115 Best Edgy Girl Names For Your Baby That Are Effortlessly Chic

Baby girl wearing a flower hairband sleeping on a pink blanket.

Struggling to find the perfect name for your baby girl?

With so many baby names for girls to choose from it can be tough to find the one. It's a good idea to have plenty of options on your name lists, so that when your beautiful little bundle of joy arrives, you can pick the one which suits her best.

We've compiled a list of our favourite baby names for girls which are cool, unique and edgy. If you're looking for baby girl names which will stand out from the crowd, you've come to the right place. Hopefully, if you choose one of these unusual girl names you'll avoid the possibility of sharing it with seven other girls on the school register. We've got short baby names, celebrity baby names and some edgy baby girl names which have taken inspiration from nature. These cute girl names are as unique as your baby.

If you're in need of some more pretty girl names to add to your list, then check out these vintage girl's names. Or if you're also on the lookout for some potential names for baby boys then take a look at these edgy names which we love.

Dad holding his smiling baby girl up in the air outside with a cherry blossom tree behind.
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Short Names

These super short, cool girls names are sure to catch your attention. If you're not a fan of long, traditional names then take a look at these suggestions for your unique baby girl. Short names are less likely to be shortened further, so if you're not keen on nicknames then these punchy baby names are a good place to start.

1.Bay (English Origin), meaning "sea inlet".

2.Bea (American Origin), meaning "blessed".

3.Bean (English Origin), meaning "bean farmer".

4.Belle (French Origin), meaning "beauty".

5.Bette (American Origin), meaning "God is my oath".

6.Blake (English Origin), meaning "pale blond one".

7.Blue (American Origin), meaning "the colour".

8.Bree (American Origin), meaning "from the Brie region of France".

9.Dot (Greek Origin), meaning "gift of God".

10.Flo (English Origin), meaning "short form of Florence".

11.Frost (English Origin), meaning "the freezing of water".

12.Jazz (American Origin), meaning "style of music".

13.Kit (American Origin), meaning "nickname for Katherine or Christopher".

14.Lane (English Origin), meaning "from the lane".

15.Lux (Greek Origin), meaning "light".

16.Mae (English Origin), meaning "month of May".

17.Mai (Japanese Origin), meaning "dance, linen robe".

18.Maude (French Origin), meaning "battle might".

19.Nell (English Origin), meaning "light".

20.Quinn (Irish Origin), meaning "descendant of Conn".

21.Rae (English Origin), meaning "shortened form of Rachel or Raymond".

22.Rain (American Origin), meaning "abundant blessings from above".

23.Sage (English Origin), meaning "herb or prophet".

24.Shawn (American Origin), meaning "God is gracious".

25.Snow (English Origin), meaning "frozen rain, light haired".

26.Starr (American Origin), meaning "star".

27.Sia (Swedish Origin), meaning "victory".

28.Tate (English Origin), meaning "cheerful".

29.True (American Origin), meaning "real, genuine".

30.Wren (English Origin), meaning "small bird".

31.Wynn (Welsh Origin), meaning "fair, blessed".

Baby girl wearing a flower headband lying on her tummy on a fluffy blanket.
Image © freepic.diller, under a Creative Commons license.

Celebrity Names

When it comes to uncommon girl names, celebrities know how to pick baby names which you certainly won't hear every day. Take some inspiration from our list of unique baby girl names below; these names for girls will definitely stand out from the crowd.

32.Avri (Hebrew Origin), meaning "elf counsellor". This edgy baby name was chosen by Susan and Robert Downey Jr.

33.Banks (English Origin), meaning "edge of the river". Banks Violet Blair is the full name of Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma's little girl.

34.Birdie (American Origin), meaning "little bird". As in Birdie Leigh, daughter of Marc Silverstein and Busy Phillips.

35.Chicago (Native American Origin), meaning "wild garlic". Kayne West and Kim Kardashian chose this edgy name as a baby name for their daughter.

36.Cricket (American Origin), meaning "loud insect of the night". Cricket Pearl was the edgy baby name chosen for the daughter of Marc Silverstein and Busy Phillips.

37.Culture (English Origin), meaning "arts and customs". Cardi B and Offset used the spelling Kulture as a baby name. It would certainly make the lists of most unique girl names.

38.Daisy (American Origin), meaning "daisy, flower". Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom chose this sweet little girl name for their brand new baby daughter.

39.Monroe (Scottish Origin), meaning "from the hill". Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon named their twin baby girl Monroe.

40.Pilot (American Origin), meaning "plane operator". Pilot Inspektor is the child of Jason Lee and Beth Riesgraf. It's most definitely a unique baby name that we haven't come across before!

41.Raddix (American Origin), meaning "created name". This unique baby name was chosen for the daughter of Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden.

42.Rani (Hindi Origin), meaning "queen; she is singing". Rani Rose is the edgy baby name of Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa's little girl.

Little girl wearing pink sat on the floor surrounded by pink flower decorations.
Image © freepic.diller, under a Creative Commons license.

Unisex Names

If you're looking for a name which doesn't define gender, take a look at these cool names for girls or boys which we love. These cute names are both cool and edgy, perfect for your unique little bundle of joy.

43.Brody (Scottish Origin), meaning "ditch".

