100+ Best Dog Names That Start With B

Dog names say a lot about your dog's character and a dogs name starting with B is a good place to look.

Finding the perfect name for your dog is challenging, especially if you decide on a specific letter.

The letter B seems like a good choice since it has a plosive effect that brings makes it more impactful. Many unique dogs' names start with B and can stand out.

Dog names beginning with B are quite common and favored by many people around the world. In fact, the most popular no. 1 dog name 'Bella' starts with B. There are so many more dog names beginning with B for your special friend. Below is the list of such dog names that we have compiled. We hope you find your best pick.

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Rare Dogs Names That Start With B

If your new puppy is a rare breed or you simply want an interesting name for your dog, take a look at this list of unique dog names that start with B.

1. Babooshka (F) (Russian origin) meaning "grandmother", is one of the best unique dog names.

2. Balto (M) (Babylonian origin) meaning "Baal protects the king". Balto is a wolfdog from the animated film 'Balto'.

3. Banjo (M) (English origin) meaning "a musical instrument". One of the cool dog names.

4. Basil (M) (Greek origin) meaning "royal" or "kingly".

5. Bazooka (M & F), meaning "rocket launcher". Another one of the very cool dog names.

6. Beethoven (M) meaning "beetroot farms". This name is associated with the famous music composer Ludwig Beethoven.

7. Bellini (F) (Italian origin) meaning "little beautiful one".

8. Bijou (F) French origin) meaning "jewel". This name is associated with a Jack Russel terrier from the TV series 'Hooperman'.

9. Bishop (M) (English origin) meaning "overseer".

10. Bolivar (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "riverbank". It is the name of a character from 'Donald Duck' movie.

11. Bruce (F) (Scottish origin) meaning "from the willow lands".

12. Brunhilde (F) (German origin) meaning "armed for battle". This is a unique dog's name that starts with B.

Male Dog Names That Start With B

(Best male dog names for your baby dog can really add character to your dog.

Male dog names are full of varieties and different meanings. Take a look at these male dog names that start with B.

13. Barkley (English origin) meaning "birch valley". It is the name of a dog from the television series 'Sesame Street'.

14. Barley (English origin) meaning "a cereal grain".

15. Barney (Slavic origin) meaning "defender". Barney was the dog owned by the former U.S President George Bush. One of the cute and popular dog names.

16. Baron (English and French origin) meaning "warrior" or "nobleman", a title of nobility, is a great choice for male dog names for your baby dog.

17. Baxter (English origin) meaning "baker".

18. Beamer (English origin) meaning "trumpet player".

19. Beau (French origin) meaning "handsome".

20. Beckham (English origin) meaning "homestead by the stream". This name is associated with the former English footballer, David Beckham. Ideal dog name for soccer fans.

21. Benji (Hebrew origin) meaning "son of the right-hand", short for Benjamin, is a great choice for boy dog names that start with B.

22. Benson (English origin) meaning "son of Ben".

23. Bentley (English origin) meaning "meadow with bent grass".

24. Bertram (German origin) "bright raven".

25. Blaze (English origin) meaning "flame".

26. Bowie (Irish and Scottish origin) meaning "yellow" or "fair-haired", one of the best male dog names for a blonde-haired dog.

27. Brando (Italian origin) meaning "fiery torch".

28. Bravo (Spanish origin) meaning "fierce" or "courageous".

29. Brian (Irish origin) meaning "high" or "noble", a Labrador retriever from the TV series 'Family Guy'.

30. Brooke (English origin) meaning "a small stream".

31. Bruno (German origin) meaning "brown". It is the name of Cinderella's pet dog, from the fairy tale.

32. Buck (English origin) meaning "deer". Buck is a dog from the film 'Eight below'.

33. Buddha (Sanskrit origin) meaning "awakened one".

Female Dog Names That Start With B

Naming your female dog a nice and beautiful name can express your love for the pet. Here is a fascinating list of female dog names that start with B.

34. Babette (French origin) meaning "God is my oath".

35. Babs (Latin origin) meaning "foreign".

36. Baja (Spanish origin) meaning "lower".

37. Bambi (Italian origin) meaning "child" or "baby". Bambi is a young fawn from the Disney movie of the same name.

38. Barbie (Latin origin) meaning "foreign woman", a fashion doll by Mattel, is a great choice for female dog names that start with B.

39. Beatrix (Latin origin) meaning "bringer of joy".

40. Becca (Hebrew origin) meaning "to bind".

41. Bella (Italian origin) meaning "beautiful". Bella is the most popular choice for girl dog names that start with B.

42. Bertha (German origin) meaning "bright one".

43. Bessie (Hebrew origin) meaning "oath of God".

44. Beth (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my oath", is a diminutive of the name Elizabeth.

45. Bianca (Italian origin) meaning "white". One of the sweet dog names for a white dog.

46. Birdie (English origin) meaning"little bird".

47. Blanca (Spanish origin) meaning "white".

48. Blossom (English origin) meaning "fresh" or "a flower". This name is inspired by a character from the cartoon 'Powerpuff Girls'.

49. Bonnie (Scottish origin) meaning "pretty".

50. Breezy, derived from Breeze, meaning "windy", is the perfect female dog names starting with the letter B.

51. Brooklyn (American origin) meaning "broken land" or "pretty brook".

52. Bubbles (English origin) meaning "bubbly". It is the name of a character from the cartoon 'Powerpuff Girls',

53. Buttercup (English origin) meaning "yellow wildflower". This name is inspired by a character from the cartoon 'Powerpuff Girls'.

