40+ Best Ear Puns You Need To Hear

If you h-ear our ear puns, we can guarantee it will up your ear humour.

The ear is one of the five major sense organs of the human body.

The main work of an ear is to help us in hearing sounds. The sound enters our ear and is then carried to the brain via the auditory nerve, which helps us in processing and differentiating sounds and noises.

Most humans have a pair of ears, i.e., the left ear and the right ear. Did you know: ears also have the smallest bones of the body? The malleus, incus, and stapes. Ears also have a secondary function of maintaining the balance and equilibrium of the body. Please put on your noise-canceling headphones, block out all sounds, and submerge yourself into our ear puns that include some earring puns, piercing jokes, funny ear jokes. These are the best collections of the ear pun and ear one-liners.

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Classic Ear Puns

Our ear jokes will not leave you feeling like you're neither 'ear nor there.

Here you will get some ear puns which are just as classic as hoop earrings.

1. I've never seen the inside of my ears. But all I hear are good things!

2. Spock had three ears and not two like normal human beings. They were, the right ear, left ear, and the final front-ear!

3. It doesn't cost a huge fortune for a pirate to pierce his ears. It's quite cheap. It costs just a buck-an-ear!

4. The father bear was working in the garage when his son came to complain about his problem at school. Despite being busy, the father bear said, "Tell me your problems, I'm all b-ears".

5. The police quietly entered the room of the crime. It was the room where everyone's ears went missing, and there were a lot of windows. The room was quite ear-y, to say the very least!

6. I saw my brother lying down on the piano with his ear on the keys. On asking him, he replied that it was the best way to learn to play by ears!

7. I'm getting an operation on my lobes tomorrow. It's New Ears eve!

8. Trains have special kinds of ears that are vastly different from others. They have engine-ears!

9. Two ears entered the sound lab way past the normal time. When the security guard caught them, he shouted, "Get out of h-ear".

10. Loud noises and sounds are extremely harmful for your ears. They can badly hertz your eardrums!

11. Even if you called a bear without ears as just 'B', he wouldn't be able to h-ear you!

12. I usually retort out in anger when I can't hear anything properly. It really is ear-itating!

13. The famous tennis star was arrested by the police for hanging his tennis equipment and kits from his ears. The police have arrested him on the charge of racket-ear-ing!

14. I visited my ENT specialist to get my ears cleaned. He advised me that I should visit him every 12 months to get the ears cleaned. So now I have an ear-ly appointment with my doctor!

15. I had my ear surgery last week and still haven't heard anything from my doctor. Now I'm wondering if it is a good or a bad thing!

16. My sister complained that there was a ringing in her ears. I corrected her by saying it was ear-rings!

17. Once, George Michael hurt his ear when his friend told him something. It was a careless whisper from his friend!

Best Puns On Ears

Ear jokes and puns are some of the best things that you'll ever h-ear.)

We did a little ear wordplay and came up with some of the best ear jokes and puns that you'll ever find. Have a go at reading them.

18. I visited a restaurant for dinner and absolutely fell in love with it. When I was leaving, the manager told me, "Thank you for coming. Do come ear often".

19. The only thing that I don't want in life is to lose my hearing. It would be absolutely ear-replaceable.

20. If someone had the ability of excellent hearing, he would be known as a superh-ear-o!

21. The Earl was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his contribution to medical and anatomical sciences. He became an earlobe!

22. Two earplugs were arguing with one another as to who was better. After the quarrel, they made up, and one said to another, "You're ear-resistible".

23. My friends have iPhones while I have a basic landline. It's just an earPhone!

24. My octogenarian grandmother keeps losing her hoops all the time. I guess at her age, earring loss is natural!

25. The favorite type of jewelry of an electrician is engine-earring!

26. I saw a court trial documentary yesterday. I started wondering that if a deaf man were tried at court, would it be a hearing or not!

27. The strangest of all ghosts have the best hearing because they are the eeriest!

28. My mother advised me to wear ear protection before going to a loud metal concert. I guess it was sound advice!

29. I decided to sell my hearing aids. I got a suitable buyer, so now I won't be hearing any more offers!

30. My grandfather is 90 years old and still had perfect hearing. I think for him, it really is a deaf defying achievement!

31. My son asked me if I am losing my hearing ability after playing drums for more than 25 years in the band. I replied, "What was that?"

32. After hearing a loud noise, I lost the hearing ability of my right ear for a while. However, after a couple of hours, it came back. I was petrified. It was a near deaf experience!

Funny Ear Puns

Here's the list of some of the funniest ear puns you'll ever find.

33. The thief was caught for stealing dozens of hearing aids. I am wondering if he will be given the deaf penalty!

34. Hearing aids are on sale at the moment, they are at unheard of low prices!

35. The only Lake in the United States which can hear everything clearly is Lake Ear-ie!

36. A hearing-impaired cat that also performs rock music is Def Leppard!

37. I went to a stand-up comedy show, and the comedian was really funny. He had the whole thing subtitled for deaf people and ended his set by saying, "Shout out to those who couldn't hear me!"

38. I lost my airpods and kept on searching for them ear and there all across the house!

39. The little ear wanted to try ice skating. Before trying his skates for the first time, he exclaimed, "Ear goes nothing".

40. Two engineers of Apple, who were working on the latest airpod prototypes, were talking amongst themselves. The first one said, "Ear's the thing, the sound equilibrium needs to be the best".

41. Sennheiser is planning on coming up with 3D sound-equipped headphones in a couple of ears time!

42. A couple of ears went to venture into a haunted house. One of the ears got afraid and exclaimed, "I'm outta ear".

43. The little ear went to school late, and when the teacher asked why he was late, he said, "I don't have a car". The teacher said that the excuse was neither ear nor there.

44. The little ear scored badly in his test, and after he returned home, papa ear asked him to come right ear, right now to explain his poor performance.

45. There was news of an upcoming storm, and the ear reporter of the ear news channel started the news show by saying, "You heard it ear first".

46. The poor ear family was having a bad year when they came to know that they have won a huge lottery prize. It was a breath out of fresh ear for them!

47. The famous magician was having a great show when he said that he could make ears disappear. He called a person from the audience and made his ear disappear into the thin ear.

48. The group of ears won the final of the Chinese Whisper Game Competition, and while celebrating, the captain ear was praising the team. Everyone cheered every time saying, "Ear ear!"

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