50+ Best Door Puns To Get A Handle On

These door puns will be bolted to your heart with laughter.

The basic definition of a door defines an object that is hinged and serves as an entry or an exit point for someone.

The primary purpose of doors is to serve as a layer of protection door our homes and rooms. Doors are generally made out of different varieties of wood.

Nowadays, metallic doors are also used widely as they provide a better support structure with a higher strength than wood. Doors are made of various types like fixed doors, hanging doors, or sliding doors. Hinged doors have a single hinge in them, which acts as a lever and thus helps the door open or close. Doors are named according to their placement, like a front door usually refers to the main door of a house or building, while a back door refers to a door located at the posterior of the building. Front doors and back doors often have see-through holes that allow a person inside the room to see the outside without revealing his position.

Thus, as you can see, because it such a common object for our day to day use, we can come up with new door jokes and puns every single day. So without further waiting, open the front door of your house and welcome these best door jokes and puns. You should be grateful that these puns aren't going next door!

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Doors And Door Handle Puns

Enlisted below are some of the best door related puns. Be it a front door or next door, these door jokes will knock you off your feet!

1. My door had an essential job of not letting intruders in. I think it is more than capable of handling it!

2. A new record shop has opened in our neighborhood. When I visited them and asked whether they had anything by The Doors, they replied, "Of course, we have a mop, a bucket, and some old brushes."

3. Being a door is very hard. You will get board very quickly!  

4. I replaced the door of my house with a door that is entirely made out of dark chocolate and handles made out of wafers. You should never knock it until you've tried it.

5. My sister gifted me a documentary on door handles. I couldn't help but finish the documentary in one sitting as it was so gripping.

6. My brother asked me if the door was ajar. I replied, "No, it's a door!"

7. Papa door told the son door to try and take the best decisions in life. This was because a door's life hinges on every decision.

8. The main door pridefully said to the small door that the key feature was that he locked very well!

9. The carpenter said that I should be careful with my old door because sometimes old things can creak at the slightest of touches.

10. After the door was given the job of a train conductor, every time a train would leave the station, he would say, "All a board!"

11. Neither my friend nor I could move the door from its position. Guess it is in a doormant state!

12. My friend once said sorry to the door after slamming it hard. He said he could have handled it better!

13. The person who invented the knock-knock door jokes should be awarded the no bell prize.

14. The husband door complimented the wife door by saying that she was adoorable!

15. I recently added a couple of features to my door. That has helped me in getting a handle on things!

16. The door was asked to do a bad deed, to which he said, "I don't swing that way!"

17. My musician friend, a fan of the music band 'The Doors', was always open to new things.

18. My daughter asked me as to why I was removing the door off the hinges. I replied that we were updating our privacy policy!

19. My dog has a bizarre habit. Every time someone knocks on the front door, she starts to bark and respond. I feel a bit sad because it is hardly ever for her.

Cute Door Puns

Don't get locked in a room with these puns, you won't want to come out.

Cute door pun and jokes are a-door-able. Don't believe me, read the puns about doors and they will stay bolted in your mind forever!

20. I need help in fixing my door hinges. If anyone can help, please come in. My door is always open.

21. My brother has invested his every penny in a door business. I think a lot is hinging on it succeeding!

22. Although the door didn't want to be replaced, it had to let the carpenters come into the house. Being a door cannot be easy because you have to open up to things.

23. The door to the psychiatrist's room must have been bipolar because sometimes it was open, and sometimes it was close.

24. A door doesn't like ajar puns; it only loves knock-knock jokes!

25. Professor Dumble-door was denied entry into Hogwarts and had the door shut in his face!

26. I was so angry at my door for getting stuck closed just as I was about to leave for vacation. I kept on insulting it, but it didn't reply. Guess this is how it feels to talk to a wall.

27. My son kept on telling me lame knock-knock door jokes, so I shut his room door. He texted me, "Oh, pun the door!"

28. My brother left his job. He used to work at a revolving door company, and unfortunately, it wasn't moving anywhere fast!

29. If a woodpecker ever becomes a mail delivery person, you'll not only get your mail delivered but will find it knocking at your door!

30. I used to wonder what happens behind closed doors until recently I found out that the mail just lands on the carpet!

31. My pet dog is named 'Blacksmith' because every time I close the door, he makes a bolt for it.

32. Earlier today, I woke up to a tap on my front door. The plumber found it hilariously punny!

33. I was about to close my furniture shop when a family came in to shop for some doorways and gates for their new house. I really needed to leave, so I had no other option than to show them the door!

Doorways Puns

There's also a lot more to door puns than you think.

Doorways are entries into wherever you wish to go. Here have a little laughter with these puns about doorways.

34. I once knew an artist back in the day who would impersonate Dali's paintings on doorways and gates. Whatever Dali paintings he drew on a door, he would always insist on selling them. Well, this is why he was known SellTheDoor Dali.

35. While visiting our new home, my brother asked me to show him how the door worked. I replied, "Come, I will give you a walkthrough".

36. When my son and I fought about Jim Morrison being an overrated singer, he stormed off the room. This was why I had to scold him for slamming the doors.

37. My key wouldn't open any other door in my house other than the front door because that was the key had en-door-sed.

Car Door Puns

A Car door joke or garage door puns are classics. These jokes will force you to keep your door open!

38. My son couldn't open the door of the car. So I told him to twist the handle like ajar.

39. My friend bought a car door on his trip to the desert. He thought he would wind the window down when it would get too hot!

40. On one occasion, I had tried to open my front door with my car door keys, but it didn't work as the car keys weren't enough door-key.

Lock And Key Puns

Here you will find lock puns and puns about keys which any door lock!

41. If your door gets locked and you can't open it. Sit down, relax, and talk as communication is the key!

42. The chimpanzee couldn't open the Tibetan monastery's doors to get food because it had forgotten its monk-key!

43. My musician friend once wrote a song about doors getting locked. The song was good, but it didn't have a key change anywhere!

44. Pirates find it very easy to open hidden, locked up treasures in isolated islands. They use an-arr-key!

45. My sister is a guitarist who returns late after performing at various shows. We always leave our door open for her because even though she is a good guitarist, she never finds the right key!

46. My friend never learned the use of keys and doors, and now he has started turning bald. Apparently, he is losing his locks!

47. I have the habit of forgetting to lock the doors. This is the keynote of my life.

Some More Options For A Door Pun

Take a look at some more options for puns and jokes on doors. You may never know which one you like:

48. I was saved from robbery by my main door because it refused to budge even after constant pressure from the thieves. It showed so much courage and bravery that I am sure it is a Gryffin-door.

49. When I walked past the high-security government building, I saw that one door had a tag 'This Door Is Alarmed'. I thought surely this must be a joke because how can you startle a door?

50. I was amazed to see my new door had a unique fragrance attached to it. When I asked the carpenter about it, he said that this was one of the new deo-door-ant models.

51. After seeing that I had bought a door that gives off a sweet fragrance, my next-door neighbor installed one that had no smell attached to it. Well, you know it was one of the special o-door-less ones.

52. I don't know why the bull kept destroying all my doors and gates in my house. The only reason I guess I know is that it thought they were a mata-door.

53. Whenever I opened my door today, I found some gifts outside. You know, I believe my doorway has turned into pan-door-a's box.

54. After getting kicked out of the Society of Euphemism, I kicked down their back door to gain entry.

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