100+ Best Fancy Girl Names

Choose a fancy girl name for your baby.

A fancy name is a blessing for a child which also defines her personality.

Short and cute names can be trendy, but they can never replace a fancy and elegant name. Fancy names have a charm of their own and also a beautiful meaning.

A good name always makes a good and lasting impression. Your little girl's elegant name will be the best introduction of herself as she grows up. So make sure you take time and carefully choose a name for your baby girl.

If you are looking for elegant and posh names for your princess, check out these Kidadl articles for elegant girl names and posh girl names.

Famous Fancy Names For Girls

It’s the dream of every parent to choose the perfect name for their baby girls. If you are searching for a dynamic and beautiful name for your girl, then your search ends here, below is a list of the most famous fancy names for girls.

1. Ambrosia (Greek origin), this girl name means “immortal”.

2. Anemone (Greek origin), it’s a girl’s name meaning “wind’s daughter”.

3. Araminta (English Origin), a very beautiful name. It means “prayer”.

4. Celestine (Latin origin), this is a popular girl name meaning “heavenly”.

5. Corymbia (Australian origin), a rare baby girl name. It is a botanical name of flowering gum tress.

6. Cosima (British origin), one of the rich and elegant names. It means “beauty”.

7. Emmeline (German origin), this baby girl name means “work”.

8. Euphemia (Greek origin), this name means “fair speech”.

9. Faustina (Latin origin), one of the famous girl names. It means “fortunate”.

10. Gardenia (English origin), an exotic name for your baby girl. It means “garden’s flower”.

11. Giovanna (Italian origin), one of the most fashionable and fancy baby names. It is the feminine version of the Italian male name, Giovanni.

12. Heliotrope (Greek origin), it’s the name of a beautiful flower.

13. Iolanthe (Greek origin), Iolanthe is a lovely girls name meaning “violet flower”.

14. Jacaranda (Spanish origin), a charming baby name meaning “fragrant”.

15. Lavender (French origin), it refers to the flower "Lavender".

16. Ludovica (Italian origin), one of the fancy girl names. It means “famous in war”.

17. Melisende (German origin), this pretty baby girl name means “strong in work”.

18. Olympia (Greek origin), this name means “from Mount Olympus”.

19. Parthenia (Greek origin), a girl’s name meaning “chaste maiden”.

20. Preciosa (Spanish origin), one of the classiest baby names. It means “precious”.

21. Primrose (English origin), meaning “first rose”.

22. Sapphira (Greek origin), Sapphira has been derived from “sapphire”.

23. Sophronia (Greek origin), a baby girl name you will surely love. It means “sensible”.

24. Tanaquil (Italian origin), the meaning of this name is “gift of god”.

25. Venetia (Latin origin), one of the baby names derived from the beautiful city “Venice”.

Old Fashioned Fancy Names For Girls

Elegant names from yesteryear have stood the test of time and still remain both classy and popular. They are not only fancy but also reminiscent of a glorious past. So let not the age of a name deter your choice. These fancy girl names are still very much in vogue.

26. Abigail (Hebrew origin), meaning “fathers joy”.

27. Ada (Germanic origin), one of the pretty girl names, it means “nobility”.

28. Alice (French origin), a fancy and old-fashioned girl names. It means “noble”.

29. Alma (Latin origin), one of the baby names inspired from the Latin name Alma mater which means “dear mother”.

30. Althea (Greek origin), the baby name is derived from the Greek name for marshmallow plant which has healing powers. Althea means “to heal”.

31. Annabelle (French/Hebrew origin), one of the fancy baby girl names meaning “lovable”.

32. Anastasia (Greek origin), a classic retro name for your little one. It means “resurrection”.

33. Annie (Hebrew origin), meaning “gracious”.

34. Anthea (Greek origin), a sweet girl name for your little flower. It means “flowery”.

35. Belinda (Spanish origin), the baby name Belinda means “pretty”.

36. Blanche (French origin), it’s a girl’s name meaning “ white or fair”.

37. Bonnie (Scottish origin), another classic girl name. Bonnie means pretty.

38. Caroline (Multiple origins), a girl name you will surely love. It means “strong”.

39. Catherine (Greek origin), this baby name is as pure as your love. You guessed it right, it means “pure”.

40. Clara (Latin origin), one of the most popular vintage names. Clara means “bright and famous”.

41. Dora (Greek origin), this girl name refers to a “gift”.

42. Eva (Hebrew name), a short and traditional name that means someone who is full of life.

43. Gladys (Welsh origin), choose this name for your girl. It means “royalty”.

44. Hannah (Hebrew origin), this baby girl name means “God’s favorite”.

45. Iris (Greek origin), this girl name translates to “rainbow”.

46. Jemima (Hebrew origin), meaning “little dove”.

47. Kathy (English origin), another beautiful girl name. Kathy means “pure”.

48. Lorraine (Latin origin), it has its origins in the medieval Latin name Lotharingia. It means from the land of Lorraine.

49. Martha (Hebrew origin), one of the feminine names for your little girl. Martha means “lady”.

50. Nancy (Hebrew origin), it means “grace”.

51. Polly (Latin origin), call your little girl Polly. The name means “humble”.

Your princess deserves a fancy name.

Double Barrelled Names For Girls

These are two names joined with a hyphen. It is also commonly known as hyphenated names. Double barrelled names for girls are the latest trend in America. However, traditionally these names are from all over the world.

