15 Best Dinosaur Books For All Ages

dinosaur books for kids

Are your children dinosaur lovers? Been thinking about what to choose for your next big adventure at story time? Then make sure to check out our pick of the fifteen best dinosaur books for kids and young adults.

No matter what age, there is something for every t-riffic dinosaur enthusiast!

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Pop-Up

Suitable For Ages: 5+

With amazing pops ups of your favourite dinosaur friends from the terrifying T-Rex to remarkable raptors, this book is a must have!

Written by the well known pop up pros Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart, take your kids on a fascinating learning journey back through time as you read interesting and illuminating facts about all kinds of dinosaurs, big and small, in this interactive, fun and educational read for little dinosaur buffs.

Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs?

Suitable For Ages: 5-8

Long ago, people thought that dinosaurs were mythical creatures - well they were wrong! Written as part of the Boy, Were We Wrong series by Kathleen Kudlinski, you and your little ones will love this vibrant book all about how what we once thought about dinosaurs changed over time. Discover why people thought the way they did about dinosaurs, and explore what we have now found out about them.

An educational but nevertheless fun read for your story time!

Hello, World! Dinosaurs

Suitable For Ages: 0-2

Your toddlers will love learning all about dinosaurs of all shapes, colours and sizes in this board book by Jill McDonald. Explore the world of dinosaurs and learn fun facts along the way in this easy to read storybook!

Jurassic Park

Suitable For Ages: 14+

The first book behind the much loved movie franchise, Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton tells the story of the rise and fall of a theme park which becomes overrun by dinosaur clones.

While the book is for dinosaur lovers who are just a bit older, the novel is a must read for all who want to explore the question of whether we should make all our wildest fantasies a reality.

dinosaur book for children

Peppa Pig: George and the Dinosaur

Suitable For Ages: 2-5

Is your little dinosaur lover also a Peppa Pig fan? Then, this is the book for you! Follow George, Peppa's little brother, and all his friends as they go on the hunt with Mummy Pig and Miss Rabbit for dinosaur fossils on their great day out. A must read by Peppa Pig herself for all your mini dinosaur experts!

Dinosaurs: The Most Complete, Up-to-Date Encyclopedia for Dinosaur Lovers of All Ages

Suitable For All Ages

Want to find out all you possibly can about dinosaurs? Dr Thomas R. Holtz Jr, one of the world's most knowledgeable experts on dinosaurs, has created a must have for all dinosaur lovers.

A guide full to the brim with all things dinosaur related, make sure to read on to find out about many different types of dinosaurs, with extra content from leading paleontologists.

Ten Little Dinosaurs

Suitable For Ages:  0-2

Gaining a roar of approval worldwide, Ten Little Dinosaurs by Mike Brownlow is an action packed rhyming must read for all your little ones.  Stomp and roar your way through the book as you count down from ten to one and back up again in this fun adventure where ten little baby dinosaurs escape from their mum to explore the big wide world.


Suitable For Ages:  2-5

Pirates meet dinosaurs in this adventure book like no other! Join Captain Rex and the rest of the crew as they look for buried treasure in this exciting tale by Josh Funk.

books for kids

The Lost World

Suitable For Ages: 13+

Written in 1912 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous writer of Sherlock Holmes, this sci-fi novel tells the story of an expedition to South America where all things prehistoric still exist. From stegosauruses to giant moths, discover how journalist Edward Malone and the larger-than-life Professor Challenger venture into the unknown, exploring the mysterious lost world of prehistoric creatures.

The Worrysaurus

Suitable For Ages:  2-5

Recently published, this book written by Rachel Bright tells the story of the anxious Worrysaurus, who is afraid of so many things when all he wants to do is have fun. A great read for the little ones, this dinosaur book will help to relieve the everyday nerves and anxieties of your little worriers as you get to know the loveable Worrysaurus as he plans a perfect picnic.

The Ark Plan

Suitable For Ages:  8-12

The Ark Plan by Laura Martin follows 12 year old Sky Mundy who lives in a future where dinosaurs are at the top of the food chain. Join her and her best friend Shawn as they fight to survive in order to find Sky's father who has been missing, and they might even just save the world as they know it.

The Christmasaurus

Suitable For Ages:  7-11

Feeling festive this spring/summer? Why not read The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher from McFly?

Dinosaur obsessed William Trundle is a 10 year old wheelchair user having a tough time at school so he writes to Santa. Join William on his magical Christmas Eve adventure along with the equally lonely Christmasaurus as they cross paths and start a journey of friendship that will last a lifetime.

dinosaur books for kids

The World of Dinosaurs 2020 edition

Suitable For Ages:  4-7

From rawr-some activities to cool crafts, this book from the Natural History Museum is a must have for all dinosaur enthusiasts. Want to wow your friends and family with some ferocious facts, learn about the mighty Tyrannosaurus and even design your own dino? Well, this book will definitely be a great addition to occupy the little ones with fun activities.

Dinotopia : A Land Apart from Time

Suitable For Ages: 9+

Ever wondered what it would be like to have lived among the dinosaurs? Well, make sure to have a read of Dinotopia to fulfill your childhood fantasies!

First published in 1992 and written by James Gurney, it's the first in a series of books which tells the story of a hidden island where humans and dinosaurs live in peace. Follow the story of biologist Arthur Denison and his son Will as they become shipwrecked on the mysterious island, and begin a quest to find their way back home.

With stunning illustrations and a beautiful island to explore, this is a must read for young and old dinosaur lovers alike!

How do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?

Suitable For Ages: 3-5

As part of her enjoyable series on what dinosaurs do in their everyday modern lives, Jane Yolen crafts a tale full of funny antics. Following the stories of ten dinosaur children and how they say goodnight by making this read part of your bedtime routine.

Well, there you have it.  Dino-mite reads to enjoy for all the kids and maybe some adult dinosaur lovers. Enjoy!



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