46 Best Death Knight Names

World of Warcraft is a hugely popular online fantasy game

Who doesn't love playing World of Warcraft?

This make-believe world is the perfect escape wherein you get to play any character you want and be whoever you want. What's more, each user gets to create their own character from the ground up and give them any name that they like.

That said, one of the major issues that the user faces is picking a good name for their character. Most users tend to use a name generator or go through various posts. But either those names are already taken or they don't like it in the long run.  We understand your trouble, which is why we've done the busy work for you and listed down our top undead names that beat most of the name posts out there and are sure to last you a lifetime.

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Common Male Death Knight Names

When first starting out on the site, it's common for a user to like a name that suits the theme of the game. Keeping this in mind, we've scrolled through all the name posts out there and have compiled a list of names for you to choose from.

1 . Ansel (German Origin) is a death knight name meaning "divine protection".

2 . Atakan (Turkish Origin) meaning "ancestor’s blood".

3 . Auiak (Greenlandic Origin) meaning "coagulated blood".

4 . Ayunka (Japanese Origin) has different meanings according to various posts with the most important being "trout, second last and blood".

5 . Christofor (Greek Origin) according to different posts means "to carry".

6 . Claudio (Italian Origin) according to different posts means "enclosure".

7 . Hulbert (German Origin) is a death knight name meaning "friendly".

8 . Karol (French Origin) as per various posts means "free man".

9 . Kenelm (English Origin) according to different posts means "bold".

10 . Maximilian (Latin Origin) as per various posts means "the greatest".

11 . Raimundo (Spanish Origin) is a name that means "wise defender".

12 . Renault (Latin Origin) according to various posts means "ruler"s advisor".

13 . Valerian (Roman Origin) as per various posts means "strength".

Female Death Knight Names

A good female Death Knight name is imposing with connotations of darkness

If you are a user in search of a good feminine name, the ones listed below are sure to last throughout your journey.

14 . Amira (Arabic Origin) is a death knight name meaning "princess".

15 . Charlize (Greek Origin) is a death knight name meaning "free man".

16 . Cordula (Latin Origin) according to various posts is a knight"s name meaning "heart".

17 . Felecia (French Origin) is a great death knights name meaning "happy".

18 . Fortunat (French Origin) according to various posts is a knight"s name meaning "luck".

19 . Giulia (Italian Origin) is a death knight name meaning "youthful".

20 . Justeen (Latin Origin) as per various posts is a knight"s name meaning "fair".

21 . Karoline (Greek Origin) is a death knight name meaning "womanly".

22 . Lissette (Hebrew Origin) is a death knight name meaning "God is my oath".

23 . Stacey (Greek Origin) is a death knight name meaning "resurrection".

Uncommon WOW Names

Some people tend to think of more unique titles because they want their names to last throughout their character's journey. Mentioned below are a few unique WOW names that you are sure to like.

25 . Birgeere (Italian Origin) is one of the more unique DK names and means "the high one".

26 . Dhat (Indian Origin) is a unique DK name and means "elixir".

27 . Dhek (British Origin) is a unique death name that refers to "the one with red hair".

28 . Dratraimoun (Greek Origin) is derived from the name Damon and means "gentle".

29 . Dyasok (Kurdish origin) was the name of the first Media King.

30 . Hwawa (Arabic Origin) is another version of Eve.

31 . Khalid (Arabic Origin) means "to last forever".

32 . Leloonth (British Origin) means "Meadowland".

33 . Palatinus (Latin Origin) is a great death knights name and is an official title.

34 . Soner (Turkish Origin) means "last man".

35 . Songul (Turkish Origin) means "the last".

36 . Thrasius (Latin Origin)  is a great death knights name that means bold.

Famous Death Knight Names

Choose a unique and memorable name for your Death Knight and gain a reputation

A lot of users fashion their names after more famous players as a dash of good luck. Mentioned below is a list of famous death knight names that we're sure you'll want to get your hands on.

37 . Anduin (English Origin) means "long river or kind".

38 . Duncan (Scottish Origin) means "dark warrior".

39 . Marcus (Roman Origin) refers to the God of Mars.

40 . Reginald (Latin Origin) refers to the "ruler"s advisor".

41 . Rufus (Latin Origin) means "red-head".

42 . Saidan (Arabic Origin) means "congratulations".

43 . Thomas (Aramaic Origin) refers to "the twin".

44 . Tirion (Multiple Origin) means "gentle".

45 . Wendell (German Origin) means "wanderer and seeker".

46 . Uther (Welsh Origin) means "terrible".

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