40 Best Eladrin Names To Choose From

Eladrin are a kind of elven character

Our world is a plethora of distinct species and cults.

Among them were the Eladrin race. They were the mysterious people of Faerie and were considered graceful, smart, and meticulous in their ways.

Though they were born with a mastery of magic and the ability to use swords, they lived away from war bells and battlefields in their beautifully constructed towns. Based on their color and characteristics, they were categorized into various herds, in which Moon Elves or Silver Elves were the most prominent, blue/green enchanting eyes that could hallucinate a man, pale blue skin that looked different in changing lights, silky hair of golden or black color that gave a sweet smell like sugar. To see or find one was considered as good luck.

According to ancient fantasy scripts, most of them were said to have wanderlust, but constant wars, bloodshed made it nearly impossible for them to travel. Still, how they used their intellect to overcome those times made them a famous race in mythology and the Dungeons & Dragons world. Here is a list of some striking Eladrin Elves names.

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Male Eladrin Names

The males were the finest warriors on land; they could foresee their opponent's moves and finish them in the blink of an eye. They were said to have the same physical appearance as humans, but their sharpness and abilities made them more mystical and deceptive. Let us look at some male names that can give you an optimistic aura.

1 . Albanon means "horizon".

2 . Augustus is a German word that is derived from August.

3 . Brandon is common name of a hero.

4 . Eladio refers to a smart and wise boy.

5 . Horhorn an Elven name meaning 'limitless.'

6 . Loray means 'gift of God.'

7 . Sakè is a type of Japanese alcohol, meaning 'sweet and flavorful.'

8 . Savion implies 'dragon savior' or 'hero.'

9 . Thorfinn means 'warrior.'

10 . Wamu means 'wind God' in Aztec.

11 . Xoneras is rare Elvish name.

Female Eladrin Names

Eladrin have become a popular race in the D&D game

Female Elves have a long, rich involvement in the daily operations of Elven lives. Be it battle, travel, business; they excelled in everything. Here are some female high Elf names which can give a girl a strong personality and will.

12 . Beneth is a mix of Christian ethics.

13 . Freya means 'beautiful and alluring.'

14 . Istiria means 'stairs to heaven.'

15 . Levana is a popular female Elvish name.  

16 . Pistis is a nickname for a fine young lady.

17 . Ravel is a female high Elf name demonstrating power and supremacy.

18 . Raziel is a name for adventurers and fighters.

19 . Sariel means 'the blowing wind.'  

20 . Sophia is the name of a deity.

21 . Turue is rare female Elvish name.

22 . Valendra is name based on Greek mythology.

Eladrin Last Names

Full names were given to specific clans and households of the kingdom who were chosen to perform duties and were expected to perform to the best of their abilities. Here are some of them.

23 . Aelius was given to protectors.

24 . Lantherval is a popular last Eladrin name that can be used with any name.

25 . Lorhalien means 'music' In Eladrin.

26 . Maldrante a good last name that can be used for role plays and characters.

27 . Shalbarain refers to merchants.

28 . Sirothian a familiar name in the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

29 . Starfeon means 'from the stars.'

30 . Zolerii the surname of a noble clan of the elven kingdom.

Eladrin Names Based On Legends And Myths

According to old books and texts, the Eladrin were mighty in both body and spirit and wanted to live their lives in peace and harmony. But, being involved in constant fights, they attained fame by defeating the best of the lot. The names mentioned above are well-suited for a role-play, a book character, a baby, or even your pet. These are some of the examples of high Elves that were hailed as legendary.

31 . Anastrianna is a warlord who is told to be very powerful in the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

32 . Celestial warlock was a storm sorcerer and highly powerful.

33 . Golavamel means 'autumn' in prehistoric inscriptions.

34 . Kisetsu is Japanese for 'season.'

35 . Meriele is said to be a strong wizard.  

36 . Rochñi Obdobi means 'periods of the year' and is a popular word in the Czech language.

37 . Ordalf is a high ranking dnd elf lady in Isles.

38 . Quarion means 'twilight' or 'shadow' in Elven.

39 . Rodruimel means 'a strategist.'

40 . Tiandra means 'summer queen' and was the queen of golden Elves.

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