150 Best Estonian Names For Boys And Girls

Estonian names for babies are beautiful and lithe, perfect for a winter baby.

Estonia is a country situated in northeastern Europe on the coast of the Baltic sea.

While many surmise that Estonia is an impoverished country with low rates of literacy, the opposite is actually true. Estonia has one of the world's highest literacy rates and a majority of its citizens speak more than two languages.

Estonian names are derived from a variety of cultures and origins such as Nordic, Roman, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon. This makes it a perfect language to use as inspiration for your child's name. Estonian names add a unique touch to every persons' character. Estonian surnames are exceptional in their own way. Here is a comprehensive list of names and surnames from Estonia to inspire you.

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Estonian Girl Names

There are many fabulous names given to Estonian babies.

Here is a list of Estonian female names.

1. Aadelheide meaning "noble".

2. Aemilie meaning "work".

3. Agnesia meaning "noble". If you're looking for the perfect Estonia girl name, Agnesia might just be the name for you.

4. Aiandama meaning "a woman who likes to do gardening".

5. Aitamah meaning "one who's helpful." One of the generous Estonian names.

6. Dorel meaning "gift of God".

7. Edenema meaning "progress".

8. Eha meaning "dusk". Eha is a great name for those looking for Estonian women's names.

9. Elsbet meaning "one who is pledged to God". Elsbet is an orthodox Estonian name perfect for couples that are on the lookout for religious baby names.

10. Eluta meaning "deep wisdom".

11. Kaja meaning "echo". Kaja is a great name for parents that are looking for musical names for their daughter.

12. Klaara meaning "clear and bright". If you're scouring the web looking for Estonian baby names, Klaara is an excellent choice to consider.

13. Lagle meaning "goose".

14. Laine meaning "wave". Many Estonian names make references to natural bodies of water, such as the ocean.

15. Leelo meaning "folk song".

16. Lilli meaning "the lily flower".

17. Loviise meaning "famous warrior".

18. Lutsi meaning "light". Lutsi is a beautiful name for an Estonian girl.

19. Luule meaning "poetry". Families that are artistic in nature can choose the name 'Luule' for their baby.

20. Maarja meaning "sea of bitterness".

21. Maimu meaning "little". Maimu is an excellent choice for those looking for Estonian names for girls.

22. Meeri meaning "pearl". Meeri is a given name mostly used for young girls in the contemporary age.

23. Rahne meaning "to give counsel".

24. Riina meaning "pure". Riina is a form of the name Katrina, which refers to a woman's chastity and purity.

25. Sesilia meaning "blind".

26. Soovi meaning "wisdom". Soovi is an Estonian name that exudes a sense of authority and higher intellect.

27. Taimi meaning "plant".

28. Tuule meaning "wind". Tuule is a given name that is sure to make your child stand out from the rest of their peers.

29. Ulli meaning "female bear". Parents that are considering strong names for their daughter should check out Ulli as a desirable option.

30. Varvaara meaning "stranger".

Estonian Boy Names

Many Estonian given names are derived from animal themes and themes available in nature.

Here is a list of Estonian male names.

31. Ado meaning "to make".

31. Adrus meaning "sociable and diligent individual". Adrus is one of the most popular names in Estonia.

33. Aimur meaning "generous amount".

34. Arri meaning "powerful ruler". Arri is a fierce given name for Estonian boys.

35. Arved meaning "eagle". Parents that want to name their child after a robust animal should consider Arved.

36. Eduk meaning "he who is successful".

37. Eerik meaning "always a ruler". The Estonian form of the name Erik might just be the perfect regal name for your baby.

38. Endrik meaning "ruler of the home".

39. Hillar meaning "blissful".

40. Jevgeni meaning "noble".

41. Kaarel meaning "man". If you're looking for the perfect given name for your baby boy, then Kaarel is a natural first choice.

42. Kainus meaning "sober".

43. Kalju meaning "cliff".

44. Koit meaning "dawn". Koit is one of the most adored Estonian baby names in the world.

45. Leks meaning "defender of men".

46. Maksim meaning "a man who is more prominent than others".

47. Peet meaning "stone".

48. Prants meaning "Frenchman".

49. Priidik meaning "peaceful ruler". Priidik is one of the most prevalent traditional given names in the Estonian language.

50. Ruubert meaning "bright". Ruubert is one of the most popular Estonian given names that can be found in the Eastern European region.