44.Delaney (English Origin), meaning "from the alder grove".

45.Fallon (Irish Origin), meaning "of a ruling family".

46.Hadley (English Origin), meaning "from Hadda's field".

47.Indigo (Greek Origin), meaning "blue dye".

48.Jax (American Origin), meaning "son of Jack".

49.Lennox (Scottish Origin), meaning "with many elm trees".

50.Lyric (English Origin), meaning "words to a song".

51.Marley (English Origin), meaning "from the boundary field".

52.Nova (Latin Origin), meaning "new".

53.Presley (English Origin), meaning "from the Priest's field".

54.Rory (Irish Origin), meaning "red king".

55.Rowe (English Origin), meaning "renowned wolf".

56.Royal (English Origin), meaning "of the King".

57.Rumi (Japanese Origin), meaning "beauty and flow".

58.Sailor (Germanic Origin), meaning "boat man".

59.Scout (American Origin), meaning "first explorer".

60.Stevie (English Origin), meaning "shortened form of Steven or Stephanie".

61.Tex (American Origin), meaning "from Texas".

62.Wednesday (American Origin), meaning "born on Wednesday". Perhaps made popular by The Addams Family.

63.Zephyr (Greek Origin), meaning "west wind".

Cool Names

These are some of the coolest girl names around. Choosing unique baby girl names will mean there's likely to be few of them on the school register. It's not often you bump into a Phoenix or a December on your travels.

64.Aerin (Gaelic Origin), meaning "Ireland".

65.Alaska (Native American Origin), meaning "mainland".

66.Cleo (Greek Origin), meaning "to praise, acclaim".

67.Cybil (Greek Origin), meaning "soothsayer".

68.Daria (American Origin), meaning "upholder of the good". You may remember the TV series 'Daria' from the late '90s, although it's not a name you hear often today.

69.December (English Origin), meaning "born in December".

70.Dinah (Hebrew Origin), meaning "God has judged".

71.Echo (Greek Origin), meaning "reverberating sound".

72.Effie (Greek Origin), meaning "pleasant speech". The cool girl name Effie was has appeared in 'The Hunger Games' and also the hit TV show 'Skins', although it was spelt Effy.

73.Eleven (Old English Origin), meaning "one left". As far as unique baby girl names go, we love this one which could become popular thanks to the hit TV show 'Stranger Things'.

Baby girl holding an edgy toy with a long hat, looking off to the side.
Image © freepic.diller, under a Creative Commons license.

74.Elora (Hebrew Origin), meaning "my God is my light".

75.Ember (English Origin), meaning "spark, burning low".

76.Ever (American Origin), meaning "always".

77.Haisley (Irish Origin), meaning "hazel woods".

78.Harlow (English Origin), meaning "rock hill".

79.Hera (Greek Origin), meaning "protectress".

80.Jovie (American Origin), meaning "joyful".

81.Kipp (English Origin), meaning "from the hill".

82.Lady (English Origin), meaning "bread kneader".

83.Legacy (English Origin), meaning "inherited from ancestors".

84.Lennon (Irish Origin), meaning "dear one".

85.Lexi (Greek Origin), meaning "shortened form of Alexis or Alexander".

86.Lirit (Hebrew Origin), meaning "musical".

87.Livi (English Origin), meaning "elf army".

88.Lourdes (French Origin), meaning "French place name".

89.Lucky (American Origin), meaning "fortunate".

90.Nila (Indian Origin), meaning "blue".

91.Parker (English Origin), meaning "keeper of the park".

92.Pepper (American Origin), meaning "hot spice".

93.Phoenix (Greek Origin), meaning "blood red".

94.Pixie (Irish Origin), meaning "fairy". Probably most well known as Pixie Lott (her real name is Victoria, not so edgy), it's not a name you hear every day.

95.Seven (American Origin), meaning "the number seven".

96.Velvet (American Origin), meaning "soft fabric".

97.Xexilia (Basque Origin), meaning "blind of self beauty".

98.Zora (Slavic Origin), meaning "dawn".

Nature Inspired Names

Many edgy baby names are inspired by nature. Take a look at these beautiful girl names meaning ocean and flower for your little baby girl.

99.Astra (Greek Origin), meaning "from the stars".

100.Aura (Latin Origin), meaning "glowing light".

101.Azalea (Greek Origin), meaning "dry flower".

102.Briar (English Origin), meaning "shrub, small tree".

103.Clover (English Origin), meaning "meadow flower".

104.Coral (English Origin), meaning "reef formation".

105.Ebony (English Origin), meaning "dark black-wooded tree".

106.Freesia (Germanic Origin), meaning "Freese's flower".

107.Juniper (Latin Origin), meaning "juniper berry".

108.Kai (Hawaiian Origin), meaning "ocean".

109.Magnolia (French Origin), meaning "flower name".

110.Ocean (Greek Origin), meaning "sea".

111.River (English Origin), meaning "body of water that flows to the sea".

112.Skyanna (American Origin), meaning "merciful sky".

113.Stormy (American Origin), meaning "impetuous nature". To make this even edgier, it can be spelt Stormi.

114.Xylia (Greek Origin), meaning "from the forest".

115.Zinnia (Latin Origin), meaning "flower".



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