100+ Best Epic Names To Inspire You

An epic name might inspire an epic personality.

Myths and legends specialize in offering a rich array of one-off and unique names for babies.

We've ventured out into the fantastic world of folktales, war-heroes, superwomen, gods, and goddesses to get hold of interesting names that we think you'll love. Picking an apt name for your little one has always been challenging, it is probably one of the most difficult decisions you have ever made, so Kidadl have tried to make it easier with our comprehensive lists.

Some of the names on this list are popular and some of them are very rare but all of them are perfect names for a baby who's a hero in waiting. We hope this list has helped you in your search but if you want some more inspiration why not look at beautiful fall and autumn names or names meaning light, right here on Kidadl.

Epic Baby Boy Names

Are you stuck on what to name your handsome baby boy? We think the prehistoric era is a perfect place to  get an ideas for some epic boy names. What does epic mean? The term “epic” comes with multiple literal definitions — coming from classical Greek mythology and associated age-old world literature. To truly understand the term, we must look at the different meaning of the word  in various ancient cultures, such as Greece, India, and Rome. The concept of “epic” has taken different forms over the time, describing events like the Trojan War. Take a note of the best of the mythical,  celebrated top names and find the perfect one suiting the personality of your baby boy.

1.    Adonis, (Greek origin) denotes a "handsome youth".

2.    Ajax, (Greek origin) denotes a "brave man".

3.    Apollo, (Greek origin) name for the "God of light".

4.    Ammon, (Egyptian origin)) standing for the "God of Thebes".

5.    Angus, (Latin Origin) connotes a "Celtic god".

6.    Anubis, (Egyptian origin) the "jackal-headed God".

7.    Ares, (Greek Mythology) denotes "God of war".

8.    Arthur, (Old English origin) a mythical "British king".

9.    Atlas, (Greek Mythology) denotes "God who held up the heavens".

10. Balder, (Norse origin) means "the Almighty".

11. Beowulf, (Old English origin) the name of an epic tale.

12. Castor, (Greek origin) Pollux’s twin brother.

13. Dionysius, (Greek mythology) denotes "God of wine".

14. Dylan, (Celtic origin) means a "sea creature".

15. Finn, (Irish mythology) Hero from Fionn Mac Cumhaill.

16. Gerd, (Norse mythology) denotes a "Norse god".

17. Grendel, (Old English origin) the monster in the epic tale, Beowulf.

18. Griffin, (Greek origin) a baby boy named after a "gryphon".

19. Hector, (Greek mythology) baby boy names denoting a "Greek hero".

20. Hermes, (Greek mythology) the name of the "God of travel".

21. Jason, (Greek origin) one who led the Argonauts.

22. John Henry, (American origin) means a "folk hero".

23. Kana, (Maui origin) God of the Maui tribe.

24. Leander, ( Greek myth) means a "tragic youth".

25. Loki, (Norse origin) connotes "the supreme power".

26. Mars, (Roman origin) the name of "God of war".

27. Merlin, (Old English origin) an Arthurian legend’s wizard.

28. Odin, (Norse origin) denotes the "Ultimate Power".

29. Odysseus, (Greek origin) denotes the hero from the Iliad and Odyssey.

30. Osiris, (Egyptian origin) denotes "God of the underworld".

31. Pan, (Greek origin) denotes "God of flocks".

32. Paris, (Greek origin) the famous Trojan prince.

33. Paul, (American origin)) top character in the folktale "Bunyan".

34. Priam, (Greek origin) the king of Troy.

35. Pollux, (Greek mythology), the hero and twin brother of Castor.

36. Robin Hood, (English origin)famous and the best title-character from English folklore.

37. Tom Hickathrift, (English origin) significant character from English folklore.

38. Thor, (Norse myth) denotes the "best lord".

39. Tristan the Cornish knight from Troilus.

40. Trojan, (Greek myth) a tragic hero names.

41. Troy, (Greek mythology) the name of the legendary city.

42. Týr, (Norse mythology) another name for God.

43. Ulysses, (Greek myth) Odysseus' variant.

44. Wak, (Ethiopian origin) the supreme power.

45. Wieland, (Germanic mythology) means a "fabled smith".

46. Zeus, (Greek mythology) top name for the king of the gods.

Epic Girl Names

Epic names are always popular.

Take some time to  decide on the epic name that will well fit into your little girls personality.

So, if you are stuck on baby name ideas for your little girl, have a look at the prehistoric era for inspiration. Select from our mythical names list, the perfect one for your baby girl.

