Best 100+ Dragonborn Last Names With Meanings For Your Characters

A cool last name is a perfect way to set your character apart from others.

Dungeons and Dragons have been a source of entertainment for years.

For years people around the world have been enjoying the game. So, if you are either looking for a clan names for an online D&D game, or your working on a fantasy novel, or movie and need inspiration for a character's last names, then we can help you.

One of the hardest things an author or a player can do is select a name for their character, which does justice to the background stories of that character. So, in case you are about to participate in an online game competition or about to write your dream novel and you are finding it difficult to come up with the perfect Dragonborn last names, then you are on the right page.

We have compiled a list of 100+ dragon born names for these mythical so that you get an entirely special name for your character. You can also check out 50 Dragonborn Names With Meanings and 40+ Best Black Dragon Names articles.

Dragonborn Last Names With Good Meanings  

Names that mean light, goodness or God will make a perfect surname for Dragonborn.

Most Dragonborn keeps their family name a secret, they choose to use clan name instead. If you are looking for clan names for Dragonborn with a meaning that is good, like joy, happiness, power, and such, then keep on reading.

1. Alarie, what’s more hopeful than a name that means “power”?

2. Albertine, for a clan who is noble and bright.

3. Angelo, a perfect name for a Dragonborn race who is like an angel.

4. Andrews, a perfect surname which means “resurrection.”

5. Asher, a unique pick which means “a gift of hope.”

6. Auguste, a perfect surname which means "someone who is favored with good omens".

7. Benenati, what’s more hopeful than a name that means “dawn”?

8. Bellamy, a perfect male Dragonborn name which means "friend".

9. Boone, a perfect name that means "goodness and blessing".

10. Callisto, such last names are perfect for Dragonborn clans who are "beautiful".

11. Callahan, a perfect choice for the female Dragonborn clan who are “bright-headed”.

12. Chrysalis, the last name that means a transitional or new beginning.

13. Cruz, this name of Spanish origin means “cross.”

14. Cyprus, for a fair Dragonborn, dungeons, and dragons

15. Dash

16. Damaris, for a gentle race of white Dragonborn.

17. Dawn, a perfect last name which means a new start or new life!

18. Devin, a perfect name for brass Dragonborn who believes in divine excellence.

19. Dillon, an alternative spelling of Dylan, meaning “loyal.”

20. Einar

21. Elro, is an ideal surname for Dragonborn who believes that God is one true king.

22. Ellis, a surname perfect for the most benevolent Dragonborn clan.

23. Emmanuel, means “God is with us.”

24. Fay, for a Dragonborn clan with supernatural qualities.

25. Festus, for a Dragonborn clan who is always joyful.

26. Frederick, for a peaceful Dragonborn clan.

27. Godfrey, for a Dragonborn clan who believes in goodness.  

28. Hale, for a Dragonborn clan of heroes.  

29. Light, for a Dragonborn clan of happy or cheerful members.

30. Lord, for a Fighter Dragonborn clan who is the best class.

31. Luz, for a Dragonborn clan who sees light in the darkness.

32. Lyon, for a Dragonborn clan of fierce or brave warriors.

33. Kami, for a Dragonborn clan of highborn members.

34. May, for a Dragonborn clan who believes in new springs of hope.  

35. Menken, Dragonborn clan names like these are suitable for members who are comforter.

36. Omega, for a Dragonborn clan who sees a new beginning in ending.  

37. Palmer, for a Dragonborn clan of holy men.

38. Saint, for a Dragonborn clan of pious individuals.

39. Sealey, for a Dragonborn clan of people who are always happy.

40. Selman, for a Dragonborn clan of happy or fortunate men.

41. Simmons, for a Dragonborn clan of protectors

42. Stallard, for a Dragonborn clan of valiant.

43. Stout, for a Dragonborn clan of brave or powerful men.

44. Truman, for a Dragonborn clan who is always faithful.

45. Vaisey, for a Dragonborn clan of cheerful people.

46. Viotto, for a Dragonborn clan who likes to learn the meaning of life.

47. Virtue, for a Dragonborn clan of pious or good persons.

48. Wight, for a Dragonborn clan of strong-willed or brave warriors.

49. Wise

50. Yule, for a Dragonborn clan for sees joys.

Dragonborn Last Names With Evil Meanings  

Unique surnames are a great way to create a background story for your character.

