11 Best Family-Friendly Afternoon Teas In Hertfordshire

kid-friendly afternoon tea hertfordshire

If you fancy a spot of tea and cake with the family and want something that will appeal to your kids, then look no further - there are loads of really fun, family-friendly afternoon teas all over Hertfordshire that you can book any day of the week. So put on your best dress (or your welly boots) and pop down to any of these exciting locations; we hope it'll be your perfect cup of tea!

1) Hanbury Manor

hertfordshire afternoon tea

This extraordinary Marriott Hotel offers open fire places, fragrant walled gardens and two hundred acres of classic English countryside to feast your eyes upon while you feast your bellies on their delicious afternoon tea. This beautiful manor, in all its Jacobean glory, is host to some beautiful architecture and equally beautiful grounds. Pair your traditional set afternoon tea with a hearty country walk - fun for all the family!

  • Where is it? Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 0SD
  • How much to budget for: £40 per person or add a glass of champagne for £10 extra, while kids aged 6-12 dine for £20.
  • Don't miss: The Enchanted Afternoon Tea with Free-Flowing Sparkling Wine for £55 pp - limited time only.

2) Centurion Club

family afternoon tea hertfordshire

In the grounds of a functioning golf club you could dine on a sparkling  afternoon tea for £35 per person. The Clubhouse itself has a bar and terrace that overlooks a lake and an eighteen-hole golf course which provides an area to socialise and relax with the whole family before or after your tea. Your children can join in the fun and feel all grown up with their very own handcrafted afternoon tea tailored just for kids!

  • Where is it? Hemel Hempstead Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 8LA
  • How much to budget for: Full Afternoon Tea is £28 pp and your child's afternoon tea is £12.95 (under 12s).
  • Don't miss: Their loose leaf teas from Newby London that offer unique blends to perfectly compliment their menu - something for the tea lovers within us!

3) Sugar Boutique

afternoon tea for kids

A quaint little 'cupcakery' with all the fun of novelty cakes and sweet treats. This cake shop has expanded its walls to become a hub of afternoon teas, but not of a normal kind. Sugar Boutique offers distinctive themed high teas, such as Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland, which all offer unique treats to fit their themes - fun for all the family!

  • Where is it? 13 Station Road, Knebworth, Hertfordshire, SG3 6AP
  • How much to budget for: £25 per person for adults and £12.50 for under 12s for all of the themed teas Sugar Boutique has to offer.
  • Don't miss: Their edible garden high tea, providing botanical themed treats for the green thumbs out there!

4) The Enchanted Tea Room

enchanted kids afternoon tea

How do you fancy a magical tea time for younger customers? Well, The Enchanted Tea Room has exactly that in store! Let your little ones feast on rainbow bagels, yummy scones and cakes with a sparkle and feel like fairytale royalty. The perfect way to give your kids a grown up experience, entirely tailored to them!

  • Where is it? 71 High Street, Redbourn, St Albans, AL3 7LW
  • How much to budget for: £11.95 for under 12s' unique dining experience, with adults traditional afternoon tea to go alongside for £19.95 per person (Monday-Friday) or £22.95 (weekends & bank holidays).

5) St Michael's Manor Hotel

hotel afternoon tea

Another gem in the heart of St. Albans, St Michael's Manor Hotel offers a five hundred year old country house with a lake view terrace. As well as finger sandwiches, scones and clotted cream, this Manor also has five acres of private English country gardens to compliment its hotel and restaurant where you can run, play and explore altogether. Enjoy a champagne afternoon tea for just £29.50 per person or a simple cream tea for £12.50; this manor hotel has everything to offer!

  • Where is it? Fishpool Street, St Albans, AL3 4RY
  • How much to budget for: If you don't fancy a champagne afternoon then you can have a full tea for £24.50 per person.
  • Don't miss: The Little Adults Menu to make your young ones feel grown up and join in on the adult fun, with fixed prices of £4 for any starter or dessert and £8 for a main!

