50 Best Dwarf Last Names

Dwarves are characters known in our stories and movies

Dwarves – they’ve lived in our stories, movies, and fantasy ever since we were children.

Whether we loved, hated, or were afraid of them, we always looked forward to having a dwarf pop up in a plot in some form. Much of the character of dwarves are derived from their names.

It tells us so much about their personality, and also about what we can expect from them. While we may have read about them and conjured up an image in our little minds, representations of dwarves have evolved since they showed up in movies and games. So, names like those of the 7 dwarves, Dopey, Sneezy, Bashful, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy and Doc, as well as Lightfoot began to be so much more relatable. It’s essential to select the perfect dwarven names to help conjure the right spirit.

The amazing thing about a dwarf’s last name is that it explains itself clearly. Surnames are usually descriptions of the dwarf’s personality or an attribute you can expect him to have. While the first name may be easy, picking dwarf surnames can prove challenging. It needs to be meaningful, tie into their image, and also offset the first name well. This is why our generator has come up with over 40 random names that can help create the perfect personality for your dwarf – whether they're a character in your book, in your movie, in your game, or even in your fantasy daydream.

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Deadly Dwarf Last Names

The mere mention of these names will have you in fear. Every dwarf’s last name on this list is different, deadly, and inspires fear and trepidation. Our name generator brings you the most fearful dwarf names.

1 . Battlehammer, one can only imagine what fighting them will lead to.

2 . Bloodcoat, a scary name for dwarf.

3 . Bloodforge, depicts unending spurts of blood.

4 . Bloodminer, imagine what he’s digging for! Truly deadly dwarf name.

5 . Boatmurderer, these guys conquer the seas, and no one can get past them alive.

6 . Bonetank, a fearful dwarf name.

7 . Chainbreaker, will break chains, bones, skulls….. Scary dwarf name this!

8 . Deepaxe, one strong is dangerous.

9 . Ironbreaker if they can break iron, imagine the strength.

10 . Ironhand depicts a hand of iron.

11 . Ironjaws a vicious last name.

12 . Jumpnkill, one wrong move and you’re history, they will jump and kill you.

13 . Leatheraxe, this name sounds painful.

14 . Shieldbreaker, nothing can protect you from this guy; unstoppable dwarf's name.

15 . Stoneheart, don’t expect any mercy or compassion from him.

16 . Stonesplitter, he will do to your head what he does to stones.

17 . Stronginthearm, names like these ensure that you stay away from them.

Sweet-Sounding Dwarf Names

Some dwarven last names sound sweet. Here are some random clan names for a male or female dwarf that our name generator suggests you can use and share.

18 . Ashbraid, is a dwarf with any braid sounds delightful.

19 . Blessedgrog, if he’s blessed, how can we possibly dislike him.

20 . Bottlefinger though he’s missing a digit, he sounds cute nonetheless.

21 . Buzzbeard, for an active fuzzy dwarf.

22 . Copperpots, just in case you need a Masterchef.

23 . Goldtrickle, sounds sweet yet commanding.

24 . Hammerpants, a rather amusing sweet last name.

25 . Hornbelly, another funny dwarf name.

26 . Icebrew, a more frosty name.

27 . McKnuckles, a name to make you chuckle.

28 . Nightguard, for a dwarf who's aware.

29 . Noblemantle, among the most distinguished dwarf names!

30 . Silverbeards, name for the dwarf that’s old and wise.

31 . Silverfinger, dwarven names that are simply precious.

32 . Snowmaker, a wintery dwarf name.

33 . Surefoot surnames that are so nimble!

34 . Worldsword, for a dwarf with wise words.

Dwarven Names Inspired By Nature

Nature is a big source of inspiration for dwarven last names. Our name generator brings you some amazing dwarven names that can be put to great use for a dwarf anywhere in the world. Nature-inspired names are different and work well with male and female dwarves. Which of these clan names are you going to use for yours?

35 . Birchstone, the tree defines who these folks are.

36 . Bluemountain name should tell you where their clan comes from.

37 . Darkseekers, although there is something deathly about the name, they’re just looking for somewhere to hide.

38 . Frostpeak, they thrive on the cold, misty days.

39 . Highcliff, for the male and female dwarves who come all the way from the cliff.

40 . Highfields, these male and female dwarves thrive on the plains.

41 . Mountainfalls, what a beautiful place to see these male and female dwarves live happily.

42 . Mountainhall, you should know where these guys will hang out.

43 . Mountainhome, it’s easy to figure where they live.

44 . Mudbasher, you know it’s him or her if you see them flailing around in the earth.

45 . Onyxmaster, the one guarding the precious gem; these names say it all!

46 . Orcshorn, one of the quirkier last names.

47 . Stoneborn, these male and female dwarves were born around the stony parts.

48 . Stoneshaft, all their weapons are made of stone.

49 . Silvertombs, ominous though it sounds, they make the tombstones glow.

50 . Underriver, names like these should give you a good idea of where you can find them.

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