47. Aja, (Yoruba origin) baby girl names denoting "forest goddess".

48. Aphrodite, (Greek origin) means "goddess of love".

49. Anat, (Semitic origin) means "goddess of fertility and war".

50. Artemis, (Greek myth) means "goddess of hunting, wilderness, and wild animals".

51. Astraea, (Greek mythology) means "goddess of justice".

52. Athena, (Greek mythology) denotes "goddess of wisdom".

53. Calliope, (Greek mythology) a muse of epic poetry.

54. Camilla, (Roman origin) denotes the legendary warrior maiden.

55. Carman, (Celtic origin) the goddess of "destructive magic".

56. Ceres, (Roman origin) the goddess of agriculture.

57. Clio, (Greek myth) the muse of history.

58. Clytemnestra, (Greek mythology) the famous wife of Agamemnon.

59. Cressida, (Greek mythology) a character from the Trojan Wars epic, was in love with Troilus.

60. Cybele, (Roman goddess) the name for the mother of the gods.

61. Daphne, (Greek origin) daughter of the Greek river god.

62. Demeter, Demetra, (Greek myth) the goddess of the "harvest".

63. Europa, (Greek origin) means "princess".

64. Eurydice, (Greek origin) the wife of Orpheus.

65. Freyja, (Norse mythology) means’ goddess.'

66. Guinevere, (Old English origin) the queen from Arthurian legend.

67. Gwenn, (Celtic origin) the goddess of motherhood, Gwenn Their Bronn.

68. Helen of Troy, (Greek myth) a legendary beauty.

69. Hera Greek goddess of women married to Zeus.

70. Hestia Greek goddess of the "hearth".

71. Isis, (Egyptian mythology) means "goddess of love".

72. Isolde, (Old English origin) denotes the Irish princess from Arthurian legend.

73. Jocasta, (Greek mythology) the mother of Oedipus.

74. Juno, (Roman origin) another name for Hera, goddess of women.

75. Leda, (Greek mythology) the famous queen of Sparta.

76. Leto, (Greek mythology) mother of Apollo and Artemis.

77. Lilith, (Jewish folklore) the infamous demon.

78. Lorelei, (German legend) the maiden, which turned into a siren.

79. Marian he is considered as one of the best characters from the English Robin Hood myth.

80. Medea, (Greek mythology) one who helped Jason and the Argonauts.

81. Morgan, (Old English origin) the sorceress from Arthurian legend.

82. Nanna, (Norse myth) means "goddess".

83. Olwen, (Welsh mythology) a maiden.

84. Oya, (Yoruba mythology) the popular "warrior goddess".

85. Pax, (Roman origin) means "goddess of peace"

86. Penelope, (Greek mythology) the name of the famous wife of Odysseus.

87. Persephone, (Greek mythology) representative of the spring season.

88. Phoebe, (Greek myth) after Phoebus, one of the Greek Titans.

89. Rhea Greek Titan, mother of the gods.

90. Rhiannon, (Welsh mythology) denotes a "horse goddess".

Epic Gender Neutral Names

Proud parents to be often want to cater to  top baby name for their new baby, but want to keep the gender a surprise, or want to opt for a unisex one. We're here to help! Check out our epic gender neutral baby names list, inspired by mythology, which will fit the bill for your bundle of joy.

91. Addison, (Latin origin) popular  and edgy names for "Adam’s child".

92. Ainsley, (Gaelic origin) boy names "one’s meadow".

93. Ash, (Northern England origin) close ties with Mother Nature.

94. Aubrey, (French origin) means "supernatural being" or "elves’ ruler".

95. Bailey boy name, denoting a bailiff or somebody who lived next to a fortification.

96. Brett, (Celtic origin) meaning "a Breton".

97. Brook, (Old English and Old German origin) means "a rivulet".

98. Corey, (Gaelic origin) badass names for "hollow dweller".

99. Dakota, (Native American origin) means "a friend".

100. Daryl, (Middle English and Old French origin) means "dearly love".

101. Eli, (Hebrew origin) means "high".

102. Harper Baby boy names for  "harp-player"

103. Hayden, (Greek origin) means "valley with hay".

104. Jamie, (Hebrew origin) baby name for a "supplanter".

105. Jesse, (Hebrew origin) means "gift".

106. Kennedy, (Gaelic origins) baby name for "an armored head".

107. Morgan, (Old Welsh origin) means "great circle".

108. Peyton, (Latin origin) baby name for "being noble".

109. Rudy, (Old Germanic origin) connotes "famous" and "wolf".

110. Taylor, (Old English origin) taken from the world "tailor".

111. Tyler, (Old English origin) means "maker of bricks or tiles".

Epic Names From Mythology

Where better to get inspiration for epic names than the most epic stories? Here is a list of names from ancient mythology, maybe the perfect name for your little one is somewhere in here.

112. Alexander, (Greek origin) he was the popular prince who initiated the Trojan War and shot Achilles in his heel.

113. Augustus, (Roman origin) translates to "majestic".

114. Calisto or Callista A nymph, transformed into a bear, and later into a constellation.

115. Cassandra, (Greek myth) denotes the gift of prophecy.

116. Chloe, (Greek origin) the name associates with fertility and harvest.

117. Cora, (Greek origin) another name of the popular goddess Persephone.

118. Damon, (Greek origin) an example of a perfect, loyal friendship.

119. Diana, Goddess who represents wild animals and hunting.

120. Gunnar, (Norse myths) a king of ancient Burgundy

121. Maia, (Greek and Roman mythology) associated with spring and the earth.

We hope these names helped to inspire your name search, if you want some more ideas why not look at names that mean rebirth or names that mean pearl.



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