160 Best Dodgeball Team Names

A team name represents the team's motto.

Finding the right team names is quite a chore, especially if you want a balance between not-too-aggressive and a sophisticated name.

A good team name is important because it will boost your team spirit and morale. A good team name can also make the other teams envy you or even fear you.

Dodgeball is a game in which players of two teams throw balls at each other, attempting not to get hit themselves. The five rules of dodgeball are dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. Andrew Ketchum is one of the best dodgeball players in the world. In this list, we have included the best of cool, funny, clever, and awesome names for your dream team. You can come across names like Reservoir Dodge, Stop Ballieving, Sitting Ducks and even Moose Knucklers. We hope you find your pick from this.

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Cool Dodgeball Team Names

A cool game like dodgeball deserves a cool team name. Check out this list of cool team names for dodgeball.

1. Artful Dodgers: Artful Dodgers can be the name of a team that can skillfully dodge the ball.

2. Block Dodgers

3. Dodgebulls

4. Dodge Chargers

5. Dodge No Balls: A team that would not even let the opposite team dodge their balls.

6. Dodgers from Exoplanet

7. Dodging Punchers

8. Hard Targets

9. Heroes of Patches O' Houlihan

10. Hopscotch Dodgers

11. Hotdodgers

12. Hot Stove Dodger

13. Expert Duckers

14. Reservoir Dodge

15. Roger the Dodgers

16. Scared but Hitless

17. Sitting Ducks

18. Slumdodge Millionaires: Slumdodge Millionaires is a twist of the movie name 'Slumdog Millionaire.'

19. The Flyballer legends

20. The Hand of Dodge

21. The Human Targets

22. Thunderballs of Heroes

23. Underdodge Heroes

24. Weekend Warriors

Dodgeball Movie Team Names

This favorite game of many has been portrayed in movies many times. There are many notable dodgeball team names in one of the best dodgeball based movie 'Dodgeball: A true underdog story'. Here we have got a list of such dodgeball movie teams' names from the same movie.

25. Average Joe's

26. Clown Punchers

27. Globo gym Purple Cobras

28. Kamikazes

29. Las Vegas Police Department

30. Lumberjacks

31. Moose Knucklers

32. Mulchers

33. Poughkeepsie State Flying Cougars

34. She-Mullets

35. Skillz that Killz

36. Team Blitzkrieg

Funny Dodgeball Team Names

Funny names for teams are cool and pun-filled.

Funny names for dodgeball teams are exciting and eye-catching. These team names are mostly dodgeball puns. Check out this list of funny team names for dodgeball.

37. Balls Royce: Balls Royce is a twist of the motor car Rold Royce.

38. Balls to the Wall

39. Clearly So Dodgey

40. Daffy Duckers

41. Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive: It is based on the 5 Ds of the game.

42. Dodgefathers of Dodgy Balls

43. Dodge for the Cake

44. Dodgey Balls

45. Dodging the Ballsagna: A team that can skillfully dodge every single ball coming at them.

46. Dodging the Rice Balls

47. Dodgy Style Dodgers

48. Don't Throw Me: The name for a team of funny players who can easily fool the opponents.

49. Ducking Fireballs

50. Gym Class Heroes

51. Knuckleheads on the Field: They are a team of unpredictable players.

52. Much Ado about Balls: Much ado about Balls is a twist of Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing.'

53. Nelson Mandodgers

54. None of You Can Duck: It can be a name for a team of players who don't get swayed easily.

55. Nutshot Undertakers

56. Salad Dodgers

57. Snoop Dodgy Dodge

58. Spaced out Flyballers

59. Stranger Demidodgers: It is a twist of the popular web series 'Stranger Things.'

60. The Game of Throws: It is the twist of the name of the TV series 'A Game of Thrones'.

Dodgeball Team Name For Girls

If you are planning to form a team of girls for dodgeball and checking for some good dodgeball names, we have a list of the best girl dodgeball teams' names.

