for you.

44. Akhi meaning "malice."

45. Aku meaning "evil".

46. Akuma meaning "demon". It is the name of Satan in Japanese.

47. Himura meaning "scarlet town, dark red village." Yūki Himura is a famous Japanese comedian.

48. Kuroishi meaning "black stone."

49. Kuroi meaning "black."

50. Kurota meaning "black field."

51. Miako meaning "night child." This last name can be built with other combinations of Kanji as well.

5. Shi meaning "stone". It is one of the Nine Sogdian last names.

53. Yami meaning "darkness." Yami is the name of a Tibetan Death Goddess.

54. Youkai meaning "spirit, phantom."

55. Zankoku meaning "cruelty."

Gothic Victorian Last Names

Gothic family last name is one of the most spooky last names ever.

Gothic surnames depict a macabre feeling or environment. These Gothic last names have a bit of dark and scary touch to them. Try this spooky names list for achieving the maximum creep factor with the right surname with no rights reserved.

56. Ashdown (English origin) meaning "ash tree hill". John Ashdown Hill was a famous British historian.

57. Blakewell (British origin) meaning "dark stream."

58. Kenward (English origin) meaning "guardian, protector". Derived from an old English word 'Cyneward.'

59. Wraith (English origin) meaning "angry or fierce". It can be a cool nickname for a person with a fierce temper.

Unique Last Names

You might be wondering about having a dusky first name and dark surnames for your little baby or fictional family. Here you will see some different names for someone special. Let's have a quick look over these cool and unique names.

60. Bruns (French origin) meaning "brown". Roger Bruns was the author of the book 'Martin Luther King Junior'.

61. Carbonneau (French origin) meaning "carbon". This surname is born by dark-haired people.

62. Cary (Somerset origin) meaning "descendant of Ciardha". It is derived from the Irish word ciar meaning "black"."

63. Ciar (Irish origin) meaning "little dark one."

64. Ciardha (Irish origin) meaning "dark".

65. Ceirin (Irish origin) meaning "dark or black."

66. Colby (English origin) meaning "dark/coal town."

67. Cole (English origin) meaning "swarthy". It is derived from the surname Cornwell of England.

68. Delaney (Irish origin) meaning "black river".

69. DeRose (French origin) meaning "a person with rosy/dark brown complexion."

70. Devlin (Irish origin) meaning "unfortunate or dark one."

71. Donovan (Irish origin) meaning "dark princeling."

72. Dougal (Scottish origin) meaning "dark stranger."

73. Duncan (Scottish origin) meaning "dark warrior."

74. Dunstan (English origin) meaning "dark stone."

75. Ferrer (Italian origin) meaning "blacksmith."

76. Garnet (English origin) meaning "dark red gemstone."

77. Gethin (Welsh origin) meaning "dusky."

78. Isra (Arabic origin) meaning "nocturnal journey."

79. Itzal (Basque origin) meaning "shadow".

80. Kali (Hindi origin) meaning "the black one."

81. Lamya (Arabic origin) meaning "having beautiful dark lips."

82. Layla (Arabic origin) meaning "dark beauty."

83. Loi (Chinese origin) meaning "black".

84. Lolan (Irish origin) meaning "little blackbird." This last name is derived from the Irish Garlic word lon.

85. Makvala (Georgian origin) meaning "blackberry."

86. Maurice (Latin origin) meaning "dark-skinned".

87. Maurus (Roman origin) meaning "dark-skinned." A follower of Saint Benedict had this last name.

88. Maury (Latin origin) meaning "dark-skinned".

89. Merel (Dutch origin) meaning "blackbird."

90. Merle (English origin) meaning "blackbird." This last name is a variant of Muriel and Merrill.

91. Neelam (Indian origin) meaning "dark blue or sapphire." It is a blue gemstone, Neelam stone signifying wealth.

92. Nila (Indian origin) meaning "dark blue."

93. Nisha (Indian origin) meaning "night" in Sanskrit. Jyotir Nisha is a popular philanthropist from Nepal.

94. Phelan (Irish origin) meaning "wolf."

95. Tempest (English origin) meaning "violent storm."

Last Names From Famous Texts

If you want to dip your mind into famous texts, you can go for unique last names.

We love names from famous texts as they can transport us to an ancient realm. If you need help to select a great last name based on ancient texts, then this list might be beneficial for you.

96. Krishna (Indian origin) meaning "dark or black." It is the eighth manifestation of Lord Vishnu, the Sustainer in the Trinity of Lords. Roy Krishna is a Fijian footballer.

97. Lilith (Akkadian origin) meaning "of the night." Lilith, the first wife of Adam, as alleged in Dead Sea Scrolls, based on the Bible.

98. Melaina (Greek origin) meaning "dark, black." This last name was of a nymph in Greek mythology.

99. Nishant (Indian origin) meaning "night's end" or "dawn." It is also the name of Lord Shiva according to Hindu mythology. Neeraj Nishant is a famous Indian folk singer.

100. Wulfric (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "wolf power". It is the family name of the fictional character Dumbledore from the 'Harry Potter' movie.

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