100+ Best French Canadian Names For Your Baby

French Canadian names are beautiful choices.

Are you struggling to find the perfect baby name?

We are here to help with this list of beautiful French Canadian girls' names and French Canadian boy names. Ranging from unique French Canadian names, to the top baby names popular among the French Canadian  population, the right name for your baby might be in this list.

You might see the word  'dit' in some of these names. This can be translated directly to "called" or "to say". We hope you find some Canadian French names that you love on this list.

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Popular French Canadian Names For Girls

Canada is a bilingual country where much of the population speaks Canadian and French.

Some of the most popular French Canadian names for girls are Adèle, Alice, Amélie, Delphine, Elodie, and Victoria. These names are either of French Canadian origin, or are widely popular in French Canada today. The perfect name for your little girl might be on this list.

1. Adèle (German origin) meaning "nobility", this is also the name of a famous singer.

2. Adélie (French origin) meaning "noble", is a popular Canadian name.

3. Alice (Old French origin) meaning "noble" and "appearance", the name is most commonly used for girls.

4. Amélie (French origin) meaning "work" is a beautiful and simple name.

5. Anaïs (French origin) the name of the Persian Goddess of fertility and healing, is one of the more unique French Canadian female names.

6. Beatrice (French origin) meaning "she who makes happy" is one of the most popular baby names.

7. Camille (French origin) meaning "perfect", is one of the cutest Quebec girl names.

8. Charlie (Old English origin) meaning "free man", you may not have heard it often in girls' names lists because it's a common name for boys, but it is being used more and more frequently for girls today.

9. Charlotte (French origin) meaning "free man" or "petite", the name is simple and cute.

10. Chloe (Greek origin) meaning "blooming" or "fertility", is a top baby name.

11. Clémence (Latin origin) meaning "merciful" or "gentle", is unique among the Canadian French names on this list.

12. Clémentine (English origin) meaning "gentle" and "merciful",  the name is popular in Canada.

13. Daphnée (Greek origin) meaning "laurel tree, bay tree", is a popular baby name.

14. Delphine (Latin origin) meaning "woman from Delphi", the name is popular and most heard in Canada.

15. Éleanore (French and English origin) meaning "nobility", is among the magnificent French Canadian baby names.  

16. Elodie (French and Spanish origin) meaning "other", is an extremely beautiful name.

17. Émilie (French origin) meaning "to strive or excel or rival", is a wonderful name.  

18. Emma (French origin) meaning "whole" or "universal" is one of the most popular French Canadian baby names.

19. Eva (Latin origin) means "life" or "living one", the name is splendid for a girl.

20. Florence (French origin) meaning "blossoming", a beautiful name for your cute and sweet angel.

21. Frédérique (French origin) meaning "peaceful ruler", a gorgeous name choice.

22. Genavié (Germanic or Celtic origin) meaning "woman of the race", is a popular and unique name.

23. Jade (Spanish origin) meaning "stone of the colic", one is surely going to admire this name.

24. Juliette (Latin origin) means "son of Jove", the name will take you back to the romance of 'Romeo And Juliet'.

25. Laurence (English and French origin) meaning "man from Laurentum", is a popular name in Canada.

26. Lea (Hebrew origin) meaning "man from Laurentum", is a short and sweet name example.

27. Léolove (Latin origin) means "noble" and "love", you may not have heard of this unique name, but we think it is a beautiful choice that is gaining in popularity.

28. Léonie (Latin origin) means "lioness", the name will bring out the fierce quality of your child.

29. Maélie (French origin) meaning "princess", the name will suit your little princess.

30. Mia (Spanish origin) meaning "mine" or "dear darling", is a short and cute name for a new baby.

31. Noémie (French origin) meaning "good, pleasant, lovely".

32. Océane (French origin) meaning "ocean", is one of the cutest French Canadian names.

33. Olivia (Old French origin) meaning  "olive tree", is a beautiful name option. It is one of the most popular baby names, year after year.

35. Ophélie (French origin) meaning "help", the name will carry out the essence of the baby's behaviour.

36. Pénélope (Greek origin) meaning "weaver", the name is also the name of famous actress Penelope Cruz.

37. Renée (French origin) meaning "reborn" or "born again".

38. Romy (German origin) meaning "rose", "sea of bitterness" or "beloved".

39. Rosalie (French and German origin) meaning "rose".

40. Sofia (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom", is one of the most popular names in Canada.

41. Victoria (Latin origin) means "victory", the name is so cute for a little girl.

42. Zoe (Greek origin) meaning "life", this is another of the girl names popular in French Canada.

French Canadian Names For Boys

Many parents love these French Canadian names

Here is a list of some of the best names loved by French Canadian boys, they have beautiful and amazing meanings.

43. Adam (Semitic origin) meaning "the ground" or "earth", the name will remind you of Adam and Eve.

44. Adrián (Latin origin) means "sea" or "water", is one of the most popular French Canadian male names.

45. Alexis (French origin) meaning "helping" or "defending", this is one of the top boy names from French Canada.

46. André (French and Portuguese origin) meaning "man" or "warrior", the name may bring out the strong quality of your son.

