75 Best Freddie Mercury Quotes From The Iconic Queen Frontman

Freddie Mercury quotes are loved by one and all

Freddie Mercury was the iconic lead vocalist of the English band, Queen.

Born as Farrokh Bulsara in Zanzibar, he moved to England where he started working part-time at Heathrow airport. The iconic singer boasted of having a magnificent four-octave vocal range.

With his awe-inspiring stage presence and dominating vocals, Queen became a worldwide famous musical band. Freddie however passed away at the young age of 45 from Bronchopneumonia which resulted from AIDS. Before his death, his net worth was estimated to be around £50million. Freddie's last vocal performance which was his last hit was a song called 'Mother Love'. If you're interested in Freddie Mercury quotes, or quotes about him, or Freddie Mercury quotes from their songs, then keep on reading.

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Best Quotes By Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury quotes will be inspirational for young rockstars

Enlisted below are some of the best Freddie Mercury quotes.

1."I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend."

- Freddie Mercury.

2. "My soul has painted like the wings of butterflies, Fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends."

- Freddie Mercury, 'The Show Must Go On'.

3. "The concept of Queen is to be regal and majestic."

- Freddie Mercury, 'Standing Up For Queen'.

4. "I always knew I was a star, and now the rest of the world seems to agree with me."

- Freddie Mercury.

5. "If you see it, darling, then it's there! With every single beat of my heart. Every single day of my life."

- Freddie Mercury.

6. "If I had to do it all over again? Why not, I would do it a little bit differently."

- Freddie Mercury, 'Freddie Mercury: A Life, In His Own Words'.

7. "Oh, I was not made for heaven. No, I don't want to go to heaven. Hell is much better. Think of all the interesting people you're going to meet down there!"

- Freddie Mercury.

8. "The reason we're successful, darling? My overall charisma, of course."

- Freddie Mercury.

9. "I'm very emotional; I think I may go mad in several years' time."

- Freddie Mercury.

10. "We've gone overboard on every Queen album. But that's Queen.'

- Freddie Mercury.

11. "When I'm dead, I want to be remembered as a musician of some worth and substance."

- Freddie Mercury.

12. "I think my melodies are superior to my lyrics."

- Freddie Mercury.

13. "What will I be doing in twenty years' time? I'll be dead, darling! Are you crazy?"

- Freddie Mercury.

14. "I am a romantic, but I do put up a barrier around myself, so it is hard for people to get in and to know the real me."

- Freddie Mercury.

15. "Money may not buy happiness, but it can damn well give it!"

- Freddie Mercury.

16. "I like to be surrounded by splendid things."

- Freddie Mercury.

17. "I'm so powerful on stage that I seem to have created a monster."

- Freddie Mercury.

18. "I love the fact that I can make people happy, in any form."

- Freddie Mercury.

19. "I want to lead the Victorian life, surrounded by exquisite clutter."

- Freddie Mercury.

20. "Does it mean this, does it mean that, that's all anybody wants to know. I'd say what any decent poet would say if anyone dared ask him to analyze his work: if you see it, darling, then it's there!"

- Freddie Mercury.

21. "Sometimes I feel so sad, so sad, so bad

But no-one's gonna stop me now, no-one.”

- Freddie Mercury.

22. "I don't like the way my teeth protrude. I'm going to have them done, but I just haven't had the time. Apart from that... I'm perfect."

- Freddie Mercury.

Famous Freddie Mercury Quotes

Freddie Mercury quotes are loved by all rock music fans

Here you will find the famous quotes of Freddie Mercury along with the best Freddie Mercury quotes about life, funny Freddie Mercury quotes and best Freddie Mercury quotes about music and art. He believed that modern paintings are like women.

23. "Led Zeppelin is the greatest. Robert Plant is one of the most original vocalists of our time. As a rock band, they deserve the kind of success they're getting."

- Freddie Mercury, 'Queen's Freddie Mercury Shopping For An Image In London'.

24. "This thing called love, it cries like a baby in a cradle all night. It swings, it jives, it shakes all over like a jellyfish. I kinda like it."

- Freddie Mercury.

25. "In terms of love, you're not in control and I hate that feeling. I seem to write a lot of sad songs because I'm a very tragic person. But there's always an element of humor at the end."

- Freddie Mercury.

26. "If I didn't do this well, I just wouldn't have anything to do... I can't cook, and I'd be a terrible housewife."

- Freddie Mercury.

27. "I am loved by thousands, but I feel like the loneliest man in the world."

- Freddie Mercury.

28. "Excess is part of my nature. Dullness is a disease."

- Freddie Mercury.

29. "We're a very expensive group; we break a lot of rules."

- Freddie Mercury.

30. "Montserrat Caballé is sensational. She has that same kind of emotion as Aretha Franklin. The way she delivers a song is so very natural."

- Freddie Mercury, 'I Am The Champion'.

31. "The most important thing is to live a fabulous life. As long as it's fabulous I don't care how long it is."

- Freddie Mercury.

32. "I was born to love you

with every single beat of my heart."

- Freddie Mercury.

33. "A lot of my songs are fantasy. I can dream up all kinds of things. That's the kind of world I live in."

- Freddie Mercury.

