40 Best Fortnite Puns For Gamers

Fortnite is one of the top-grossing online video games of the world.

The widely popular online video game Fortnite is known to all.

Fortnite has been created by the company named Epic Games. The game was first released in 2017.

This game took the world by an absolute storm and became hugely famous among both adults and children. This online multiplayer game comes in different modes and thereby, helps in connecting numerous online players with one another all across the globe. Fortnite can be played on a wide range of gaming consoles like android devices, Windows, iOS platforms, and Nintendo Switch and PlayStations. The game can be played in three distinct modes, and among them Fortnite Battle Royale is the most popular variant of the game, which amassed a whopping 125 million players all across the globe.

The other two modes of the game are Fortnite Save the World and Fortnite Creative. Each of the three distinct modes is completely different and innovative from one another. Fortnite Save The World is a player versus nature type of game. In this game, individual players team up together and fight the same mission. The game begins with a storm erasing the population on earth and zombies attacking the characters. The players will have to pass certain missions, rescue other characters, and thereby unlock packs and heroes.

Fortnite Creative is very similar to that of the game Minecraft. Players have complete freedom to do anything and can create or destroy any structure on the island. Fortnite Battle Royale presents a player vs. player game where different players compete with one another. Players can either play in single mode or can play as a team. Players are given an airdrop, and then they must scavenge for weapons and other packs. They fight together and must survive and move to the center of the map else a toxic storm can throw them out from the game. The sole objective is to survive till the end, and the player or the team which remains with no survivors are the winners. We know that you enjoy Fortnite. However, we are sure that you are bound to like our Fortnite jokes and puns!

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The Best Puns On Fortnite

Fortnite is enjoyed by people of different ages.

Enlisted below are Fortnite funnies, Fortnite one-liners, Fortnite phases, jokes on epic games, battle royale, puns on epic games, Fortnite jokes, and a pun on the good video game. Check out which Fortnite puns you like!

1. While playing Fortnite, I was searching for snipers. I was basically hunting rifles!

2. Peely wanted to play Fortnite, but he couldn't as he wasn't peeling fine!

3. I went to the dentist to get my teeth checked. He advised me to play Fortnite as I could floss there!

4. I had my examinations going for a while, so I couldn't play Fortnite for nearly a fortnight!

5. I tried to use 'Fortnite' as the password for my email, but I couldn't as it was two week!

6. I was almost certain that Fortnite would have been a two-week thing. How badly I was proven wrong!

7. My son wanted me to buy him the Fortnite game. So I told him that I would get it in a couple of weeks!

8. My son skipped school and played Fortnite all day. Even at night, he asked his friend, "Where are we dropping now?" I angrily replied, "It seems you are dropping out of school".

9. All the assistants of supermarkets are widely experienced Fortnite games. That is why they always like tagging along!

10. I was playing Fortnite when a rubber band on my arm tore away. I exclaimed, "Oh, snap".

11. My brother tried to decrease his lag by tying a rubber band on his modem, but it didn't work!

12. After playing Fortnite, Peely likes having peeling duck for dinner!

13. Fortnite is usually played during the season of Halloween. I think it is because the hills are haunted!

14. Most Fortnite players love music. They especially love songs of the '90s era!

15. All the animals at the zoo probably love playing Fortnite. That's why they all enter the enclosure one by one!

Hilariously Funny Fortnite Puns

The Battle Royale version of Fortnite is the most popular mode of the game.

Here you will find the very best of Fortnite humor, Fortnite phrases, gamers puns, Fortnite jokes, good jokes on epic games, Fortnite battle jokes, and a good joke on the royale game and video game puns.

16. Worms absolutely hate the game of Fortnite. They are tired of being baited all the time!

17. I think Fortnite is gaining popularity all across the globe. It has now absolutely taken the world by a storm!

18. Dentists are all expert Fortnite players. They love playing the game as they get to floss daily!

19. Cows love playing Fortnite, but they play a different variant of the game. They usually play the Cattle Royale!

20. Medieval noble families too played Fortnite. That is why we got to see so many royal clashes!

21. Skeletons absolutely hate the game of Fortnite. I think they can't play it as they don't have any skins!

22. My TV had a bad breath. So I asked the remote control to floss his teeth!

23. A bunch of thieves broke into the alphabet factory of our town. Turns out all they took was the L!

24. Majority of Fortnite players love watching all the movies of X-Men. It is probably because they all know that the Storm is coming!

25. Soccer players hate playing Fortnite. It is probably because they hate passing the battle to one another!

26. People who hate taking vaccines also hate playing Fortnite. It is probably because they don't know from where they are going to get shot!

27. Gamers often compare Fortnite to that of the USA. It used to be free, but now it isn't!

28. A mason should probably build his wall out of Fortnite as no one is able to get over it!

29. Fortnite is planning to release a pack on all Marvel characters. I just simply can't wait to use the Thor skin!

30. If EA decided to produce Fortnite it would probably have a dance form in it called 'Swipe It'!

Cool Puns About Fortnite

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31. All the water bodies in our locality are getting affected by people playing Fortnite. The streams are turning salty day by day!

32. The silly comedian who was greeted with tomatoes at the end of his performance was a pro-Fortnite player. I think it is probably because he is a tomato head!

33. Our local soccer team was championed in the Fortnite tournament. We are officially changing the team's name to 'Nottingham Fortnite F.C'.

34. The bear who loved scaring his neighbors loved playing Fortnite because he was a creepy bear!

35. The Alchemist who had the special power of turning stones to gold by just touching them was a professional Fortnite player. I guess he had the Midas touch with him!

36. I went fishing and caught a lot of fish. Later I saw a couple of fish on the stick playing Fortnite amongst themselves. They were definitely fishstick!

37. The only bird which appealed to Edgar Allan Poe and is a champion Fortnite player is definitely the Raven!

38. My daughter played the game Fortnite and got bored of it in a fortnight. I wondered who makes a game that lasts just two weeks?

39. The ghost loved scaring and targeting people from their behind. I think it plays Fortnite and has thus become a master of ghost peeking!

40. While playing Fortnite, I tried to ping my enemy's shield but turned out he pinged me as my network ping was too high!

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