Best Gardens And Parks To Visit In East London

Children enjoying the best gardens and parks to visit in east london

Almost half of London is green space - with 47% of its landmass dedicated to greenery, nature and wildlife - and the city also boasts eight million trees, that's one for every person who lives in the city!

East London is no exception, with plenty of beautiful green spaces to enjoy - ranging from small inner-city green patches, to Victorian parks with fountains and fishing lakes, and even the magnificent, world-famous ancient forest in Epping. We have put together a list of some of the best parks in East London to inspire you to get out and explore during lockdown - and beyond.

Remember to keep following government advice for England regarding travel.

Victoria Park is one of the best gardens and parks to visit in east london

Victoria Park

Originally a royal park, since 1887 Victoria Park has been open to the public - offering a beautiful pond to walk around as well as plenty of green space. Nearest Mile End station, the well-organised park is great for cycling and scooting - as there are lots of different paved routes to take - and it is a pretty place for a walk or run. Popular with local residents, Victoria Park has much more space than other parks in the area, like London Fields. There is a deer enclosure to visit, and kids can spot moorhens and geese in the pond.

Nearest Train Station? Mile End

Is it buggy friendly? The park is buggy-friendly thanks to the many paved routes.

Toilets: Toilets are currently closed in line with government guidelines.

Parking: Parking is available in the Lido Car Park.

Outdoor amenities: The playground is currently closed in line with government guidelines.

Size: Victoria Park spans 213 acres of green space.

Mary's Secret Garden

This beautiful community garden is a small, peaceful retreat away from the city, with a small pond, herbaceous borders and a wildflower meadow. The garden also has a sensory/herb area, working beehives and a 'Wish You Well Garden', which is normally used for community events. Closest to Hoxton Overground station, this garden was created to provide gardening and community opportunities, but even without events and activities St Mary's Secret Garden is a truly lovely place to visit.

Where is it? 50 Pearson Street, London E2 8EL

Nearest Train Station? Hoxton Overground

Is it buggy friendly? The park is small but buggy-friendly, thanks to the paved paths.

Toilets: There are no toilet facilities.

Parking: There is no dedicated parking.

Size: The garden is small and compact.

Everyone gets to have fun at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park in East London

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Opened in 1841, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is one of the 'Magnificent Seven' - a group of London cemeteries that include Kensal Green, Highgate, Abney Park, Nunhead, West Norwood and Brompton.

This Victorian cemetery is now a nature reserve and park that is situated between Mile End and Bow. This urban woodland is the perfect place for a walk, and an opportunity to spot some wonderful wildlife.

Nearest Train Station? Mile End and Bow

Is it buggy friendly? The park has recently resurfaced all the main paths, to make them more suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Toilets: There are no toilet facilities.

Parking: There is no dedicated parking.

Size: 51 acres

Bow Creek Ecology Park

Very near Canning Town station, the Bow Creek Ecology Park was created to protect some of the rare and unusual plant species that were being spotted in this particular area of East London. It is believed that these plants took root in the area thanks to the ships that used to pass through the area, and the small park is a lovely place to explore some greenery and wildlife in East London. The park has even won the 'Green Flag Park Awards' for four consecutive years - which is a prestigious and sought-after award.

Where is it?  Bidder Street London E16 4ST

Nearest Train Station? Canning Town

Is it buggy friendly? Suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Toilets: There are no toilet facilities.

Parking: There is no dedicated parking - closest parking is at the Excel Centre.

Size: 3.6 acres

Mudchute Park & Farm

Next to the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf is Mudchute Park & Farm - a 32-acre patch of land in East London that has horse stables, a play area and a farm. During normal opening times, Mudchute Farm also has a children's nursery and a huge range of fun, educational activities for kids to take part in. One of the largest inner-city farms in Europe, Mudchute Farm has more than one hundred animals, including plenty of British rare breeds. Look out for cows, pigs, sheep, goats, donkeys, and llamas, gazing out over Canary Wharf whilst you enjoy some family time in the great outdoors.