52. Amaya-Misty (Japanese origin), meaning “night full of rain and mist”.

53. Amelia-Rose (Anglo-Latin origin), this is an Anglo-Latin amalgamation with Amelia meaning “work” and rose meaning “lower”.

54. Amy-Louise (Latin-German), the meaning of this girls name is “fighter” or “warrior”.

55. Anna-Bella (Latin origin), it means “graceful and beautiful”.

56. Autumn-Rose (Latin origin), this charming name it means “autumnal roses”.

57. Ava-Grace (English origin), this girls name translates to “bird” and Grace means “kindness”.

58. Aurora-Claire (Latin origin), meaning “dawn” and “bright” respectively.

59. Betty-Jane (English origin), a very Christian name. Betty is short for Elizabeth and it means “God is my oath” and Jane means “God is gracious”.

60. Casey-Lee (Gaelic origin), another double-barrelled name which is catchy and unique. Casey means “vigilant” and Lee means “dweller by the wood”.

61. Darcey-Rae(English origin),  Darcey meaning “dark haired one” and Rae meaning “protection”, this is beautiful baby girls name.

62. Demi-Leigh (French-English origin), it is the name for a petite princess. Demi means “small” and Leigh means “delicate”.

63. Elle-Mae (French origin), another excellent name for a girl. Elle means “feminine” and Mae means “pearl”.

64. Grace-Lily (Latin origin), a Christian symbol of purity, Grace is a lovely name for a baby girl by itself. Combined with Lily it adds so much substance to the name.

65. Layla-Rose (Arabic origin) Layla in Arabic means “intoxicating beauty”. It makes for a very pretty name when Rose is added.

66. Lily-Sue (Hebrew origin), meaning “graceful flower”.

67. Mariah-Zoe (Greek origin), Mariah means “beloved” and Zoe is “life”.

68. Mary-Jane (Hebrew-Latin origin), a very popular double-barrelled name. It means “gracious” and ”kind”.

69. Mary-Lou (Latin origin), meaning “star of the sea”,

70. Naomi-Lila (Hebrew-Arabic origin), a name full of style and substance. Naomi is the Hebrew word for “pleasant” and Lila is Arabic for “night”.

71. Olivia-Rose (Latin-English origin), a very popular name in the US and in Europe. Olivia is Latin for “olive tree” and Rose is from the English language.

72. Peggy-Sue (English origin), meaning “pearl” and “lily”,

73. Sarah-Jane (Hebrew origin), this is a beautiful name with Sarah meaning “princess” and Jane meaning “God is merciful”.

74. Samantha-Quinn(English origin) Perfect name for a baby girl. It means “wise listener”.

75. Scarlett-Rose (English origin), a strong name, it means “dark red flower”.

76. Vivian-Cora (Ancient Greek origin), a beautiful name for a baby girl. Vivian meaning “full of life” and Cora means “filled heart”.

Rich Girl Names You Will Adore

Every parent wants their child to be rich, successful and financially independent. Why not choose a Richie-Rich name for your little lady to serve as motivation? A rich girl name might serve as a lucky charm and pave the path to a millionaire future for your baby girl.

77. Alda (German origin), this name literally means “prosperous”.

78. Alisher (Persian origin), it means “someone elevated and elite”.

79. Angelina, meaning “messenger of God”, this is a name adopted by a lot of celebrities.

80. Audrey (English origin), Audrey means “strong and noble”. It is a very fancy rich girl name.

81. Charlotte (French origin), Charlotte is a derivative of Charles which means “free man”.

82. Gina (Italian-Latin origin), it means “queen”. An apt name for a rich baby girl.

83. Helga (Scandinavian origin), the meaning of this name is “successful or prosperous”.

84. Leanda (Greek origin), it means “lion like” or “wealthy and rich”.

85. Mackenzie (Gaelic origin), means “born of fire”. It also means “child of a wise leader”.

86. Mieko (Japanese origin), this richie-rich name means one who is already prosperous.

Popular French Girl Names

France has a beautiful tradition and a rich culture. No doubt, that French names have an influence of this dynamic culture. That makes French names all the more fancy and attractive. Be creative in your search for names and choose an elegant and classy name for your little lady.

87. Aaida (French Origin), it is a very popular name meaning “the one who is helpful”.

88. Antonine (French Origin), this is a beautiful name and means “princess”, just like your baby girl.

89. Belle (French Origin), another lovely name meaning “beautiful”.

90. Dior (French Origin), it means “golden” in French. Another popular French baby girl name.

91. Euginie (French Origin), one of the best rich names it means “well-born”.

92. Lucienne (French Origin), the meaning of this name is “light” or “illumination”.

93. Margo (French Origin), a very popular modern French name, it means “pearl”.

94. Monet (French Origin), this means “to be heard”. Good news for the conservatives because it remains one of the most popular names.

95. Monique (French Origin), this is a beautiful yet powerful name for your baby girl. It means “advisor”.

96. Odette (French Origin), Odette means “wealth” and it is a lovely name for a baby girl.

97. Reine (French Origin), another name which is adorable and charming and it means “queen”.

98. Rosine (French Origin), the French form of the word rose. A beautiful baby girl’s name.

99. Violette (French Origin), the French form of the word “violet”. One of names which is very popular.

100. Yvonne (French Origin), meaning “archer” or “bowman”. It is a derivative of the French name “Yves”.

101. Zelie (French Origin), one of the best baby names, Zelie means “envy”.

(Choose a fancy French name for your baby.

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