60+ Best Eye Puns That Aren't Cornea

Visionary eye puns not only make you laugh but get you thinking.

Eye-related puns are often extremely vision-ary and many offer more than just what meets the eye.

When it comes to an eye pun or vision puns, to be or not to be 'cornea' is the real question. While some can definitely be 'eye catching', others may have you rolling your eyes.

The ability to talk in puns is a superpower like none other. You need to have the wit, the vocabulary, and a spectacular sense of humor to pull them off, and get people around you bursting into tears of laughter or giggling in awe. Be it cliched, corny, or outright hilarious, coming up with a great eye pun requires a high eye-Q, intelligence, vocabulary, and an awesome sense of humor. After all, we all know that good eye puns are a sight for sore eyes.

If you're looking h-eye and low for some funny optometry puns, here's the punniest family-friendly list of eye one-liners and puns about eyes which are not 'cornea'; there is no time for bad eye puns in our pun list!

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The Best Optometrist Puns

Eye humor and optometrist puns are spectacularly punny.

Feast your eyes upon this list of eye doctor puns and jokes to catch everyone's eyes. We love these eye puns, and we know that you would like some of them too. Which pun do you like the most?

1. An eye doctor who is obsessed with Apple products is called an iDoctor.

2. "Bad puns are how eye roll," said the optometrist to his annoyed patient.

3. An optometrist's child is without a doubt the apple of their eyes.

4. "Eye'm loving it!" the eye doctor squealed when he had his first McDonald's.

5. The optometrist lost most of his patients because he wouldn't stop cracking cornea puns!

6. An optometrist's students are actually his pupils.

7. I went to a new eye doctor today and he was too narcissistic. After all, what could I have expected from an I-expert?

8. The pirate married his eye doctor because it was an eye-deal relationship.

9. The eye doctor easily passed his eye exam because of his high Eye-Q.

10. The optometrist was brought to court since he was the only eye-witness.

11. The eye doctor always takes the elevator. He hates the stares.

12. "Don't peek while eyebrows my feed," said the eye doctor to her nosy friend.

13. The eye medic loves to visit the playground because she likes riding the see-saw.  

14. The optometrist listens to her favorite music on eye-tunes.

15. The optometrist refused to learn any eye jokes. He did not want to break the eyes.

16. When the cops failed to solve the difficult optometrist murder case, they closed the lid on it.

17. In Heinz-sight, smearing ketchup on himself was a terrible idea.

18. The optometrist shared his playlist with his friend via eye-tunes.

19. I went to an optimistic optometrist yesterday. He told me that my glasses were half full.

20. "Iris my case," said the eye medic to the judge when he was asked to testify in court.

21. An optometrist's favorite gadget to use is an eye-watch.

Visionary Optical Puns

Eyes jokes can really make your eyes tear up.

Make your eyes tear up with glee after reading this list of the best hilarious eye puns! We know you will love more than one of these eye puns.

22. The eye doctor shouted at the naughty student, "Go and sit in the cornea. You're in a time out!"

23. Eyes feel very lonely when they are eyes-olated.

24. When the one-eyed pirate captain orders something to his crew, they say "Eye eye, sir!"

25. I broke my glasses yesterday. I barely look forward to buying a new one.

26. The dress circle seat in an opera house is considered the best sight in the house.

27. The YouTuber did not want to visit the party looking bad because bad views travel fast.

28. The actor cringed when the spotlights suddenly switched on. He was blinded by the sight for a while.

29. It is very bad manners to lash out if you hear a cornea pun.

30. The baby otter got new glasses for her birthday. No wonder, its parents call her See Otter.

31. Very softly the right eye whispered to the left eye "Just between you and eye, something smells."

32. Our eyes are the most efficient of all organs. They are always so focused on their work.

33. A garbage man has a special kind of vision. It is called bin-ocular vision.

34. If you want to be a successful eyewear designer, what you require is an eye for the right st-eye-le.

35. Nobody knows what a deer with no eyes is called. Even the zoologists have no eye-deer.

36. When my optometrist told me that I had bad vision, I said, "But I don't see the problem."

37. The optometrist was upset with his son because he thought he was making a spectacle of himself.

38. "Eye see what you did there", Eye said when Iris cracked a cornea pun.

39. When the left eye met the right eye at the corner, he said, "You're looking alright!"

40. Your eyelashes are supposed to keep things out of your eye, yet most of the time they're the only ones getting stuck in there. How eyeronic!

41. The eyebrows and the eyelids are always in a fight. They never see eye to eye.

42. Optometry is an eyedealistic career for people with a good eye for things.

43. I don't understand why eye puns are always overlooked.

Spectacular Puns About Glasses And Contact Lenses

Add some fun to your day with some glassy puns.

Looking for witty and funny glass puns? Here's a list of funny and clever glasses puns that will have you crying your eyes out with laughter.

44.  The new girl suddenly become the new talk of the class after she made a spectacle of herself in front of the whole school.

45. I wear glasses during my math exams because they help with my di-vision.

46. I love wearing glasses. They make spectacular accessories.

47 When the police officer had arrested the Thug Glasses for robbing a bank, he exclaimed: "Sir, I have been framed!"  

48. The man bought four new pairs of glasses for the cost of two. He thought the purchase was eye-deal.

49. It was clear that the optometrist loved his patient. Every time, she left his office, he handed her a bottle of contact solution and said, "Eye care for you."

50. The eyes refused to talk to the glasses because they wanted to contact lenses.

51. The teacher wore her sunglasses to work because she had such bright students in her class.

52. The careless lady keeps losing her contact lenses. She is just unable to keep her eye on them.

53. The eyes thought they looked exceptionally good when they wore glasses.

54. Contact lenses are much better than glasses, at least, in my eyes.

55. The man vowed to find the thief who stole his glasses. He had contacts.

56. Getting glasses has taught me a lot. I am seeing things more clearly now.

57. Boxers cannot wear glasses in the ring when fighting, because it is a contact sport.

58. Since I did not like the frame samples in the store, getting them custom-eyes-ed seemed like the best option.

59. The cellphone started wearing glasses after he lost all of his contacts.

60. The live streamer refused to wear glasses during his video because he was doing a blind run.

61. Sometimes I feel like taking off my glasses. I am tired of seeing things.

62. I have no idea what to do after I get a pair of glasses. I have to wait and see.

63. The woman wore her glasses when she slept at night because she wanted to see her dreams more clearly.

64. The 18-year-old refused to take off his old glasses since he was waiting for adult super-vision.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 60+ Best Eye Puns then why not take a look at Medical Puns, or Biology Puns.



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