Where is it?  Pier Street, Isle of Dogs, E14 3HP

Nearest Train Station? Crossharbour DLR

Is it buggy friendly? There are lots of paved paths that are suitable for pushchairs - though there are also some are natural mud paths.

Toilets: There are toilets and baby changing facilities, as well as extensive handwashing facilities throughout the farm.

Parking: There is no dedicated parking.

Size: 51 acres

One of the best gardens and parks to visit in East London is the queen elizabeth olympic park

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

This huge patch of greenery is a relatively new addition to East London's offerings, opening as part of the 2012 London Olympics in Stratford. The park is home to the London Stadium and the London Aquatic Centre, as well as having arenas, tennis centres, parkland and waterways. With 560 acres of land, a visit could take an entire day - and there are many different areas of interest and things to see, so schedule at least half a day to explore one of London's best parks. This award-winning location is normally a hub of activity, with abseiling, festivals and lots of different sporting and cultural events, but the parklands can still be enjoyed whilst events and sports are currently on hold. There are also some brilliant, creative kids activities to do on their website, like spot the difference, colouring-in and a word search...

Nearest Train Station? Stratford, Hackney Wick, Leyton and Pudding Mill

Is it buggy friendly? Designed with accessibility in mind, there are lots of paved surfaces for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Toilets: There are toilet and baby-changing facilities onsite.

Parking: There is dedicated parking.

Size: 560 acres

There's plenty of wildlife to see in Springfield Park, East London

Springfield Park

Opened in 1905, Springfield Park is closest to Seven Sisters tube station - and it is one of many London parks that are situated next to the River Lea Navigation route. With access to the river and the many river walks, Springfield Park is a beautiful, large green space in East London with gardens and a play area for kids. Whilst many of the amenities might be shut for the time being - the park includes a playground, tennis courts, a seasonal athletics track, a table tennis table and outdoor chess boards - visitors can still enjoy the river, fountains, pond and bandstand, getting some fresh air and enjoying the great outdoors until the facilities reopen.

Where is it?  Springfield Mansion, London E5 9EF

Nearest Train Station? Seven Sisters

Is it buggy friendly? Paved paths are buggy friendly.

Toilet: Playground and toilet facilities are closed in line with government guidelines.

Parking: There is no dedicated parking.

Size: 36.4 acres

Epping Forest

The first mention of this ancient forest in East London was in the 17th century - and it has been one of London's best-loved beauty spots ever since. Most London parks are tiny in comparison to this huge space, which measures over 6000 acres - meaning that there are lots of different places to explore, including ancient woodland walks, special conservation areas, lakes and ponds. Closest to Epping, Loughton and Wanstead, this is one of the most amazing green spaces that London has on offer, with endless possibilities for exploration and discovery. For those who aren't local to Epping Forest, and who cannot, therefore, travel to see it at the moment, you can now visit the forest online - as well as completing their 20/20 Creativity Challenge which has been designed to keep kids entertained during lockdown.

Where is it?  Pier Street, Isle of Dogs, E14 3HP

Nearest Train Station? Chigwell, Roding Valley, Loughton, Theydon Bois

Is it buggy friendly? There are some paved paths that are suitable for pushchairs.

Toilets: There are no toilet facilities.

Parking: There are eighteen council-run pay & display car parks.

Size: 6000+  acres of green space.

Weavers Fields

Weavers Fields is one of East London's largest open spaces, making it a great choice for socially-distanced games, like frisbee and football. London parks often have fascinating histories, and Weavers Fields was named for the weaver's cottages that used to surround the field - which was the inspiration for the gardens' sculpture by artist Peter Dunn. Don't miss the entrance signs too, which were designed by Paul Margetts. Why not follow the Weavers Fields nature trail, which will help you to discover the different plants, trees, flowers and animals found in the fields?

Where is it? Viaduct Street, London E2 6HD

Nearest Train Station? Bethnal Green

Is it buggy friendly? There are paved paths that are suitable for pushchairs.

Toilets: There are no toilet facilities.

Outdoor amenities: There are three football pitches.

Parking: There is no dedicated parking.

Size: 15.6  acres



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