34. "Jimi Hendrix is very important. He's my idol. He sort of epitomizes, from his presentation on stage, the whole works of a rock star."

- Freddie Mercury, Queen's Freddie Mercury Shopping For An Image In London'.

35. "Can you imagine how terrible it is when you've got everything and you're still desperately lonely? That is awful beyond words."

- Freddie Mercury, 'Rock On Freddie'.

36. "In the early days, we just wore black onstage. Very bold, my dear. Then we introduced white, for variety, and it simply grew and grew."

- Freddie Mercury.

37. "I don't talk to everybody, so they don't really know the real me."

- Freddie Mercury.

38. "You can be anything you want to be, just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be."

- Freddie Mercury.

39. "My songs are like Bic razors. For fun, for modern consumption. You listen to it, like it, discard it, then on to the next. Disposable pop."

- Freddie Mercury.

Finest Quotes About Freddie Mercury

Here are the best quotes on Freddie Mercury as said by other eminent personalities, that will make you see him a little bit differently.

40. "Every band should study Queen at Live Aid. If you really feel like that barrier is gone, you become Freddie Mercury. I consider him the greatest frontman of all time."

- Dave Grohl, 'Dave Grohl: How To Make An Arena Feel Like A Punk Club'.

41. "Freddie Mercury was a huge source of inspiration to me as a child."

- George Michael.

42. "Of all the more theatrical rock performers, Freddie took it further than the rest... he took it over the edge... "

- David Bowie, 'Rolling Stone Magazine'.

43. "I’m a Freddie Mercury fan."

- Michael Jackson, 'Michael Jackson: Life In The Magical Kingdom'.

44. "The difference between Freddie and almost all the other rock stars was that he was selling the voice."

- Montserrat Caballé, 'Freddie Mercury : A Kind Of Magic'.

45. "Freddie Mercury was - and remains - my biggest influence."

- Katy Perry.

46. "I lost somebody who I thought was my eternal love … When he died I felt we'd had a marriage."

- Mary Austin.

Best Quotes From The Hits Of Queen

Here are quotes from hit songs of Queen along with Freddie Mercury song quotes, best Freddie Mercury quotes from the band's songs, and cool quotes from Freddie mercury that are really great.

47. "Is this the real life?

Is this just fantasy?”

- 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

48. "I've paid my dues

Time after time.”

- 'We Are The Champions'.

49. "Steve walks warily down the street

With his brim pulled way down low

Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet

Machine guns ready to go."

- 'Another One Bites The Dust'.

50. "I'm OK, I'm alright

I ain't gonna face no defeat.”

- 'Somebody To Love'.

51. "I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky

Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity."

- 'Don't Stop Me Now'.

52. "Buddy, you're a boy, make a big noise

Playing in the street, gonna be a big man someday.”

- 'We Will Rock You'.

53. "She keeps her Moet et Chandon

In her pretty cabinet

'Let them eat cake', she says

Just like Marie Antoinette."

- 'Killer Queen'.

54. "So don't become some background noise

A backdrop for the girls and boys."

- 'Radio Ga Ga'.

55. "Who wants to live forever

Who dares to love forever."

- 'Who Wants To Live Forever'.

56. "We are the champions, my friends

And we'll keep on fighting till the end."

- 'We Are The Champions'.

57. "A baby I was when you took my hand

The light of the night burned bright".

- 'Now I'm Here'.

58. "It's strange but it's true

I can't get over the way you love me like you do."

- 'I Want To Break Free'.

59. “I was born to take care of you

every single day of my life.”

- ‘I Was Born To Love You’.

60. “But I have to be sure

When I walk out that door

Oh how I want to be free.”

- 'I Want To Break Free'.

61. “We are the champions

No time for losers

'Cause we are the champions of the World.”

- 'We Are The Champions'.

62. “Who dares to love forever

When love must die.”

- 'Who Wants To Live Forever'.

63. “You had your time, you had the power

You've yet to have your finest hour.”

- 'Radio Ga Ga'.

64. “I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva

I'm gonna go, go, go

There's no stopping me.”

- 'Don't Stop Me Now'.

65. “I feel good

And no-one's gonna stop me now.”

- 'It's A Beautiful Day'.

66. “You got mud on your face, you big disgrace

Kicking your can all over the place, singin'

We will, we will rock you."

- 'We Will Rock You'.

67. “Caught in a landslide

No escape from reality.”

- 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

68. “Open your eyes

Look up to the skies and see."

- 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

69. “Anywhere the wind blows

Doesn’t really matter to me.”

- 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

70. “I just gotta get out of this prison cell

One day (someday) I'm gonna be free, Lord!

Find me somebody to love."

- 'Somebody To Love'.

71. “I've done my sentence

But committed no crime."

- 'We Are The Champions'.

72. “How do you think I'm going to get along

Without you when you're gone.”

- 'Another One Bites The Dust'.

73. “Are you happy are you satisfied?

How long can you stand the heat.”

- 'Another One Bites The Dust'.

74. “Goodbye everybody, I've got to go

Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth.”

- 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

75. “I've taken my bows

And my curtain calls

You brought me fame and fortune

And everything that goes with it

I thank you all.”

- 'We Are The Champions'.

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