47. Antoine (French origin) meaning "highly praiseworthy", a common name in Canada for a little boy.

48. Bastien (Old German origin) meaning "from Sebaste" or "venerable".

49. Benjamin (Hebrew origin) meaning "son of my right hand".

50. Benoit (French origin) meaning "the one who says the good". One of the cutest French names.

51. Cédric (Celtic origin) meaning "bounty", is one of the more popular baby names.

52. Charles (English origin) meaning "free man", because who hasn't heard of Charles Dickens, the well known writer and social critic?

53. Edouard (Old English origin) meaning "rich guard", a name with a unique and amazing meaning.  

54. Éli (Hebrew origin) meaning "height", is a popular name for a young baby boy.

55. Élisaac (French origin) meaning "happiness", is a cute name.  

56. Emile (Latin origin) means "rival", the name sounds sweet but has a strong meaning.  

57. Étienne (Greek origin) meaning "crown" and "wreath", young boys are very often called by this name.

58. Felix (French origin) meaning "happy" or "lucky", is a name filled with happiness and joy.  

59. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my strength", Gabriel was a saint whose description is given in the Hebrew Bible.

60. Jacob (Hebrew origin) meaning "to follow, to be behind", the name will suit many little boys.

61. Jérémie (Hebrew and Greek origin) meaning "appointed by God", a gorgeous name that is not hugely popular yet.

62. Jérôme (Greek origin) meaning "sacred name", for one who has faith in God.

63. Leo (Latin origin) means "lion", is one of the most popular and common French Canadian names.

64. Liam (Irish origin) meaning "desire"," helmet" or "guardian", the name is quite cute and simple.

65. Logan (Irish origin) meaning "one who has descended from the warriors".

66. Mathéo (Hebrew origin) meaning "gift of Yahweh".

67. Maxime (Latin origin) means "the greatest", this lovely name might suit your newborn baby.

68. Nathan (Hebrew origin) meaning "gave", in the Hebrew Bible Nathan is a prophet.  

69. Noah (Hebrew and Babylonian origin) meaning "repose or rest".

70. Olivier (Old French and English origin) meaning "elf army" or "warrior", this is the most popular name for boys, it is universally loved by parents.

71. Phillippe (Ancient Greek origin) meaning "a person who loved horses", this popular name for boys is very cute.  

72. Raphael (Hebrew origin) meaning "God has healed". Raphael is also the name of a famous painter and architect from Italy.

73. Rémi (French origin) meaning "oarsman" or "remedy", this name is short and sweet.

74. Samuel (Hebrew origin) meaning "name of God" or "God heard". The name Samuel can be found in the Hebrew Bible.

75. Théo (Ancient Greek origin) meaning "gift of God", this name is very beautiful and cute.

76. Thomas (Greek origin) meaning "twin" and "leader", the name might remind you of Thomas Alva Edison who was a famous inventor.

77. William (German origin) meaning "will or desire" and "protection", is a very popular name for baby boys.

78. Xavier (Latin origin) means "the new house", Xavier is a popular name in Canada.

Gender Neutral French Canadian Names

Apart from the most popular and top French Canadian girl names and boy names already listed, there are many gender neutral French Canadian names. These range from traditional Canadian names to the more modern options.

79. Adrianna (Latin origin) means "person from Hadria (Northern Italy)".

80. Alvia (French origin) meaning "a road to brightness and fame".

81. Amelot (Latin and French origin) meaning "Arthur's castle".

82. Auberi (English origin) meaning "rule of an elf" or "powerful and kind hearted".

83. Avignon (French origin) meaning "name of a place", or "the one who came from France".

84. Belot (Ancient Norman and Old French origin) meaning "a name of a card game".

85. Bijou (French origin) meaning "jewel", the name is used by some French Canadian families.

86. Celestina (French origin) meaning "a heavenly individual".

87. Celestine (origin) meaning "a heavenly person".

88. Cezanne (Latin origin) means "of the sky".

89. Chandell (Irish origin) meaning "a candle" or "light".

90. Chandelle (French origin) meaning "everlasting candle".

91. Chandler (English origin) meaning "a candle maker and seller".

92. Chayce (Old French and English origin) meaning "a huntsman".

93. Cheney (Old Norman origin) meaning "growing from the oak grove".

94. Chevis (French origin) meaning "a thick bodied fish".

95. Coeur (French origin) meaning "the heart".

96. Coty (French origin) meaning "helpful", "shield" or "protective individual".

97. Courtenay (Old French origin) meaning "from the court". Also refers to someone"short nosed" in French

98. Creasy (Old English origin) meaning "graceful", "pleasant" or "kind".

99. Crescent (French origin) a variant of Crescens, this name is related to nature and the phases of the moon.

100. Darell (Old English origin) meaning "from Ariel", "huckleberry" or "beloved".

101. Darel (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "one from the Airelle" or "lovely".

102. Davignon (French origin) meaning "dearly loved person".

103. Dejah (English origin) meaning "a fun loving person" or "pleasant one".

104. Delaynie (Irish origin) meaning "challenger from the woods".

105. Deor (French origin) meaning "a beloved baby" or "golden one".

106. Dior (French origin) meaning "golden" or "one who has an open heart".

107. Domenique (French origin) meaning "someone who is unique and special".

108. Erembourc (Old French origin) this is the name of a French mythological character who rides shadows.

109. Esmae (French origin) meaning "esteemed" or "respected".

110. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my strong man" or "God is my strength"

111. Jules (French origin) meaning "youthful". Children with this name tend to be calm and fun loving.

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