Most Dragonborn have a strong hatred for dragons, but they also possess features like a breath weapon from strong claws, among others. These demonstrate their physical strength and so a physical class is ideal for Dragonborn. And these last names with meaning like darkness and death are surely going to justify that darkness.

51. Achlys, for a clan who believe in darkness.

52. Ambrogio, the last name based on the first legendary vampire.

53. Azvameth, for a clan who believe in strong death.

54. Bacia, for a clan who survived death.

55. Carmilla, for a Dragonborn clan who believes in vampires.

56. Corleone, a perfect Dragonborn clan name after the fictional gangsters Michael and Vito from the 'The Godfather' movie series.

57. Drystan, a name that means "sorrow" is suitable for the Dragonborn clan who overcame pain and adversity.  

58. Hussein, a name inspired by former Iraqi President Sadam Hussien who was also a tyrant.

59. Kek, a male clan name inspired by the God of darkness.

60. Keket, a female clan name inspired by the Goddess of darkness.

61. Krueger, a perfect last name inspired by fictional boogeyman Freddie Krueger from the 'The Nightmare at Elm Street' movie series.

62. Lestat, such Dragonborn names are inspired by the character from the movie 'Interview With a Vampire'.  

64. Mabuz, means "the ruler of death castle".

65. Manson, a surname inspired by murderer Charles Manson.

66. Meglena, a surname that means “fog, mist” in Bulgarian.

67. Miglė, a surname that means “mist” in Lithuanian.

68. Moriarty, a surname inspired by Sherlock Holmes' nemesis.

69. Myers, a surname inspired by fictional murderer Michael Meyers from the 'Halloween' movie series.

70. Nephele, a surname that means “cloudy” in Greek.

71. Ren, a surname inspired by the name of the villain Kylo from the movie' Star Wars'.

72. Sephtis, a surname that means "eternal death".

73. Strahd, surname inspired by video game 'Neverwinter'.

74. Torrance, you can name your clan after the villain from 'The Shining' movie.

75. Wilkes, clan name inspiration from a fictional villain Annie from novel 'Misery'.

76. Willow, a surname from the TV show 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.

Funny Dragonborn Last Names

Before the last name became important, people used descriptive names for the last name. Sometimes they can be funny. Here some of the funny-sounding names for a strong Dragonborn clan.

77. Belarrak, for a blue Dragonborn clan who is native of Relmaur in Laerakond.  

78. Belnak, for a silver Dragonborn clan who is prominent natives of the kingdom Tymanther.  

79. Churiarajachi, for a gold Dragonborn clan who will always defend their nation.  

80. Clethtinthtiallor, for a Dragonborn ranger clan.  

81. Daardendrien, for a copper Dragonborn clan who are martial expert.

82. Fenkenkabradon, such strong female Dragonborn names are perfect for clans who are honest and pious.

83. Garandorn, a clan name based on Dragonborn colors for a notorious clan.

84. Gethmara, for dungeons and dragons Dragonborn clan of Tymanther.

85. Ibeig, perfect Dragonborn name for clans who breathe weapon.  

86. Jalt, such strong Dragonborn names ate suitable for clans who protect the Tymanther and Mulhorand border.  

87. Kanjentellequor, for a clan of wizards.

88. Kepeshkmolik, for the oldest clans of Tymanther.  

89. Linxakasendalor, for a clan proficient in fighting.  

90. Ophinshtalajiiir, for a clan who laid the foundation of Tymanther.  

91.  Prexijandilin, for a clan who protects the others.  

92.  Shestandeliath, for a clan who breeds horses.

93.  Thiaruc, ideal female names for a clan of high-priestess.

94.  Tlassian, a perfect name for a small tribe.  

95.  Tolin, a clan of Dragonborn just like trolls.

96.  Travek, for a clan who loves art and jewels.  

97.  Treg, for a clan who mines.

98. Trouwunax, for a clan who proficient in spell-casting.

99.  Urlingscar, for a long-established ruling tribe.

100.  Verthisathurgiesh, for a more central clan.

101.  Vkriss, for a clan in the center of the politics.

102.  Yrjixtilex, for a clan who lives in the Northeast of Tymanther.  

103.  Zorskan, for a clan with the power to shout.

104.  Zorvroth, ideal male name for a clan of priests.

105. Zorhadur, for a clan who can absorb the souls of slain dragons.

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