51. Saamel meaning "God has heard".

52. Seppo meaning "venerable".

53. Siimo meaning "listening".

54. Taavet meaning "beloved".

55. Taevas meaning "sky".

56. Timus meaning "honoring God". Timus is one of the many Estonian names that pay homage to a higher power.

57. Toomis meaning "twin".

58. Tuudur meaning "gift of God". Tuudur is another entry on the list of Estonian given names that are perfect for religious couples.

59. Vicenc meaning "to win". Vincenc is a mighty given name for Estonian baby boys.

60. Vitsent meaning "to conquer".

Famous Estonian Names

Here is a list of famous Estonian first names.

61. Aino meaning "the only one".  Aino Pervik is a translator and children's author from Estonia.

62. Alar meaning "ruler". Alar Kotli was an Estonian architect who eas the creator of the Estonian Song Festival grounds.

63. Alexei meaning "defending men". Alexei is an excellent given name for a baby boy.

64. Anton meaning "manly". Anton Uesson was an engineer and politician from Estonia.

65. Artur meaning "like a bear". Artur is an Estonian professional football player.

66. Arvo meaning "value". Arvo Part is a prolific Estonian composer.

67. Eeva meaning "life". Eeva Park is an Estonian poet and novelist.

68. Elmar meaning "edge of a sword". Elmar Lipping was an Estonian foreign minister and soldier who was in exile for 8 years from 1982 to 1990.

69. Endel meaning "stuffable". Endel Lippmaa was an Estonian politician and academic who was selected as the chairman of the Science Council of the National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics.

70. Eugen meaning "noble". Eugen Habermann was an Estonian architect born in Tallinn, Estonia.

71. Hella meaning "gentle". Hella Wuolijoki was an author from Estonia.

72. Jaak meaning "supplanter". Jaak is a popular given name to boys in Estonia.

73. Jaan meaning "God is gracious". Jaan Manitski is an Estonian art collector, businessman, and politician who served in the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1992.

74. Jakob meaning "seizing by the heel". Jakob Hurt was a prolific folklorist, linguist, and theologian from Estonia.

75. Juhan meaning "God is gracious". Juhan Liiv was an imminent Estonian writer and poet.

76. Lennart meaning "brave lion". Lennart Meri was a politician, film director, and writer from Estonia.

77. Madis meaning "empowering". Madis Aruja is a renowned Estonian geographer, ski-orienteer, and conservationist.

78. Mart meaning "warlike". Mark Laar was a historian and politician who was elected as the Prime Minister of Estonia in 1992.

79. Mats meaning "gift of God". Mats Traat is an Estonian poet who has published more than 20 poetry anthologies during his lifetime.

80. Oskar meaning "spear of God". Oskar Luts was a playwright and writer from Estonia.

81. Otto meaning "prosperity". Otto Tief was a lawyer, military commander, and politician from Estonia.

82. Peeter meaning "ship captain". Peeter Lepp was a politician from Estonia who served in the Estonian Coalition Party.

83. Ragnar meaning "warrior of judgment". Ragnar Nurkse was a policymaker and international economist from Estonia.

84. Rasmus meaning "he who is beloved". Rasmus Kalijujarv is a prominent Estonian actor.

85. Riina meaning "pure". Riina Kionka is an Estonian diplomat who served a the chief policy advisor in the cabinet of European Council's President Donal Tusk.

86. Tiit meaning "strong". Tiit Vahi served as the Prime Minister of Estonia in the mid-1990s.

87. Tonis meaning "praiseworthy". Tonis Ratsep is a musician, poet, educator, actor, and playwright from Estonia.

88. Toomas meaning "twin". Toomas Vilosius is a formed Estonian Minister of Social Affairs of Estonia.

89. Ulo meaning "joy". Ulo Nugis was an Estonian economist and politician.

90. Viivi meaning "he has life". Viivi Luik is a prosaist and poet from Estonia.

Popular Estonian Surnames

Here is a list of popular Estonian surnames.

91. Aadli meaning "nobility". Adili is more regularly used as a last name, rather than a given name in the Estonian language.

92. Aak meaning "acre".

93. Aam meaning "cask".

94. Aguraiuja meaning "dawn".  Aguraiuja is a surname that is widespread in many Estonian cities and is regularly attached alongside popular Estonian given names.

