Best Days Out With Kids In Weston Super Mare

Kids enjoying ice cream on their best days out in weston super mare

There's more to days out in Weston-Super-Mare than the amusements on the Grand Pier, the helicopter museum and the Water Adventure Play Park - all of which are currently closed due to COVID-19.

But that doesn't mean you're confined to the beach only. There are modern street art trails to follow, stunning craggy landscapes to scramble over and even a spot of mini-golf to be had. Kidadl uncovers Weston-Super-Mare's best bits.

1. Cheddar Gorge

Perfect for: Kids aged 6-12 with energy to burn.

At nearly 400 feet deep and an impressive three miles long, this is England's largest gorge and it's one of the key attractions in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. Though the spectacular underground caves are currently closed, the countryside is still open to marvel at. The National Trust has a four-mile walking trail around the area passing craggy cliffs, caves and the 274-step Jacob's Ladder.

Cheddar Gorge, one of the best days out in weston super mare

Where is it: The Cliffs, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3QE

Budget: Free

Don't miss: The stunning 180-degree views when you climb to the top of the rocky, wooded trail.

2. Seafront, Weston-Super-Mare

Perfect for: Kids from babies to teenagers.

We can't not mention the seafront Weston-Super-Mare serves up here - Kidadler Sarah recommends heading to the secluded cove beach to the right of Dr Fox's Tea Room rather than the main beach for some peace and quiet. The golden sands are a big draw for kids of all ages and the shallow surf is perfect for little paddlers. A two-mile promenade runs between Royal Sands and Marine Lake and is ideal for an energetic cycle ride. Come and enjoy the seafront: Weston-Super-Mare's star attraction for good reason.

The Weston Super Mare Seafront, one of the best days out in weston super mare

Where is it: Marine Parade Seafront, Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, BS23 1AL

Budget: Free

Don't miss: An ice cream from Weston-Super-Mare's popular PJ's Ice Cream Parlour on the seafront - social distancing measures now in place.

3. Tyntesfield Estate

Perfect for: Kids aged 5-10 with eagle eyes.

The National Trust property on this Somerset estate remains closed, but the extensive gardens and parkland are open for days out. Plus the timing is just right to spot Emperor Dragonflies in the walled garden. Between now and the end of June up to one hundred of the electric blue and green insects emerge from the lake.

Tyntesfield Estate, one of the best days out in weston super mare

Where is it: Wraxall, Bristol, North Somerset, BS48 1NX

Budget: £3 to park, free for National Trust members.

Don't miss: Keep your eyes peeled around the lake and you may spot a dragonfly's skin case floating on the greenery.

4. Brean Down

Perfect for: History-loving 7-12-year-olds.

With a sandy beach at the foot of the down, and amazing views out towards South Wales from the top of the 97m hilltop, you can easily spend a day at Brean Down in Somerset. When kids are bored of building sandcastles take them on a walk up through the site of a Romano-Celtic temple and the remains of the Brean Down Fort.

Where is it: Brean, North Somerset

Budget: £5 to park for the day (free for National Trust members).

Don't miss: See who's the first to spot one of the feral goats on the rock faces of the down.

5. Grove Park

Perfect for: Nature-loving kids of all ages.

Pack up a picnic and head to Grove Park in Weston-Super-Mare - there's plenty of things to do to keep the family occupied here. The well-maintained park is home to Jill's Garden - a sensory garden in memory of TV personality Jill Dando, and there's also a war memorial and rock garden. Inquisitive types will love exploring the bug hotel and city to see what critters have taken up residence.

Child smelling flowers in Grove Park, one of the best days out in weston super mare

Where is it: Grove Park, Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, BS23 2QJ

Budget: Free

Don't miss: A turn on the Victorian bandstand to perform some music and dance for the family.

6. St Nicolas On The Hill

Perfect for: Teenagers with a competitive spirit.

This partially ruined church dates back to 1080 and stands on the clifftop overlooking Bream Down in Somerset. The Church itself is currently closed to visitors but the hill it stands on is not and there's scope for a fun family challenge. There are three paths up to the Church of varying lengths and difficulty. Why not split off and see who makes it to the top first?

St Nicholas On The Hill, one of the best days out in weston super mare

Where is it: Uphill, Weston-Super-Mare BS23 4TN

Budget: Free

Don't miss: The stunning views when you get to the top of the hill.

7. Pirate Adventureland

Perfect for: Sporty 4-8-year-olds.

As we slowly try to return to normal, visitors to Weston-Super-Mare will be delighted to hear that Pirate Adventureland is open for family-friendly mini-golf! New rules mean up to four people from the same household can enjoy eighteen holes in this pirate-themed setting with tricky challenges aimed at children.