6) Big Cat Tea at Paradise Wildlife Park

family afternoon tea

Fancy a bit of adventure with your sandwiches? Why not try the Big Cat Tea where you can have a ninety minute experience of a Big Cat Territory guided tour and an afternoon tea in the Tiger Treetops Café overlooking the enclosures. This fun-filled unique experience is ideal for children and adults and presents the perfect photo opportunities for you and the kids!

  • Where is it? White Stubbs Lane, Broxbourne, EN10 7QA
  • How much to budget for: £59 per person (child or adult) includes the afternoon tea and a whole day's entry to the rest of the park.
  • Don't miss: All the great things that the Paradise Wildlife Park also has to offer such as the world of dinosaurs, the paradise lagoon splash pool and the rainforest zoo experience - all things you're permitted to see with your inclusive ticket!

7) Yummy Mummys Cakes at Maria's

afternoon tea for families

All things pretty, pink and cream, Yummy Mummys is a special little bakery offering afternoon tea at appointment only. They pride themselves on being the perfect spot for birthday parties, baby showers, hen-dos or just because you fancy a bit of tea! This family-friendly cake shop caters to all intolerances and food allergies with gluten free, dairy-free and vegan options plus a huge array of choices for sandwich-fillers and sweet snacks.

  • Where is it? 64A High Street, Harpenden, AL5 2SP
  • How much to budget for: From £25 per person - call to book.
  • Don't miss: The option to bring your own fizz and they will provide the glasses!

8) Foxholes Farm

foxholes farm afternoon tea

This afternoon tea in Hertfordshire is the ultimate package with their farm produce shop next door. Not only does it provide a trio of finger sandwiches served with Foxholes Farm fresh beef, ham and egg mayonnaise but it also has a children's play area and pet's corner to entertain your young explorers. Gorge yourself on scones and cakes galore or even upgrade to a luxury tea for an extra £15 for full sandwiches and a glass of prosecco or unlimited tea and coffee!

  • Where is it? Foxholes Farm Shop, London Road, Hertford, SG13 7NT
  • How much to budget for: High tea for two is £24.95 or go luxury for £39.95.
  • Don't miss: The cream tea that is served all day for just £5.45 - perfect for little ones with little appetites!

9) The Forest Café

family friendly afternoon tea

Pack your walking boots and get ready for a nature walk through Hatfield Forest, a National Trust Woodland. See yourself trundling along as a family admiring the beautiful scenery of the countryside only to end up at The Forest Café for a relaxing tea and some fresh baked goods.

  • Where is it? Hatfield Forest, Bishops Stortford
  • How much to budget for: There is no set price of afternoon tea but it offers a range of sweet treats and warm pastries to rejuvenate your after a lengthy walk through the woods!
  • Don't miss: The wooden tables overlooking vast lakes - a perfect picnic destination for afternoon tea!

10) Lady of Lee Valley by River Lee Cruises

river cruise afternoon tea

Take a leisurely trip down the River Lee in a streamline cruiser while helping yourself to the option of high tea or cream tea. Enjoy the circular guided tour starting at Broxbourne and heading downstream through one of the prettiest river stretches in Hertfordshire. An afternoon tea with a spectacular view for you and your little explorers!

  • Where is it? Lee Valley Boat Centre, Old Nazeing Road, Broxbourne, EN10 6LX
  • How much to budget for: High tea is £30 per adult or £25 per child, while cream tea is £19 per adult and £16 per child.
  • Don't miss: All the gluten-free and vegan options available on this cruise!

11) Brewery Tea Rooms

brewery tea rooms hertfordshire

This distinctive business offers first-rate service and a magical atmosphere. A quaint little shop that gives all gratuity to charity and prides itself on being versatile and eco-friendly, sourcing local produce where they can and recycling where possible. Nibble on tasty scones with clotted cream and other savoury treats, all made to order!

  • Where is it? 198 High Street, Walkern, Stevenage
  • How much to budget for: £22.50 pp, although a small supplement is charged for dietary requirements.
  • Don't miss: The beautiful china teacups, vintage cake-stands and gift shop attached to this café!


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