43 Best Elven City Names To Inspire You

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An elf is a mythological and supernatural fantasy being.

In 'Lord Of The Rings', 'Dungeons And Dragons', 'The Hobbit' and much, much more, the Elven race are important characters. Of equal importance are the Elven cities where they live, which is why we have come up with this list of Elven city names.

Fantasy stories, games and movies about elves, their culture and their history have become very popular, hopefully you will find the best Elven city names and Elven kingdom names for your own fantasy worldbuilding in this list. For more ideas, check out these Kingdom names and these Russian city names.

Historical Elven City Names

These historical Elven city names might just inspire you to pick the perfect city name for your own elf characters.

1 . Alqualondë also called the "heavens of the swans," is the chief city for Falmari elves.

2 . Amon Lanc has meaning "the naked hill."

3 . Avallonè is a Quenya word meaning "near valinor."

4 . Brithombar also called the Northern Haven of the Falas, it means "brithon dwelling."

5 . Caras Galadhon (pronounced karas galaòon) it was the center of the woodland and means "fortress of trees."

6 . Edhellond (pronounced ETH-e-lond) it is a Sindarin word for "elf harbor."

7 . Eglarest is the other Haven of the Falas and a firm name meaning "beauty".

8 . Eldamar is a town name for a town where only the undead reside.

9 . Elvenking's Halls is a royal name given to the cave system in Northern Mirkwood. The name reflects the city's demeanor.

10 . Forlond was the name of a harbor in the south but the name means "north haven."

11 . Formenos is a stronghold name of the Elven kingdom, meaning "northern fortress."

12 . Gondolin means "hidden rock." It was known as The Rock Of The Music Of Water when the city was in exile for nearly four centuries.

13 . Grey Havens as the name suggests, it was known as the Gray Harbor by many.

14 . Harlond is a southern harbor, meaning "south haven."

15 . Havens of the Falas known as The Havens, this is the coastal city of the Sindarin Elves.

16 . Havens of Sirion this Elven city name is a place of refuge given for  Elven survivors after war.

17 . Kortirion means "great watch tower hill" or "mighty city on a hill".

18 . Menegroth known as The Thousand Caves, this was an underground city with a monolithic structure.

19 . Mirkwood is the largest Elven kingdom.  

20 . Nargothrond means "narog fortress vaunted hall".

21 . Ost-in-Edhil is Sindarin for "city of the elves".

22 . Rivendell is also known as Imaldis, a Sindarin term meaning "deep valley of the cleft."

23 . Tavrobel is the name given to the northwestern town of Tol Erresea.

24 . Tirion fully know as Tirion upon Túna, it was the city of Ñoldor in Aman. It is Quenya for "watch tower."

25 . Vinyamar means "new home" in Quenya.

Long Elven City Names

Elven city names can be used in gaming, role plays, and naming establishments. You can create your own original or fake Elven city names by using a name generator or by taking inspiration from this list if you prefer names with structure and meaning. Here are some detailed city names with their meanings meaning.

26 . Alearaheal is one of the city names that means "the traders of the Gods".

27 . Altonroos is one of the city names that refers to a "powerful child".

28 . Anenfel is an elven city name that means "the lake of Autumn's hand".

29 . Ceal means "archer" or "arrow." It can also be fused with other words to create more creative town names.

30 . Corrid is an elven city name that refers to a "legendary spear" .

31 . Daesha is one of the city names that means "white sun" .

32 . Elsum is one of the city names that means "green water".

33 . G'eldree is one of the city names that means "spider mage", this is a popular fake city name used in role-playing games.

34 . Kaik is one of the city names that means "dragon of might".

35 . Rilynnmitore means "house of the moon".

Elven City Names For Individuals

Here are some short Elvish and Elven place names for you to pick your Elven city name from.

36 . Anna is an elven city name that means "gift".

37 . Baron is an elven city name that refers to "house" or "home". It is also a title of honor.

38 . Iston is a Quenya word and is an elven city name that means "the wise one".

39 . Lia is an elven city name that means "thread" in Quenya.

40. Mellon is the Elvish word for "friend". It would make a great city or town name.

41. Pippin is a potential elven city name that means "inspiring".

42. Tara is an elven city name that means "elevated".

43. Theoden is the name of a King that would also make a great town name.

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