95. Ahi meaning "stove".

96. Ait meaning "granary".

97. Ehala meaning "sunset glow".

98. Ein meaning "refreshments". Ein is an Estonian name that is used both as a given name and a family name.

99. Ellik meaning "sensitive".

100. Ende meaning "own".

101. Erg meaning "cheerful".

102. Haab meaning "aspen".

103. Haavakivi meaning "cut stone".

104. Hagu meaning "brush".

105. Ilves meaning "lynx".

106. Juga meaning "waterfall".

107. Juur meaning "root".

108. Karu meaning "bear".

109. Kask meaning "birch".

110. Kivik meaning "stone".

111. Koppel meaning "paddock".

112. Kukk meaning "rooster".

113. Lett meaning "counter".

114. Magi meaning "mountain".

115. Mandri meaning "continental".

116. Parn meaning "linden". Parn is a common surname given to many Estonian families.

117. Rebane meaning "fox".

118. Saar meaning "the son of Sayer".

119. Sepp meaning "smith".

120. Tamm meaning "oak".

Famous Estonian Surnames

Here is a list of famous Estonian last names.

121. Aavik meaning "aspen forest". Priit Aavik is a professional Estonian swimmer who has represented Estonia at the Island Games since 2009.

122. Allik meaning "water source". Johanna Allik is a famous Estonian single skater,

123. Jaager meaning "hunter". Merle Jaager is a poet, author, television and film actress who was born in Tallinn, Estonia.

124. Jogi meaning "river". Ulo Jogi was a prominent member of the Estonian resistance movement which fought against Soviet control.

125. Kalijulaid meaning "cliff islet". Kersti Kaljulaid is the present-day President of Estonia.

126. Kangur meaning "weaver". Kristjan Kangur is a basketball player in the Latvian-Estonian Basketball League.

127. Kentel meaning "pendant". Jaan Kentel is a famous Estonian athlete who has won many weightlifting competitions.

128. Kingsepp meaning "shoemaker". Sirje Kingsepp is a celebrity and politician from Estonia.

129. Koiv meaning "birch".  Kullo Koiv was a wrestler and Olympic athlete from Estonia.

130. Kokk meaning "cook". Enn Kokk is an Estonian journalist, politician, and writer.

131. Kotkas meaning "eagle".  Johannes Kotkas was an Estonian wrestler who held the European wrestling title throughout the mid-1900s.

132. Kuningas meaning "king". Marten Kuningas is a well-known Estonian singer.

133. Laur meaning "laurel".  Mati Laur is an Estonian author, historian, and professor at the University of Tartu.

134. Luik meaning "swan". Helmuth Luik was one of the few Estonian players who won the coveted title of 'Estonian Chess Champion".

135. Meri meaning "sea". Helle Meri is an Estonian actress who held the position of the First Lady of Estonia in the early '90s.

136. Mets meaning "forest". Hillar Mets is an Estonian animator, illustrator, and cartoonist.

137. Must meaning "black". Ivar Must is a music producer and composer from Estonia.

138. Nirk meaning "stoat". Nirk is a conventional Estonian surname used by many Estonian luminaries.

139. Nutt meaning "crying". Mart Nutt was a politician who was selected in the Estonian parliamentary election that took place in 2019.

140. Oja meaning "brook". Eduard Oja was an acclaimed Estonian music teacher, conductor, and music composer.

141. Olesk meaning "stay". Peeter Olesk is an Estonian sport shooter who's won the Estonian Junior Shooting Championship more than a dozen times.

142. Opik meaning "manual". Ernst Opik was an Estonian astrophysicist and astronomer.

143. Orav meaning "squirrel". Ivo Orav is a retired member of the Estonian punk rock band 'Vennaskond'.

144. Oun meaning "apple". Mati Oun is an Estonian sportsman and historian.

145. Poom meaning "loud sound". Mart Poom is an Estonian former professional football player.

146. Putsep meaning "the cooper". Erki Putsep is an Estonian bicycle racer who has won 3 national championships in road bicycle racing.

147. Ratsep meaning "tailor". Juri Ratsep was a judge and politician from Estonia.

148. Ruutli meaning "knights". Karel Ruutli is a member of the Social Democratic Party of Estonia.

149. Soosar meaning "swamp island". Martti Soosaar was a writer and journalist from Estonia.

150. Teder meaning "black grouse". Indrek Tender is a jurist and lawyer from Estonia.

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