61. Artful Dodgers of Queen

62. Ball-e-rina United

63. Ball Girls from the Prairies

64. Barbarians Queens of the North

65. Beastie Divas

66. Brave Ball-e-rhinos

67. Crafty Female Dodgers: It can be used for a team of clever female players.

68. Deep Ball Dodge

69. Dodgesaurs of Globo Gym

70. Dodging Divas

71. Don't Mess with the Dodgy Birds: A team of fierce female players, settling for nothing.

72. Estrogen Express

73. Girl Scout Dodgeballers

74. Girls' Beastie Balls: A team of girls who can throw powerful balls at their opponent.

75. Girl Scout Dropouts

76. Power-dodge Girls: Power-dodge Girls is a twist of the popular cartoon 'Powerpuff Girls'.

77. Swans of Dodge Moore

78. The Backstreet Valkyries, like the pop band 'Backstreet Boys.'

79 The Queen's Dodging Gambit

80. The Swoonworthy Ballarina

81. Too Hot to Dodge

82. Victorious Secret

Dodgeball Team Names For Boys

Looking for some good dodgeball team names for your squad? Check out this list of team names for boys.

83. Ball of Duty

84. Ball of Fame

85. Dodge the Balls of Fury

86. Big Dippers from the Netherworld

87. Doctor Dodger Balls

88. Dodge ballers from the Olympus

89. Dodger Federer

90. Dodgezilla and the Hunters: Dodgezilla is a twist of the word 'Godzilla.'

91. Dodging Wizards

92. Gladiators of Hell

93. Guys Dodge the Beastie Balls: A team of cool players who swiftly dodge from opponent's powerful balls.

94. League of Hot Dodgers

95. Mighty Resistance

96. Perfect Dodge Bollocks

97. Team Beastie Balls

98. Team Dirty Dodgers: This can be the name of a team that doesn't hesitate to play tricks to win.

99. The Dynasty of Mighty Duckers

100. The Elite Dodge Club

101. The Facebreaking Besticles

102. The Vikings of Arena

103. Dodge the Smirk off your Face

104. Dodge ball Heartthrobs: A team of handsome players that charm their opponents and audience alike.

Awesome Dodgeball Team Names

Team names can be simple or crafty.

Awesome team names can increase the confidence of your team. Check out this list of best awesome dodgeball names for teams.

105. Aim for the Duckers

106. Aiming for the Dodge King: It can be the name of a team of powerful and skilled ball throwers.

107. Bane And Pain

108. Beaver Dodgers

109. Big Ballers

110. Blitz Ball Thugs

111. Bloodhounds of Globo Gym

112. Breaking the Ball Fighters

113. Captain Dodger and Balls

114. Dodgeball Punks

115. Dodgeballs Locked

116. Dodgeboy Rams

117. Dodgers to Avenge

118. Dodge the Crotch Shots

119. Dodge the Rampage

120. Draft Dodger of Ball

121. Golden Balls of Fury

122. Jammy Dodgers

123. Mighty Throwbocops

124. No Hit Sammy

125. Old Dodgers to the Rescue

126. Predatory Athletes

127. Rubber Chuckers

128. The Most Artful Dodgers

129. The Deranged Assassins

130. The Dodgers from Nowhere: A team of powerful players with exceptional skills.

131. The Dodging Spartans: It can be used for a team with high spirits.

132. Westland Dirty Ballers

133. Wildcat Brave Balls

Clever Dodgeball Team Names

A clever dodgeball team name can be witty and smart. It can make your team impenetrable. Here we have compiled the best clever team names.

134. Ball-der-dash

135. Beyond the Enemy Lines

136. Blood Sweat and Triumph

137. Deep Dodgeballs rams

138. Dodge and Hit

139. Dodge before Getting Hit

140. Dodge Dynasty

141. Dodge-o-holics

142. Dodgers and Demons

143. Dodgers in the Rye: It is a twist of the famous classic novel "Catcher in the Rye'.

144. Dodge the Ball of Duty

145. Knowing Bros of Arena

146. Kung fu Ballers

147. Never Stop Ballieving

148. Ravenous Dodging Ravens

149. Stand atop the Enemy

150. Teenage Mutant Ninja Dodgers: It is the twist of the popular film 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.'

151. The Ball Keep Among Us

152. The Dangerous Canni-balls

153. The Dodge Knight Rises: It is the twist of the movie name 'The Dark Knight Rises.'

154. The Dodger of Balls

155. The Exordium of Dodgers

156. The Narnian High Lancers

157. The Tales from Dodgerland: This name is derived from the game name 'Tales from the Borderlands.'

158. The Wolf of Balls Street

159. Untouch-a-balls

160. When Balls the Heart

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