41 Best Funny Clan Names

Find the best names for clan for when you play with your friends

Are you looking for the perfect clan name?

Clan names have become mandatory after group games became popular. If you're building a strong clan, you would require a strong clan name to choose from.

If you have ever played clan games like Clash of Clans, PUBG, or Clash Royales, you know it is mandatory to give your clan a name.  These clan names are funny, inspiring, and so cool. Some of the coolest clan names in the world of online gaming are Cosmic Death and the Gladiators (old school, but classic). These names can reflect your gaming skills, your funny side, your die-hard loyalty to a character, or your ability to decimate your enemy in the blink of an eye.

If you cannot think of a proper identity for your guild, maybe the list below can help! Also, check out TryHard Names and Fortnite Clan Names.

Funny Clan Names For Clash Of Clans

You protect, you attack, and most importantly, you make everyone laugh. If you and your guild share the same emotion, then this list of rib-tickling names for the clan is for you. Get the best pick from here.

1 . Cereal Killers is a humorously awesome name that makes it seem like this team is hungry for some blood and death!

2 . Clan This is a popular and hilarious name! It can also be one of the popular faction names.

3 . Clan of Coats is a hilarious plus logical name for your game.

4 . Chicken Winners is the ultimate 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' messiahs of PUBG!

5 . Dharma Gurus, where Dharma means cosmic law. One may find that the dharma of this team is to show no mercy.

6 . Fuelled Fighters, for a super energetic clan!

7 . Hand Bangers is among the funny and good clash of clans names, which is perfect for a fierce team.

8 . Noobies Choosies is one clan name that gets funnier every time you say it.

9 . Sniper Will Snipe the sniper there won't snipe if you ask him to, but this clan will kill you even before you get to stop it.

Character-Based Clan Names

We often resonate with characters from comic books or our favorite cartoons and strive to be strong and, well, awesome like them. Character-based clans' names give you the opportunity to live your dream. Here are some of the cool clans' names which you can assign to your guild and get down for a fight.

10 . Agent007 a stealth, style, and suave is what defines this smooth killer of a gang.

11 . Autobots representing the good side of the Transformers, this clan is pretty awesome.

12 . Captain Jack Sparrow the name indicates sheer talent and cheekiness, all rolled into one.

13 . Deadpool the satirical Marvel anti-superhero is funny, strong, and extremely capable.

14 . Death Eaters, Harry Potter fans will find this one interesting.

15 . Fullmetal Alchemist, this clan name is the one to be feared because he has mastered the earth's elements.

16 . Head Hunter a good choice of clash of clans names, Head Hunter is an ideal name.

17 . Ironmen the legendary hero has a fan following that loves it 3000, and a popular choice for clan names.

18 . Lucifer biblical villain and the famous protagonist of Netflix's Lucifer is an all-powerful legend.

19 . Megatron one of the best antagonists ever, Megatron, the warlord of the Deceptions.

20 . Naruto God, Naruto, the world-famous anime character, has been put on the pedestal.

21 . Venom the anti-spider man, Venom, personifies 'good is bad.' This clan is the one to be feared.

Clan Names With Puns

Here's an exhaustive list of cool yet funny clan names that would help you crack the killing joke, no pun intended. These can also be great for faction names where you name your team based on your plot and techniques while adding a dash of cheekiness.

22 . Bloodbath and Beyond, from shopping mode to battle mode, the situation escalates real quick!

23 . Game of Drones, too many GOT competitors out there? How about this little tweak?

24 . Game of Throws is a boring name for your clan? "Not today."

25 . Lame of Thrones, maybe the GOT competition is overwhelming. How about adding your funny twist to it?

26 . Nightmare on the Elf Street the name should give your clan name the perfectly horrific touch.

27 . Not Fast, Just Furious is a hilarious twist to the famous franchise, this name is a personal dig at each member who might have a great aim but missed because they couldn't run.

28 . Scrambled Legs, when fighting other clans, if you get scrambled legs, you're out.

29 . Smells like Team Spirit is another brilliant analogy of the famous Nirvana song to boost your team spirit.

30 . Taco Belles is the beautiful belles who like to eat and wield their weapons. No big deal!

31 . The Pokeymoms, a punny twist to the loved game.

32 . Victor Victorious, even better if someone's name is Victor!

Funny Destiny Clan Names

Staying true to the spirit of Destiny, let's shoot down some interesting destiny names for your team.

33 . Assassin's Creed is out for blood right in the city!

34 . Destiny's Child destiny games' guild is destiny's child. Perfect!

35 . Fuzzy Pack do not judge a book by its cover. The fuzzies carry big guns.

36 . Illuminati is a well-known name but continues to remain a popular choice.

37 . Pain Killers can call them to clean up the mess.

38 . R3gist3r3d Winn3r Kill3rs_ツ, a rather amusingly over the top TryHard name.

39 . Rubber Ducky Death Squad is funny. That's all you need to know!

40 . The Bleach Boyz, are you in music and battle mode? What a treat!

41 . Whack a Gnome step into the real-life arcade and strap on for some gnome battle!

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