55+ Best Economics Jokes And Puns To Dime Out On

Econ puns make great pick up lines.

Whether you're an econ major or an economist, these jokes are guaranteed to make you chuckle.

Studying the economy is no simple task. Economists manage vital responsibilities like studying the production of products and their distribution and consumption through the lens of scarcity.

Economists also study the labor force to analyze the division of labor and its various subjects such as time, energy, and manpower. The Earth only has finite resources, and economists are equipped with a skill set that lets them determine how we can efficiently utilize those resources to get the maximum gain. As individuals, we make decisions based on the resources we have at a singular moment in time. We decide how we're going to bifurcate our time and energy on each task so we can attain its maximum utility.

The economic puns in this list will surely cause a laugh riot. We have such a large supply of supply jokes and microeconomics jokes that you will definitely not feel their scarcity anytime soon. This list also includes various capitalism jokes, inflation jokes, economist jokes, forecasting jokes, supply and demand jokes, and economy jokes. If you're someone who wants to indulge in some economics' humour, you've come to the right place. This list also includes some classic 'how many economists does it take to change a lightbulb' jokes. We hope you thoroughly enjoy this list we've created for you.

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Hilarious Economic Jokes

I have a lot of interest in economics humor.

Here is a list of some great economics jokes, which also includes a variety of economists' jokes.

1. Do you know about an economics student injured his neck by diving into a pool? He didn't remember to seasonally adjust.

2. How many economists do you need to change a light bulb? You don't need any. If the light bulb really had to change, the market forces would have already made it happen.

3. Why is the work of an economist and a plumber so similar in nature? Both of them handle gross domestic product.

4. What is an economist who sells imitation art called? E-con artist.

5. Why can't economists ever adopt a gluten-free diet? Their food choices tend to be sticky.

6. Which biblical character would have made a great economist? Noah, because while everyone's stocks were in liquidation, his were afloat.

7. Why should you always try to order rare goods from economists? They can always supply anything on demand.

8. Why did one man decide to become an economist after being a banker for 25 years? He lost interest.

9. Why was the economist feeling so low about his banana bread failure? He was let down by the deflation.

10. Who had the most success after inflation hit the market? Bouncy castles.

11. Why didn't the banker tell any of his friends a capitalism joke? They couldn't afford to get it.

12. Why did one man only prefer writing in lowercase? He wasn't too fond of capitalism.

13. Why did the woman have to close her balloon business? It couldn't survive the cost of inflation.

14. Why was the economist such a horrible painter? All of the paint in his paintings used to trickle down.

15. What would happen if you ended up finding a refund receipt hidden in your economics textbook? You would end up with a marginal benefit.

16. Why did the economics professor stop telling one joke about economists? There wasn't enough demand for it.

17. What would Kanye West teach if he was an economics professor? Kanyesian economics.

18. What do you call an economist who hates to spend a lot of money on his books? An Economizer.

19. Why did the rich man give the university a lot of money to be able to study economics? He wanted to study it at any cost.

20. Why can't two economists from different schools of thought ever agree? They're debating from different premises.

21. What should an economy student utilize to predict constant-dollar estimates? The student should use a deflator mouse.

22. What mode of transportation does an economist prefer? A banking cycle.

23. Why did the economist and the banker decide to get married? They had a great bond.

24. What did one man say to the economy when all of his goods started to become worthless? I don't depreciate the fact that all of this is happening to me.

25. What did the economist say when someone asked him how his wife was doing? "Relative to what?"

26. What did the economist say when someone asked him what he was going to get paid in 5 years? "Who can know what is going to happen in the long run?"

27. Why did the economist with one arm take the armrest on the train? She thought it had higher marginal utility for her.

28. Why were the two economists only content when both of their emotions were balanced? They preferred to stay in a state of equilibrium.

29. What are the first two laws of economics? For each economist, there's supposed to exist an equal and opposite economist; the second law suggests that they're both wrong.

Funny Economics Puns

Economist puns are on another level.

Here is a list of some funny and wonderful puns on economics. We're sure that you will find a great economics pun to love after going through this list. You can also make these puns into wonderful jokes about economists.

30. One of the economist's biggest dreams was to produce his own show about economics. Unfortunately, he could never do it because he didn't know the factors of production.

31. One day, an inflation's friends noticed that he was acting very jumpy. After discussing the matter with each other, they finally asked him, "Why are you acting so hyper, inflation?"

32. Nobody liked the economist who was going around rejecting all of the established schools of thought. Everyone thought he was very heterodox.

33. Why did one economist decide to leave his expensive rented apartment and move into a small studio? He figured he'd lost enough interest in it to continue any further.

34. The sea was really annoyed that his finances had been stagnant for years. He was tired of the long wave.

35. The house was really dissatisfied with his job because he wanted an increase in his market income.

36. A tax that always advocates for social reform and stands up for the right of others is called a progressive tax.

37. A GDP fell down the stairs and got really injured. The injuries were pretty severe, so he had to spend a lot of time in recovery.

38. An economist who buys a property at the last minute engages in a lot of speculation.

39. Economists from other planets also collaborate with the earth's economists. They regularly communicate with the World Bank.

40. A group of vegetables decided to stage a protest outside of the economic firm. It was the onions.

41. An economist tried hard but failed to have a successful career. He had various accomplishments in the short run, but they didn't add up in the long run.

42. The dollar who turned into a real estate agent is fantastic at his job. He makes sure to tell people about the price ceiling and price floor the minute they enter the house.

Trade Jokes

Trade is defined as the movement of services or goods from one owner to another in return for money, goods, or services. If you would like a great joke in return for some laughs, we have the perfect list for you. Here is a list of trading jokes that get you rolling on the trading floor in laughter!

43. What would a merchant say if he had just completed a beneficial trade? Good buy.

44. What did the store that traded fruits and measuring equipment post on its Facebook? Banana for scale.

45. Why was the trader so happy that he got three chickens in exchange for his deer? They merely cost him a buck.

46. Where did the ice cream connoisseur go to perfect his trade? Sundae School.

47. Why was the man upset even though he'd passed the exam for funeral directors? He realized his craft was a dying trade.

48. What do traders say after their day is over? I bid you adieu.

49. Why was the trader so frustrated? He had just witnessed a horrible haircut.

50. Why was the trader reading a book of famous sayings about stocks by economists? He wanted to be updated on the latest quotes.

51. Why was the trader overjoyed when the hotel he was staying at offered him a complimentary breakfast? He loved a good spread.

52. What market do possessive traders hate? The share market.

53. What do you call a band that refuses to sing and is horrible at trade? Non-performing assets.

Capitalist Jokes

Finally, we have some jokes for the tiny capitalist that lives inside you. Capitalism is known to be an economic system where an individual is allowed the right to private ownership for personal profit and gain. For every economist, there exists an equal capitalist who is ready to point out ways to make more money. Here is a list of jokes about capitalists that have been crafted especially for you.

54. Why should you never attend a capitalist comedian's stand-up set? He'll charge you for his time and for your time.

55. What is the only reason for me to stop complaining about capitalism? If I got a dollar for every time I tried.

56. Why should you never tell jokes about capitalism to a diverse crowd? Only the rich will get them.

57. What would an emperor say to a successful capitalist? Make it reign.

58. What happened when the capitalist lost all of his money on the stock market? He went through a period of depression.

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