50+ Best Dragon Age Elf Names

There are numerous 'Dragon Age' elves.

'Dragon' Age is one of the most exciting and fun role playing fantasy games out there.

With dark and heroic fantasy elements, 'Dragon Age' makes for one of the most adventurous games you could ever come across. The 'Dragon Age' universe has numerous elves that are powerful, mischievous and can wreak havoc within minutes.

When playing 'Dragon Age', one of the most exciting parts you might come across is to give an elf a name. These slenderly built elves use nature, magic and the Fade to fight their enemies and keep their community safe and sound in the game. In the 'Dragon Age' universe, these elves are one of the most powerful humanoid races. If you are obsessed with these Dalish elves, the chances are that you might be looking for good elven names or elvish names. These elves deserve powerful and mystical names and if you are struggling to find a name that you like, here are some of the best 'Dragon Age' elf names for you to look at. You can very well use these names as they are or add a little twist of your own. For more, you can also have a quick look at these Qunari names and Argonian names.

Best 'Dragon Age' Elven Names

Got an elven dragon you would like to give a good name? Many city elves have elven names; however, thousands of elves also have 'Dragon Age' inquisition names that have Irish, Gaelic, Hebrew and Latin origins. We have drawn inspiration from the Dalish language in 'Dragon Age', and prepared a list of the best Dalish elves names. Use these names for Dragon Age ancient elves and give these elves a little extra character and personality.

1. Aragorn (English origin) meaning “royal zeal” or “revered King”.

2. Frodo (German origin) meaning “wisdom”.

3. Garen (Irish or Gaelic origin) meaning “geldling”.

4. Gollum (Hebrew origin) meaning “lethargic”.

5. Harahel (Hebrew origin) meaning “boldness”.

6. Legolas (Hebrew origin) meaning “green leaves”.

7. Massa (Biblical origin) meaning “prophecy”.

8. Meril (Sindarin origin) meaning “rose” or “shrewd”.

9. Selen (Greek origin) meaning “the Goddess of moon”.

10. Valeria (Latin origin) meaning “to be strong”.

Elf names are very mystical.

Best Female Elf Mage Names

Looking for a good name to use for a 'Dragon Age' female elf? There are numerous elf mage names and Dalish names for female elves and female Dalish elves in the 'Dragon Age' universe. Use these 'Dragon Age' names or Dalish elf names derived from Dalish words to give your female elf dragon a little extra edge over other elves.

11. Alanna (High German origin) meaning “cheerful” or “handsome”.

12. Beril (Greek origin) meaning “light green”.

13. Berylla (Greek origin) meaning “light green gemstone”.

14. Briva (English or German origin) meaning “determination” or “independence”.

15. Camellia (Latin origin) meaning “one who helps the priest”.

16. Delva (French origin) meaning “a valley”.

17. Dori (Latin or Greek origin) meaning “a gift”.

18. Eowyn (English origin) meaning “horse of joy”.

19. Fiona (Gaelic origin) meaning “fair maiden”.

20. Gimli (Old Norse origin) meaning “fire”.

21. Halia (Hawaiian origin) meaning “remembrance of a loved one”.

22. Kailani (Hawaiian origin) meaning “sea and sky”.

23. Kaleah (Hawaiian origin) meaning “the beloved” and “the flower wreath”.

24. Keoni (Hawaiian origin) meaning “God is gracious”.

25. Mahari (Indian origin) meaning “divine maiden”.

26. Malana (Hawaiian origin) meaning “light”.

27. Nara (Celtic or Japanese origin) meaning “happy”.

28. Nolarill (Irish or Gaelic origin) meaning “someone with a white shoulder”.

29. Ola (Arabic origin) meaning “high” or “surmount”.

30. Vatira (Hebrew origin) meaning “life goes good”.

Dragon Age elf names are powerful.

Best Male Elves Names

For a male 'Dragon Age' inquisition elf, you might like to use a name that is mystical as well as powerful. These names give the city elves a wild personality and enable them to seem more powerful and capable in the fantasy game. If you are looking to stun your gaming enemies and invoke fear in their hearts, these are the names that you must pick for your city elves. You can even pick up words that are rare and use them as good 'Dragon Age' elf names. If you’d like, you can also add a little twist of your own to the name you choose that will give your city elves names a good edge over the others.

31. Aloiki (Hawaiian origin) meaning “renowned war”.

32. Amos (Hebrew origin) meaning “the burden that is carried”.

33. Aviva (Hebrew origin) meaning “fresh” or “dewy” or “innocence”.

34. Darrio (Italian origin) meaning “one who possesses well” or “Kingly”.

35. Davina (Hebrew origin) meaning “cherished”.

36. Drogo (English origin) meaning “carry”.

37. Iman (Hebrew origin) meaning “God is with us”.

38. Jojen (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning “wise dreamer”.

39. Jorah (Hebrew origin) meaning “autumn rain” or “first rain”.

40. Kanoa (Hawaiian origin) meaning “the free one”.

41. Kauai (Hawaiian origin) meaning “a beautiful garden island”.

42. Keoki (Hawaiian origin) meaning “form of George”.

43. Khal (American origin) meaning “King” or “leader”.

44. Makani (Hawaiian origin) meaning “wind”.

45. Micah (Hebrew origin) meaning “he who is like the God”.

46. Naharis (Indonesian origin) meaning “gift of God”.

47. Nanette (Hebrew origin) meaning “favor” or “grace”.

48. Odelia (Hebrew or German origin) meaning “melody” or “wealthy” or “prosperous”.

49. Oren (Gaelic or Hebrew origin) meaning “pine tree” or “someone who has pale skin”.

50. Pekelo (Hawaiian origin) meaning “stone”.

51. Ramsay (English origin) meaning “low lying land”.

52. Stannis (American origin) meaning “to become famous”.

53. Theon (Greek origin) meaning “hunter”.

54. Tyrion (Latin origin) meaning “a sturdy rock”.

55. Zinnia (Hebrew origin) meaning “to be praised”.

56. Zlatan (Slavic origin) meaning “golden”.

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