Unisex Dog Names That Start With B

Unisex dog names are the trend right now. So why not name your dogs with gender-neutral names? Take your pick from this list of unisex dog names that start with B.

54. Bailey (English origin) meaning "bailiff".

55. Beaumont (French origin) meaning "beautiful mountain", a sheepdog from the comic 'Pooch Cafe'.

56. Beverly (English origin) meaning "beaver stream".

57. Binky (English origin) meaning "field of beans". One of the funny yet cute dog names.

58. Blanche (French origin) meaning "white".

59. Boomer (American origin) meaning "large" or "loud". Boomer is a dog that appeared in the comic 'Pooch Cafe'. Perfect for a noisy dog.

60. Bosco (Italian origin) meaning "someone from woods".

61. Briar (English origin) meaning "shrub" or "thorny patch".

62. Bristol (English origin) meaning "site of the bridge".

63. Brock (English origin) meaning "badger". Among the tough dog names.

64. Bronx (American origin) meaning "Bronck's land", is one of the best choices for unique dog names.

Cute Dog Names Starting With B

It's quite affectionate to name your cute dogs with names that suit their character. Check out this great list of cute dog names that start with B.

65. Bandit (M /F) (American origin) meaning "thief", is the Labrador retriever from the comic 'We3'.

66. Barry (M) (Irish origin) meaning"fair-headed". A mature name for baby dogs with letter B.

67. Betsy (F) (English origin) meaning "God is my oath". One of the cute girl dog names starting with B.

68. Bimbo (M) (Italian origin) meaning "baby". One of the sweet dog names.

69. Bingo (M) is one of the best Golden retriever dog names that start with B.

70. Blondie (M & F), a nickname for someone with blonde hair.

71. Bob (M) (German origin) meaning "bright fame". This was inspired by a fox terrier in Agatha Christie's 'Dumb Witness'.

72. Bolt (M) (English origin) meaning "bar" or "arrow". Bolt is a white shepherd from the film 'Bolt'. Among the great dog names for a quick dog.

73. Booker (M & F) (English origin) meaning "scribe" or "maker of books".

74. Boone (M) (English origin) meaning "good" or "blessing".

75. Boris (M) (Turkic origin) meaning "short" or "wolf".

76. Bowser (M) (French origin) meaning "fine sir", is the name of a dog from the comic 'Moose and Molly'.

77. Buddy (M & F) (American origin) meaning "friend". Buddy is a Golden retriever from the movie 'Air Buds'.

78. Buttons (F) is a faithful dog that appeared on 'Animaniacs'.

79. Buzz (M) (American origin), after Buzz Aldrin, the second human to walk on the moon.

Strong Dogs Names Starting With B

There are a lot of strong dog names starting with the letter B.

Some dog breeds can look very tough and fierce but loyal. If you have such tough dogs, choose a name from these tough dog names

80. Banshee (F) (Irish origin) meaning "fairy woman", after a female spirit from Irish folklore.

81. Beast (M & F) is one of the strong B names for dogs. One of the strong yet affectionate dog names.

82. Bernie (M) (French origin) meaning "brave as a bear", is one of the best tough male dog names for your brave dog.

83. Bilbo (M), after the protagonist from 'The Hobbit', is one of the good dog names that start with B.

84. Blitz (M) (German origin) meaning "lightning".

85. Bogart (M) (French origin) meaning "bow strength".

86. Bridget (F) (Irish origin) meaning "strength" or "exalted one".

87. Bronco (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "wild horse".

88. Bronte (F) (Greek origin) meaning "thunder". This name is inspired by the English novelist and poet, Charlotte Bronte.

89. Brutus (M) (Latin origin) meaning "heavy".

90. Bull's eye (M) (English origin) meaning "center of a target". This name is inspired by a character from 'Oliver Twist'.

91. Buster (M) (American origin) meaning "tough guy". Buster is a Dachshund from the 'Toy Story' series.

92. Butch (M/F) (English origin) meaning "butcher". It is the name of a Bulldog from 'Mickey Mouse'.

Food Names For Dogs That Start With B

Some dogs are crazy foodies. Therefore it is a great idea to name your dogs with names inspired by foods and snacks. We have arranged a few foods-inspired dog names that start with B.

93. Bacon (M/F), meaning "cured pork". It is one of the cutest dog names that start with B.

94. Bagel (M/F) (Polish origin) meaning "ring", is a bread product from Poland.

95. Bean (F) is one of the most suitable dog names that start with B.

96. Berry (M/F) (English origin) meaning "a small fruit".

97. Biscuit (F) (Latin origin) meaning "twice-cooked".

98. Bourbon (M) (French origin), a sandwich style, dark chocolate flavored biscuits.

99. Brandy (F) (Dutch origin) meaning "burnt wine", a character from 'Brandy and Mr Whiskers'.

100. Brie (F) (French origin) meaning "marshland". Brie is a soft cow milk cheese.

101. Brownie (M) (English origin) meaning "brown". It is a chocolate-baked confection.

102. Brulee (F)(French origin) meaning "burnt", a French dessert.

103. Bundt (M) meaning "bunch" or "bundle", after the Bundt cakes.

104. Burrito (M/F) (Spanish origin) meaning "little donkey". It is Mexican cuisine.

105. Butterscotch (M/F), a brown sugar confectionery, is one of the best dog names that start with B.

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