Pirate Adventureland, one of the best days out in weston super mare

Where is it: Beach Lawns, Beach Road, Weston-Super-Mare, BS23 1AT

Budget: Family ticket £20, under 3s free entry.

Don't miss: When you're done putting, the beach is just across the road for some paddling and sandcastle building.

8. Cleveland Marine Lake

Perfect for: Kids age 2-7.

If the water at the seafront Weston-Super-Mare offers seems daunting for young kids, then head to Cleveland Marine Lake. Two-thirds of the 15,000m² safe sea on the Bristol Channel is less than five feet deep making it great for a paddle. There's a special children's splash pool too. Plenty of people head here daily for a swim as it's a safe place to do so - but be aware there are no changing facilities.

Children enjoying splashing in Cleveland Marine Lake, one of the best days out in weston super mare

Where is it: Off Old Church Road, Clevedon, Somerset BS21 7TU

Budget: Free

Don't miss: Take your line and bait and the kids can try their hand at crabbing by the lake (no hooks).

9. Bleadon Levels Nature Reserve

Perfect for: Intrepid explorers aged 3-12.

There are twenty-seven hectares to explore here with salt marshes, tidal creeks and grassland providing homes for all manner of local wildlife in the Somerset countryside. Kids will need to tread quietly but they may well spot water voles, otters, hares or other wild things. There's also plenty of birdlife and creepy crawlies waiting to be discovered.

Bleadon Levels Nature Reserve, one of the best days out in weston super mare

Where is it: Bleadon, North Somerset, BA23 4TZ

Budget: Free

Don't miss: You may not be able to see some of the elusive wildlife so why not get the kids to look out for animal tracks and footprints instead and task them with identifying the owner.

10. Mendip Hills

Perfect for: Ages 5-12 with an adventurous spirit.

You won't be short of things to do with a visit to the Mendip Hills. The landscape varies from steep slopes covered in flowers to dramatic gorges, and there are also hundreds of ancient monuments hidden within the hills. If you stay in the area until dusk you may even get to see some of the bat population which roosts in the Mendip caves! There are multiple cycling routes you can take which will enable you to see much of the area.

Where is it: Mendip Hills AONB, Bishop Sutton, Somerset  

Budget: Free

Don't miss: Head to Harptree Woods in this AONB and uncover a prehistoric ochre mine, the ruins of Richmont Castle and Harptree Combe - a narrow gorge with a stream.

11. JPS Art Trail

Perfect for: Budding artists aged 8 and up.

Weston-Super-Mare's very own Banksy has brightened up parts of Weston-Super-Mare with colourful street art, which might even tempt reluctant teenagers out of the house. The attractions to look for include the dinosaurs depicted in Nevasaurus near the bottom of Mill Rise, Batman just off Regent Street, and Better Than A Bear Wall in Richmond Street.

JPS Art Trail, one of the best days out in weston super mare

Where is it: Multiple locations in Weston-Super-Mare. Follow the trail with one of many downloadable maps.

Budget: Free

Don't miss: Floyd Mayweather on Alexandra Parade - there's also street artwork along this stretch by JPS' fiance Pzy and his protégé Fawn.

12. Sand Bay

Perfect for: Kids aged 2-6 who are happy with simple days.

This strip of sand and shingle is just two miles from Weston-Super-Mare and is something of a haven for anyone seeking some peace and quiet. But don't expect too much from Sand Bay in the way of attractions on the seafront. Weston-Super-Mare beach may have its (currently closed) Grand Pier, a multitude of family-friendly attractions and more than one shopping centre. But at Sand Bay, you get space, solitude and a pretty shoreline - exactly why we love it.

Where is it: Sand Bay, Beach Road, BS22 9UZ

Budget: Free

Don't miss: The chance to picnic with a view - head to the National Trust's Sand Point at one end of Sand Bay for unforgettable coastal scenery.

13. Strawberry Cycle Route

Perfect for: Confident cyclists age 7-12.

If we can't visit Weston-Super-Mare's sights why not hop on your bike and take a family cycle ride instead. This nine-mile route is largely flat and traffic-free making it easy for younger riders, and serves up fantastic views from Yatton to Cheddar. The path follows in the footsteps (or wheels) of the former Great Western Railway route.

Children cycling like Weston Super Mare

Where is it: Start at Yatton Station

Budget: Free

Don't miss: Getting a yummy picnic from Weston-Super-Mare local Hills Baker's to take with you - picnic packs are just £10.



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