Best Free Online Educational Games For KS2 Kids

There are many free online educational games that can make learning at home more engaging and fun for KS2 kids.

With schools now closed, it can be extremely stressful trying to keep your kids both entertained and educated. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make learning fun - such as online games. There are so many great online educational KS2 games that will not only reinforce what your children have been learning with their teachers, but encourage them further through play. So, if you've got any iPad or laptop-lovers in the family - check out our top 9 games below to learn more about the valuable educational tools you might be missing out on!

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Maths Invaders

Ready to save the Galaxy? Math Invaders is an exciting game in which kids must use a range of their mathematical skills in order to shoot down alien spaceships and dodge incoming attacks. With over a hundred levels to get through in order to complete the game, children will get plenty of practice in topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, rounding of numbers, and more. You can even choose the topic yourself, and the level of difficulty depending on where your child is at. Math Invaders really is a great educational tool that will keep your kids occupied for hours on end!

You can play the game here.

Child gaming online

Finish The Story: Bushfire

Perfect for budding little story-tellers, your kids can improve their writing and creativity skills whilst making their very own comic book! Bushfire is a short-story about Brad and Susan, two people stuck in trouble because of a bushfire blocking their path. The aim of the game is for users to make the story more exciting, decide on how it should end, and improve the writing of the comic by changing nouns to pronouns, choosing more descriptive verbs, and adding in adverbs. It's a clever way to get your little ones writing creatively without even realising it, and is super enjoyable to play!

Start creating your comic here.

Earth Squad, Go!

Ready to travel around the world? This fascinating science game will allow your kids to squad up and join characters such as Lava, River, and Sky in learning about different habitats including rainforests, cities, and the savannah. The aim of the game is to complete several missions using and improving your knowledge on animals, plants, the living world and the human body. Kids are able to learn as they play by unlocking badges and boosting their star scores, even earning their Earth Squad outfit as they make it through levels. There's no better way to learn than when you're having the time of your life!

Get exploring with the Squad here.

The Vile Vending Machine

Kids will have a laugh whilst improving their math skills with the Vile Vendor game. It's got a pretty simple concept, the machine generates disgusting  cans of drink such as Fresh Fish, Warm Worms, Rusty Nails, and Smelly Socks - and players have to work out the probability of getting a certain flavour from the machine by selecting an answer from the words: certain, likely, equal, unlikely, and impossible. When you've got the correct answer, your drink will be dispensed and you can pick up your can from the machine. It's an easy-to-use game that provides helpful feedback and explanations with every answer, correct or incorrect, in order to reinforce learning and understanding. If your kids get the giggles from silly names - they'll certainly enjoy playing this game!

Ready to play? Click here.

Crystal Explorers

Calling all mini-explorers, this exciting adventure game is perfect for those looking to improve their grammar, punctuation, and spelling by venturing through a world of mazes, defeating challenges, and solving puzzles. Play as a brave explorer, collecting shards of crystal and solving riddles throughout the levels and topics to victory. The game is super fun and interactive, and tests kids on their English skills throughout. They won't want to stop until they've made it to the last level!

Start your adventure here.

Look, Cover, Write, Check

What better way to practice your spellings, phonics, and common exception words than to play Look, Cover, Write, Check? Begin by selecting a year group, the type of words you want your kids to spell, a set of specific words (including a choice of the tricky words in the national curriculum), and then you're ready to get started. The game works by briefly showing you the word, covering it up, and then giving your little one time to spell it out on a virtual keyboard. Once spelt correctly, it'll be checked off. The score bar at the side of the screen will fill up with each correct word - making for a fun way to motivate your kids to finish. Spelling games are a great way for kids to practice at home, without feeling like they're studying at all!

Start spelling here.

Children winning an online game

Food Chain Challenge

BBC Bitesize offers 3 different versions of this interactive science game, focused on teaching and testing kids on their knowledge of the food chain in different locations and environments around the world. Kids can choose to play either in the woodlands, a tundra, or a savannah habitat and are encouraged to find different food chains, explore the scenes, and build their own food chains. They're also able to watch related clips from the BBC archive. The game is a great way for kids to learn while they're having fun, and the short films are an added bonus that will not only educate them but keep them busy learning!

Start here with the woodlands habitat and click through to explore the others.

Super Maths Bowling: Multiplication

Who doesn't love to bowl? This high-pressure game will have your kids so excited about their multiplication you won't believe your eyes! How does it work? Kids have to answer the maths questions as quickly as they possibly can. The faster and more accurate they are, the easier it is for them to aim the bowling bowl towards the pins. Once they've answered a question, they'll get a shot at knocking over as many as they can - with their score being recorded. If you've got more than one kid, why not turn it into a competition? See who can solve the problems the fastest, and create a prize for the winner! It's a great way to get them focused on their maths, and will speed up their multiplication skills.

Ready to get multiplying? Start here.

Missing Pop Star Puzzle

Missing Pop Star Puzzle is a fantastic educational tool for those looking to improve their writing skills. Kids are encouraged to follow clues and figure out what's happened to the missing celebrity, and then to write a newspaper article about it. The game is so interactive, and takes kids through each stage of the investigation, getting them to fill out information from clues they've found. Not only is it incredibly fun, but it's also full and tips and encouragements on improving their skills, and is a great way for children to get creative with their writing. We'd highly recommend if you're looking to get your child excited about reading and writing!

Start solving the mystery now.

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