50 Best Duergar Names

Duergar are a subrace of dwarves in the fantasy role-playing game D&D

Imps and elves, dwarves, and duergars are all key in fantasy games.

And the best-described duergar starts with the perfect duergar name.A duergar, for the uninitiated, is much like a dwarf, although much more sullen, unhappy, and vicious.

It is easy to notice a duergar when you see one because his skin appears grayish and he has an angry face. Dwarven names and duergar names help identify their personality. Ensure you use the help of our name generator to help pick the perfect dwarf name or names for your duergar. Read on below to discover the names Bruthwol Horgar Ivar which is truly one of its kind in form, meaning, and expression!

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Ultimate Male Duergar Names

Male dwarf names – they are harsh, have strong accents, and sound somewhat mystical. Not all of them have meaning, but each of these names packs a punch. Which of these names would you like to see on your duergar?

1 . Ador is like adore, among the typical dwarf names.

2 . Agil is probably the one who can be rather swift and agile.

3 . Aimil means "eager or a rival", has Latin and Gaelic origin.

4 . Aivol has no real meaning, but one can imagine him being missing most times.

5 . Algil has no known meaning, but sounds like a rather slippery one, like algae.

6 . Alvin meaning "a noble friend"; typical American name for a dwarf.

7 . Anur is bright, shining like the sun.

8 . Aril means "a seed covering", the name means protected.

9 . Baror means "helpful or comforting"; be careful when using this duergar name.

10 . Bavon is an ancient Germanic name meaning "a close relative".

11 . Darli can mean "nourisher", sounds like a dwarf who is quite the darling.

12 . Digion is like the digital monsters – digimon.

13 . Durol is from Duro, the silver currency of Spanish America.

14 . Galvan is an old Irish name meaning "bright white".

15 . Glovil is the name has a ring to it, sounds like a rather luminous duergar.

16 . Madion sounds like this guy has a big of a mental streak.

17 . Mathor is name for a dwarf who has warrior instincts.

18 . Ravol is duergar name for a formidable dwarf.

19 . Thondor sounds threatening like thunder.

Prettiest Female Duergar Names

The gray-colored duergar dwarves can appear sweet

Believe it or not, duergar female names are as amazing as duergar male names. They are quaint, interesting, and have a lot of meaning and character that can be inferred, even if the names themselves don’t mean anything at all. Which of these female duergar dwarf names do you think you will use this time?

20 . Anora is a Latin name that means "honor".

21 . Arira means "legend or superstition".

22 . Arora is from the Roman name Aurora, meaning "dawn".

23 . Balvana doesn’t have a particular meaning, but invokes a sense of strength or valor.

24 . Batha literally means "an affliction"; could imply one that can cause harm or pain.

25 . Darina is a Czech name that means "gift".

26 . Davlia is a derivative of the flower dahlia.

27 . Davona has no real meaning but sounds divine.

28 . Dolga has no real meaning but appears to be inspired by rivers and nature.

29 . Dorgina is from the name Dorina meaning "gift".

30 . Galgiel a name for a charming girl.

31 . Ginina a form of the name Jeanine, means "the grace of God".

32 . Givina is the girl who gives unconditionally.

33 . Glorgona is a duergar name from the girl’s name Gloria.

34 . Melvora is from the Irish name Melva meaning "lady".

35 . Merial is from Muriel; meaning "from the bright sea".

36 . Merthura is from the name Mercari which means "to trade".

37 . Methana is after the Greek town.

38 . Ramona is a Spanish name meaning "hands that protect"; used for all races of dwarves.

39 . Ravlia is from the name Ravalia meaning "playful".

40 . Tholora is probably from the Greek name Theodora.

41 . Thorna is one from the thorn bush.

Long Duergar Names

The longer the name for a duergar, the more majestic and menacing they sound. Imagine dwarves names that have many syllables, and try to construct the feeling the name might evoke. Our name generator has come up with several options for long dwarves’ names to make your job easier. Look and see which of them may be appropriate for your dwarves and duergars.

42 . Akiromba is a commanding name.

43 . Darlrargtolomae because being a deurgar is not unique enough.

44 . Dindalmora are dwarves can also sound musical sometimes.

45 . Frankur-clorn are the tiny version of Frankenstein, perhaps?

46 . Moiridalbrand this sounds pretty unique.

47 . Mogilmobab definitely a one-of-a-kind duergar name.

48 . Rukromthuni has probably got a thousand secrets going on, one among them being his name!

49 . Sorgdaad, this sounds like a tough name.

50 . Thamezagi another tough and imposing name.

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