The Best Family-Friendly Festivals You Didn't Know About

Child in a field enjoying a kids festival

Thought your festival days were over? Think again! Free-spirited and fun-loving families are in for a treat this summer with a brilliant variety of totally family-friendly festivals. Whether you’re up for a weekend of camping or just fancy a day out, we’ve rounded up our top four family festivals for you to choose from. Plus when you book with Kidadl, you may be able to save money on your tickets. Let the fun begin!

1. Tribal Hearts Festival

children playing at tribal hearts festival

The brilliant Tribal Hearts Festival is back for its third year and we’re giving you 10% off your tickets! Created specifically for families, you can expect fun activities, wonderful workshops, delicious food, music and more. As well as non-stop fun for kids, including silent discos, treasure hunts, den building, yoga and circus and science workshops, there’s plenty to keep grown-ups entertained too. For adults, there are brilliant parenting workshops covering subjects like sleep, play, positive communication and self care. For expectant parents, there is a series of events on pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, including a great open circle conversation about childbirth stories.

You can either camp overnight or just buy a day ticket, but you'll have a busy, fun-filled day whatever you choose. What are you waiting for? Book now and save 10% – you won’t regret it!

2. Barnfest 2019

young girl holding rabbit at Barnfest

Bring your kids to The Nurture Barn in Braintree this summer for the 5th annual Barnfest! Barnfest 2019 is the ultimate festival for under-5s, with unicorn rides, free face painting, and live performances galore.

Moo Music will be appearing live and performing two fun-filled shows, "Pirates" and "Down on the Farm". Get involved in crafty activities, groove along with the brilliant Boogiewoogies and meet some of your favourite superheroes and princesses! It's the perfect family festival for your littlest kids, and a great way to spend a summer's day. With only 2 dates across the whole summer, you'll need to book fast.

3. Enchanted Horsham

ariel view of enchanted horsham's fairground at night

If you're looking for a family-friendly festival full of unicorns, dragons and folk stories, Enchanted Horsham is it. Book your tickets now for this lit-up wonderland full of fantastic acts and magical secret gardens which will have your kids truly spellbound by the end. Enchanted Horsham is an action-packed three-day afternoon and evening festival. Expect to see Dan the Hat’s Stupid Stunt Show, street theatre shows, an open-air silent cinema (this costs extra), silent disco, great live music, plus fabulous food and more.

Take a trip on The Dragon’s Eye VR flight or The Enchanted Unicorn before entering the Secret Illuminated Gardens. There will also be a night market, a fab vintage funfair and a spectacular fire show that will light up the park.

4. Firle Vintage Fair

A group of people sitting on the grass at Firle Vintage Fair with vintage VW camper van in the background.

If your kids are crazy for festivals or you’ve got a mini magpie in your family – The Firle Vintage Fair is back for another year and it’s guaranteed to make the perfect summer day out in the beautiful Sussex countryside. Set over three days, this fantastic family-friendly festival is set to be home to exciting shows and performances including Charleston dancers, live music and workshops – including an archery masterclass and a beekeeping workshop. You can also expect funfair rides, a horse arena, a miniature steam train, a classic car display arena, and extraordinary street food and artisan produce. On top of that, there’s incredible vintage and antique markets for the grown-ups.



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